Legends of Runeterra

Patch 4.10 Notes

Oct 4, 2023


In this patch, we have a lot of changes aimed at the Standard Format that will hopefully shake up the meta. Additionally, we’ll be adding rewards to the Patch of Champions Monthly Challenges and introducing our very first 4-star champion: Aurelion Sol. Read below for more details!

Updates will be live October 11 by 11:00am PT.

Gameplay System Updates

Editor’s note: For an in-depth breakdown of the balance changes, feel free to check out our 4.10 Live Balance Stream.

Card Adjustments


Balen the Benevolent

Old: Buffs all Formidables

New: Buffs all other Formidables, excluding self

Balen has been a Formidable threat in both Standard and Eternal—hopefully this makes you have to work a bit harder to get multiple attacks in.

Epic Scraptraption (Runaway Scrap Trap)

Old: Has Brash

New: Doesn't have Brash

Heimer and Jayce have been a meta force for ages. This change lets Epic Scraptraption still be a worthy way to spend 6 mana without running away with some matchups.

Hextech Handler

Old: 3|2 

Grant tech +1|+1

New: 3|3 

Grant tech +1|+0.

Our last adjustment to the Handler didn't succeed in slowing down the Tech menace. This change should make Heimer turrets stay fragile, giving the deck a much clearer weakness to pings.

Beguiling Cobra

Old: Each round, the first time you summon another follower....

New: Each round, the first time you PLAY another follower....

It was fun to see the board fill up with snakes for a little while, but the extreme cases have been limiting what we can do to make the card playable more regularly.


Old: Manifest a non-champion card from the enemy hand.

New: Pick 1 of 2 non-champion cards from the enemy hand and create a copy in your hand.

While we like that Swindle is a cool way to "share" in your opponent's cards, the information gained was a lot stronger than we'd like. By reducing the number of options, we reduce both the power of the selection and the information gained.


Old: 1c

New: 2c

Samira's dominance has been pretty consistent since her arrival, so we wanted to lower her ability to style on her opponents in the very early game.


Old: No cost reduction

New: If you have a Flair already, instead reduce its cost by 1 on Summon and Strike.

Samira (Level 2)

Old: No cost reduction

New: If you have a Flair already, instead reduce its cost by 2 on Summon and Strike.


Old: 4c

New: 5c

Lurk has been rising up from the depths to put up some strong winrate numbers, so we're dulling its teeth a little bit by making it harder for Pyke to make his surprise appearance.

Pyke (Level 2)

Old: 4c

New: 5c

Death from Below

Old: 4c

New: 5c

Exalted Cloudwinder

Old: 3|2

New: 2|2

Cloudwinder has been carrying Janna to some impressive wins, but we want to make sure the card advantage machine is something you can still interact with on the board.

Warden of the Tribes

Old: 8c

New: 9c

Warden's menagerie has really taken over since dropping his cost in a prior balance patch. We're reverting the change to try and reserve an effect this powerful for the very late game.


Old: 1c

New: 2c

Wildfire has been burning up the ladder since its release, and while it isn't always the top deck in the pile, it does lead to some less interactive games. We're hoping to lower the flames a bit without smothering it completely.

Watchful Idol

Old: 0|5

New: 0|4

Watchful Idol has been the engine for various Illaoi decks, but its self-damage has also fueled some other champions in a less healthy way. At a lower health total, it should still be an efficient tentacle source, but do less to feed the Noxian agenda.

Sting Officer

Old: 2|1

New: 1|2

Sting Officer has been showing up as an offensive force in Elusive aggro decks. We wanted to tone back the core package while making it a little better at its original job: planting flash bombs.

Valley of Imitation

Old: 3c

New: 4c

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but combined with Chief Nakotak and Big Game Tycoon the Valley hasn’t been only imitating, but also surpassing the units it's copying. We like the creativity of this deck, but we are hoping to slow it down just a bit.

Innovative Blacksmith

Old: 2|2

New: 1|2

We love innovation, but the Blacksmith was a bit too good at her job. She should now apply a bit less pressure from the best Freljord starts.


Omen Hawk

Old: When I'm summoned, grant the top 2 allies in your deck +1|+1.

New: When I'm summoned, grant the top 2 allies in your deck +1|+1.

I can block units with Elusive.

Freljord has struggled against Elusives, especially more midrange-style Freljord decks that don't want to run Avalanche. Giving them a small roadblock to Elusive attackers will help them stabilize and make the matchup less polarizing.

Children of the Forest

Old: 8c


Summon Ephemeral copies of the 3 strongest followers you've Recalled this game.

