Legends of Runeterra

Patch 5.1 Notes

Feb 6, 2024


For this balance patch our team had a couple of we were trying to accomplish

  • Lessen Elder Dragon’s wrath
  • Contain the spread of Curses
  • Put the Samira back into Plunder
  • Revive the Shuriman Empire
  • Disrupt the Meta and increase QoL
  • Spice up some areas in the Path of Champions

Updates will be live February 7 by 11:00am PT.

Gameplay System Updates

Card Adjustments


Hextech Prowess

Old: +1|+1 and Impact Twice

New: +1|+0 and Impact Twice

Elder Dragon's Origin has been an enormous boon to his decks, easily outpacing the deckbuilding cost of his region. We chose to reduce the health buffs across the board to reduce the amount of survivability, and focus the Boons more tightly to Offensive and Defensive roles.

Mountainous Vigor

Old: +1|+1 and Tough

New: +1|+0 and Tough

Infernal Might

Old: +1|+1 and Fearsome

New: +1|+0 and Fearsome

Sai'nen, the Thousand Tailed

Old: 6c

New: 7c

In addition to the origin changes, some of the followers most common in Elder decks were carrying too much weight (sometimes outside of Elder decks as well). Lowering the power here should help make Elder's Region feel like a larger cost for decks that want it.

Enraged Firespitter

Old: 8|4

New: 6|4


Old: Lvl Up: Target 8+ Times

New: Lvl Up: Target 10+ Times

We want Morgana to stay useful as a generalist champ, and her power on Level 1 should continue to bind her to a spot in the meta. But with her level 2 also being quite powerful, we want to make sure decks are having to work to unlock her full potential.


Old: Stops all spell casting

New: Stops all Non-Curse spell casting

While Suppression's spell prevention was an exciting synergy with other curses, it also prevented counterplay in deckbuilding. With this change, a spell-light deck is much less impacted by Suppression, making Suppress more of a metagame choice than a force multiplier on any Curse.

Mageseeker Inquisitor

Old: 3|2 Tough

New: 2|2 No Tough

Suppression's most popular generator has been a meta-defining force, offering a potent effect without giving up much on stats. This change should make the Inquisitor more of a question for Demacia decks than an automatic inclusion.

Hate Spike

Old: Always gives a husk

New: Only gives a Husk if Evelynn started in your deck

Hate Spike has always been crucial to Evelynn's gameplan, but it's also been doing a lot of work for several other Shadow Isles champions who then end up taking Evelynn's spot. We realized that "Kill an ally to Deal 3" is a card we definitely want to exist, but the Husk bonus was feeling pretty free. With this change, Evelynn gets the current Hate Spike she needs, and everyone else gets a solid (but not quite as variable) removal option.


Old: 2|2

New: 2|1

We think that Yuumi Elusives hold down an important spot in the meta by pouncing on overly greedy decks, but playing against the deck can feel very polarizing. We think this change should take the deck down a bit without fully eliminating it as a healthy meta predator.


Elder Dragon

Old: 10|10

New: 12|12

While we wanted to tone back the power of Elder's Origin, we still want Elder Himself to be a huge threat - so we're giving him some more direct power. We also tried to buff his Level 2, but he said he wanted to keep his nice, round stats.

Alatis the Gallant

Old: 7|6

New: 7|7

Alatis tried to be Gallant about getting nerfed with the Dragon Boons change, but Demacia’s nicest Dragon didn’t deserve quite so harsh a hit.

Adroit Artificer

Old: 5|3

New: 5|4

Adroit Artificer tends to arrive with a lot of fanfare, but her limited presence on the board made her a very feast or famine card. With a little extra health, she should feel better to play even if the plundering opportunities are limited.

Blimppack Poacher

Old: Only captures if unit has <6 power

New: Always captures

Poacher's restriction made him an inconsistent surprise option for Ambush decks. By amping him up, it not only gives Shurima another viable removal option, it should make all Ambush units a little more threatening since they COULD poach you at any moment.


Old: 4|4

New: 5|5

Kai'Sa's power has fluctuated since her release, and while we don't want to make her quite as overbearing as she was, we do think she could use a little more oomph. The extra stats should help give back some of the survivability she needs to improve her KDA.

Tomb-Raider Barbara

Old: 3|2

New: 3|3

Barbara should be solid support for any Shurima deck willing to flood the board, but her low health has kept her from the full scale dream. With a little extra boost, we hope she can steal some games (as well as our hearts.)


Old: Lvl Up: Draw 16 cards

New: Lvl Up: Draw 15 cards

Nilah's been looking less than joyful lately, but she's still a very solid card. We think this nudge isn't a lot, but should help push her share her joy a little more often.


Old: 5|4

New: 5|5

Udyr's whole deal is Be Big, so we wanted to lean into that. The extra point of health should make him more likely to stick around and stance dance his way to victory.

Bushwhack Trap

Old: Gives Vulnerable this round

New: Grant Vulnerable

This card's been a bit of a bait since release, so we wanted to try and make it a more realistic option for Transform decks. It should also make it feel less painful to set off the trap on rounds where you’re missing the attack token.

General of the Dunes

Old: 4|4

New: 5|4

While the General does a solid job as backup board control for Daybreak, he struggled to trade profitably on his own. With extra power, he's more likely to make an impact when he has the chance to connect.