New: 2c 


Recall an ally, or spend 8 mana to summon Ephemeral copies of the 3 strongest followers you've Recalled this game.

Children of the Forest has been extremely difficult to play basically since it was made. By making it a choice card, it can fill short term needs while still giving Recall a fun splashy finisher effect.

Lord Eldred, Mageseeker Leader

Old: Other allies and your Nexus have Tough.

New: Other allies and your Nexus have Tough.

When an ally survives damage, grant it +1|+1.

Lord Eldred is pretty good at protecting the team, but not great at getting you the actual win. Now he lets you turn that defense into some offense.

The King's Court

Old: When you summon an ally, create a Fleeting Prize Fight in hand.

When an ally survives damage, grant it Brash.

New: When I'm summoned, draw a Jack.

When you summon an ally, create a Fleeting Prize Fight in hand.

When an ally survives damage, grant it Brash.

Jack has been lagging a bit lately, but worry not—he’s finally returned back to his boat. 

Editor’s Note: The debate that’s divided the internet, is it a ship or a boat? But I’m asking the important questions: Why isn’t the King’s Court a submarine?


Old: Unchanged

New: Unchanged

The terrible trio are meant to be the big payoff for saving Coins in Bilgewater, but that payoff wasn't necessarily leading to a win.


Old: Overwhelm

New: Brash


Old: 6|6


New: 7|6


Wrath of the Freljord

Old: Enemies with 3 or less Power can't block.

New: Play: Frostbite an enemy.

Enemies with 3 or less Power can't block.

With Volibear giving support to Titanic units, we wanted to support some of his underplayed in-region Titanic friends.

Shark Trainer

Old: When allies attack, Spend 1 spell mana to summon an attacking Short Tooth.

New: No longer costs spell mana

Shark Trainer's mana penalty felt outsized for its benefit, and led to accidentally not getting a shark more often than it led to interesting gameplay.

Mad Ol' Babs

Old: 2c


New: 2c

0|3 [Attune]

Babs is crazy, but has never been crazy good. With Attune, she makes sure you have enough left in the bank to cash in your coins right away.

Wings of the Cryophoenix

Old: 7c 

Deal 3 to all units

New: 7c

Deal 3 to all units

Enlightened: Heal 3 and Deal 3 to all enemy units instead.

With more slower, late-game strategies coming to the Freljord, we think there's a home for a slightly bigger AOE effect that helps you stabilize without hurting your own team.

Harrowing Return

Old: Revive an Ephemeral copy of the strongest dead allied follower and give enemies -1|-0 this round.

New: Revive the strongest dead allied follower and grant it Ephemeral and Fearsome. Give enemies -1|-0 this round.

Harrowing Return far too often brought back a big threat that would just get chumped. Now that big spooky zombie is a little Fearsome to do a better job of actually closing out the game.

The Zaun Diva

Old: 7|5

New: 8|5

The Diva's been stuck on PnZ’s B-side pretty much since her release, so we're trying to get her some more regular airplay with a Titanic new sound.

Generous Gemcrafter

Old: 3c


New: 3c


The Gemcrafter has a powerful effect, but her immediate impact on the board was too low to justify it.


Old: You've Recalled 6+ units this game.

New: You've Recalled 5+ units this game.

Ahri's days of dominance are behind her, but we do want Recall to have a place as a competitive deck, so we're giving her some power back.

Teemo (Level 2)

Old: Nexus Strike: Double the Poison Puffcaps in the enemy deck.

New: Nexus Strike: Double the Poison Puffcaps in the enemy deck (plants 5 minimum).

In Path of Champions, Teemo could sometimes show up as a level 2 without any Puffcaps in the enemy deck. This change makes him slightly less useless in those cases.

Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin

Old: Attack: Increase my Power by the total Power of all allies.

New: Play: revive the strongest dead ally.

Attack: Increase my Power by the total Power of all allies.

With Titanic units on the rise, we wanted Atakhan to feel like a reasonable option to include in your deck.

Editor’s Note: Atakhan, true to his name, is sure to bring Ruin to your games when he pops up from Clash of Titans.

Consult the Heavens

Old: Focus

Fully heal an ally, then grow its Power to equal its Health

New: Slow

Fully heal all allies, then grow their Power to equal their Health.

Consult was always a risky card because of how suddenly it could end a game, and that kept it from being a reasonable cost. By moving it to Slow, we can give it power in other ways and make it a finisher for Soraka.

Savage Reckoner

Old: 7|4

New: 8|5

With the new Titanic cards from Volibear, we wanted to revisit some older, less played bigguns and get them into Titanic shape.