Old: Lvl Up: Play 6 Spells

New: Lvl Up: Play 5 Spells

Nami's rework moved her in a more sustainable direction, but she's still been relegated to the depths of the meta. We want to start giving some power back as we better understand this shape, and hopefully get her to a sustainable level of power.

Delve into the Past

Old: If you have all the World Runes, 2c to Draw 1

New: If you have all the World Runes, 1c to Draw 1

For Ryze decks, getting Ryze in play means that you are more likely to draw the Delves you need - but if that Ryze dies before winning, it also means you’re left feeling blue at having to spend a bunch of mana to find the next Ryze. This change shouldn't be impactful in most Ryze games, but will lessen some of his most frustrating endgame situations.



Old: When I'm summoned or Strike: Create a {Flair} in hand or, if you already have one, reduce its cost by 1.

New: Plunder or Strike: Create a {Flair} in hand if you don't already have one.

Samira's recent nerfs left her Plunder archetype absent, so we wanted to give back some of her power while leaning into the Plunder Reactivation effects that make her followers unique. We started by giving Samira herself a bit more style, then changed Dandy's design to give the deck a dreamier finish.


Old: 2c

New: 1c

Dashing Dandy

Old: 3c 1|4 Plunder: Grant me +3|+0

New: 4c 2|4 Plunder: Double my Power

Buried Sun Disc

Old: Only advances if Champ levels while in play

New: Advances for each time an Ascended leveled this game

With Explorers running around, we wanted to give Sun Disc decks a way to recover - if they're willing to pay the cost of reviving the disc (or running extras.)

Valley of Imitation

Old: 4c, retains buffs

New: 3c, does not retain buffs

The old Valley was tough to understand and very powerful at 3c, but too weak at 4c. This change lets us reduce the cost and chip away at the card’s power and complexity.

Predict (effect)

Old: Shuffle after Predicting

New: Do not Shuffle after Predicting

The shuffle during Predict is a weird rule that doesn't come up often, but does mean that Predict fights with Mysterious Portals and disables Flashbombs. This rule change should make things work more predictably.

Master Yi

Old: 3c 2|3

New: 2c 1|3

Master Yi has struggled to find his flow at 3 cost, so we wanted to try shifting him down the curve. You’ll still need to protect him to build up his late game power, but this change should let you sneak him out safely more often.

Divine Whirlwind

Old: 5c, Deal 3 to a unit and 1 to the Nexus

New: 6c, Deal 3 to a unit and 2 to the Nexus

While the changes to Divine Whirlwind wind down Janna's meta dominance, it also pulled out the deck's primary method of reach, and had more of an impact than we had hoped. We want to try an alternate change now, and give back that reach in exchange for a higher cost (which plays more into the deck's cost-reducing strengths).

Path of Champions Adjustments

Thieve’s Tools

Thieves Tools has been a disappointing power for a long time. With Path decks asking for more synergy and providing better natural card flow, taking your opponents' cards isn't very appealing and often just ends up crowding your hand. We're pulling it for now.

With these changes Thieve’s tools will be removed from the pool during runs, and it will no longer be generatable by the Hextech Fabricator II.

Darius Deck - Crimson Disciple

Old: Thieves Tools

New: Dragon Tooth

Nasus Deck - Ruin Runner

Old: Thieves Tools

New: Savage Shield

Vi Deck - Veteran Investigator

Old: Thieves Tools

New: Shadow Totem

Kayn Deck - Noxian Defector

Old: Thieves Tools

New: Savage Shield

Item Rarity

We want to move some rarities around to better reflect the power we're seeing for various items. Mostly this is about rebalancing power level, but sometimes it's also about adding more items than can affect certain card types into lower rarities

Eye of the Aspect

Old: Rare

New: Common


Old: Rare

New: Common

Mystic Meditation

Old: Epic

New: Rare

Elemental Winds

Old: Rare

New: Epic


Old: Rare

New: Common

Feral Senses

Old: Epic

New: Rare


Old: Common

New: Rare

Lost Chapter (Relic)

We're ok with infinite combos in Path, but Lost Chapter was making some of them a little too easy to obtain. Changing the relic now puts us in a more sustainable spot for the future

Lost Chapter (Relic)

Old: When I’m summoned, refill your spell mana.

New: Play: Refill your spell mana


The following personalization items are available with this patch.

Champion Skins

Divine Sword Irelia

Alternate Art, Unique Level-Up Animation



Warring Tryndamere

Alternate Art



Warring Jarvan IV

Alternate Art, Unique Level-Up Animation




Heroes of the Kingdoms


Gods, generals, kings--these warring lands value battle-hardened valor above all.

This bundle contains:

Divine Sword Irelia

Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere

Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

Champion cards for all of the above champions

Price is prorated for potential duplicates.



After the February 25th Runeterra Open, Tournaments and Gauntlets will be put into hibernation. With patch 5.2 planned February 28th, both Gauntlets and Tournaments will no longer be accessible from the main menu.

Ranked queues will continue to be up and supported.



State of the Game

LoR is going through a big transition at the moment, please check out all of the details in the latest video we’ve dropped, and the FAQ we just released.

  • Disciple of Shadows epic Relic Offer will be leaving the Emporium.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the 2023 Worlds Deck Bundle did not have the appropriate players’ names listed in the Store in Italian.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fate’s Voyage player icons were misnamed.

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