The Tuskraider

Old: 7|7

New: 7|8

Liminal Guardian

Old: 3|2

New: 4|2

Nine Lives has been more of a kitten than a tiger, but we think buffing the Liminal Guardian will let it take out more real threats.

Singular Will

Old: 10c

New: 9c

Singular Will is a huge effect, but was it really worth double digit mana? We still want this to be difficult, just not impossible.

Haunted Tomb

Old: 3c

New: 2c

Haunted tomb already asks a lot of you, with both a dead unit and waiting for countdown as requirements. By easing back the mana investment, those other costs become easier to stomach.

Brash Gambler

Old: No Brash

New: Brash

We have tried MANY keywords on Brash Gambler to see what might stick - Overwhelm, Tough, Challenger, you name it. Turns out the answer was right in front of our faces the whole time.


Old: Focus

New: Burst

As we're taking a look at Elusives in general, we want to make sure each region has better tools for dealing with the Elusive threat. While this change to Exhaust doesn't always make it better against Elusives (where it was already solid), it should shift the card to be a more generally usable combat trick, letting decks pay a smaller penalty in other matchups when they include it.

Noble Rebel

Old: Overwhelm

New: Challenger

Noble Rebel has never stuck in the Discard decks, so we wanted to let it fill a role as a mid-game board control tool for Sion, who has been lacking Challenger since the Twinblade Revenant changes.

Flamecaller Caprine

Old: 3|2

New: 2|3

With elemental decks coming in a little under where we'd like them to be, we're flipping Caprine around to let her stick on the board longer and get her Forge hotter.

The Clock Hand

Old: 7|7

New: 8|8

With the new Titanic cards from Volibear, we wanted to revisit some older, less played big cards and get them into Titanic shape.

Berserker Ursine

Old: 5|3

New: 6|4

The Ursine was meant as a way to play a different Sigil of the Storm strategy, but was too weak to actually support his long-term game plan. He's now hit the gym and should be able to stick around longer and generate more sigils.


Old: 3|4

New: 3|5

Deep has struggled to get off the seafloor lately, so we're making the Tusk a bit more Mega.

Kayn's Shadowstep

Old: 4c

New: 3c

We don't think Kayn needs a lot of love to become relevant again, but with his origin bonus taking longer, we wanted to let his champion spell come out a bit easier.

Yordle Explorer

Old: 2|2

New: 2|3

This Yordle has mostly been exploring the unused portion of the deckbuilder since his initial rebalancing. We think a little extra health will keep him around long enough to spread the knowledge to his fellow scouts.

Eclectic Collection

Old: 7c

New: 6c

Norra's portals have been coming up empty lately, so we wanted to make their full board payoff a bit more potent.


Portal Pioneer

Old: Not Yordle

New: Is Yordle

After copious research and some very personal questions, we have determined that the Portal Pioneer is, indeed, a Yordle.

Called Shot

Old: Slow

New: Focus

Called Shot fits our usual criteria for a burst or focus spell, but was stuck at Slow. We think speeding things up will make the card easier to use without greatly increasing Ekko's power.


The following personalization items are available with this patch.

Champion Skins

Underworld Twisted Fate

Exclusive Art



Spooky Gangplank

Exclusive Art




Star-Bound Voyage


The work of a starforger is never complete.

This bundle contains:

Star-Eater Aurelion Sol Champion Skin

Aurelion Sol Champion Fragments

The following relics:

Star-Forged Gauntlets(Epic)

Greater Cosmic Pearl (Consumable)

Spirit Forge (Consumable)

Champion cards for the above champion

Price is prorated for potential duplicates.

Editor’s Note: This bundle will be available in the store beginning November 1st, 2023.



The competitive season is reaching its peak, with spots for Worlds becoming more and more precious. For all info on the rest of the year, make sure you review our Competitive Update August 2023 for all details on the Last Chance Qualifier and Worlds!


Path of Champions

Monthly Challenges

Aurelion Sol has taken over our Monthly Challenges! At long last, our lord dragon has heard our prayers from on high and is bestowing rewards on our Monthly Challenges. Join us as the Skies Descend.

  • Aurelion Sol can be unlocked as our first 4-Star champion!
    • Please note that ASol can only be unlocked via his specific champion fragments; wild fragments will not apply. He’s too proud to accept such a generic currency.
    • Aurelion Sol fragments can only be earned via Monthly Challenge rewards or purchased as part of a new cosmetic bundle being introduced.
    • The monthly challenge page will have a face lift as soon as patch is live, but rewards won’t be earnable until November 1st!


Star-Forged Gauntlets (Epic) - If I’m Titanic, +1 Starting Mana. You can find Level 2 Champions when you Invoke or Manifest (even if I’m not in play).

Editor’s Note: The Level 2 Champion will sometimes proc as a fourth Invoke option instead of replacing one of the three normal options! Happy fishing!

Greater Cosmic Pearl (Consumable) - An equipable relic that can be put into an empty relic slot. If a Champion completes an Adventure with this Relic equipped, they will receive 10x bonus Experience Points and the relic will be consumed.

Spirit Forge (Consumable) - This relic can be equipped to a Rare epic slot. If a champion completes an adventure with this relic equipped, it will permanently upgrade that Rare relic slot to Epic and the relic will be consumed.

Editor’s Note: This relic was originally named “Epic Quest (Consumable)” in Patch 4.8 but renamed to Spirit Forge(Consumable) in Patch 4.9.


Aurelion Sol


Star Power 1:


When you play a created card, reduce the cost of allied champions everywhere by 1. When you play a champion, level them up. You’re welcome.

Star Power 2:


+1 Starting Mana.

1 graciously bestow a Rare or Epic item upon all your created cards.

Star Power 3:


When you play a created card, reduce the cost of allied champions everywhere by 2. When you play a champion, level them up. You’re welcome.

Star Power 4:


When you play a unit, double its stats. If it’s Aurelion Sol, The Skies Descend upon all your pathetic enemies.

With our first 4-star Champion we hope Aurelion Sol delivers utter devastation to his foes. We hope his powers create unique options for our support Champions you wouldn’t normally choose. Let us know how you like him! For a more in-depth breakdown, please check out our interview with RealPrismsword.


  • 1000 Stardust has been granted to all players that have already beaten Aurelion Sol’s 4-Star World Adventure! The Stardust can be claimed via your mail after logging in.
    • We’ve added a first-time completion reward directly to the adventure so that future players will also receive this automatically on their first successful Aurelion Sol run!
  • Increased the Legend Level cap to 50.
    • The amount of experience needed to reach levels 30-50 is the same for each level.


New Features

Post-Match Lobby

You wouldn't download a deck would you?

This is a new post-game screen for the AI, Normals, and Ranked queues where you will land after the rewards ceremony. Here are the following things you can do in the new lobby:

  • Click on your opponents icon to view their player profile, and send them a friend request.
  • View your opponent's deck and import it to your own deck collection.
    • If you don’t own all the cards you will have the option to purchase the missing cards using the deck buy all feature.
  • Click play again to requeue into the same game mode you just finished playing.
    • Before requeuing you can swap your deck to any other deck in your collection, including your opponent’s deck you just imported!

Editor’s Note: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! 

Deck Buy All Button

All your cards are belong to us me!


When editing a deck for which you do not own all the cards, there is now a buy all button to purchase all the unowned cards at once.

  • The cost is computed by checking each card to see if you can purchase it with wildcards, green shards, and then coins, in that order.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where cost reduction granted by Found Fortune would only last one round in The Path of Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where some mobile users were experiencing a 30-second freeze when minimizing the title and going back into it.
  • Fixed an issue where Astral Radiance caused certain champions to not level up properly when played in The Path of Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where Berserker Ursine's Sigils of the Storm stopped stacking when spells were played.
  • Portal Pioneer now correctly displays the Yordle subtype.
  • Fixed an issue where Oracle's Eye was not correctly showing what happens with Neeko's Shapesplitter when blocking.
  • Fixed some minor VFX bugs.
  • Fixed a display issue with Impact text not stacking correctly with Relentless Storm.
  • Fixed an issue where Sea Scarab was not getting Deep stats buff during combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of mana would be spent when Momentous Choice reduces itself by 1 mana and the player has 2 Mana or more available.
  • Fixed an issue with Valley of Imitation transforming itself into the base copy of a unit rather than an exact copy.
  • Fixed an issue where Valley of Imitation did not have hover text indicating itself while transformed.
  • Fixed an issue where Noxian Fervor wouldn’t deal damage to your unit when the enemy target is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Condense would not trigger Spellshield.
  • Fixed an issue where wild cards weren’t properly rewarded within the Weekly Vault or Reward Road chests.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you started a match with an empty emote slot.
  • Fixed an issue where reward graphics would overlap during the purchase ceremony if you used the “Claim All” button after purchasing several levels in the Eclipse Knights Event Road.
  • Fixed several issues where Eclipse Knights champ skin illustrations were off-center or zoomed in.
  • Fixed a bug where various quests were stuck on completion and would not roll over for some players.

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