Legends of Runeterra

Patch 4.11 Notes

Nov 1, 2023

This patch includes the release of Trusty Adnere, the card we’ve collaborated with community member Rusticles to create! Additionally we have updates on Competitive, balance changes filled with puns thanks to resident dad-joke extraordinaire designer IamWalrus, and a whole slew of brand new cards that will shake up the Meta.

<Record Scratch> We also have some funky new skins and remixes on some of our most musical champions. Check out our whole new Remix Rumble skin line hitting Runeterra!

Updates will be live November 8 by 11:00am PT.

Community Spotlight: Rusticles

Log in for the first week of this patch and receive the Trusty Adnere for free! This is a card we collaborated on with community member Rusticles. Find out more about the process in his Dev for a Day Blog!

For every 'Adnere’s Adventure' quest players complete from Nov 7 - Dec 6, Riot Games will contribute $1 (USD) to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, a donor advised fund sponsored by ImpactAssets, up to $25,000 (USD) total.

We’re super excited to work with Rusticle’s and hope the community can join us in raising awareness for ALS and celebrating Rusticles together.

Editor’s Note: Rusticles has been amazing to work with, and a whole bunch of people on the team poured their heart and soul into this card. It would mean a lot to me( Hi it’s me, Julez!) and the entire team if you check out his article linked above!

Gameplay System Updates

New Cards:

Enraged Firespitter


Trusty Adnere

Adnere's Aviarists

Chemtech Drake

Boadir of Blackened Ice

Dune Swallower

The Kingfisher

Portia the Peculiar

Sefirsa, Scourge of the Deep

Spectral Ironhound

Thousand-Clawed Deathwinder

Veiled Protector

Card Adjustments



Divine Whirlwind

Old: Deal 2 to Nexus

New: Deal 1 to Nexus

As a versatile removal and burn spell, Divine Whirlwind has really been blowing away the competition in standard, stealing a large number of winds for both Janna and non-Janna PZ decks. We're focusing on the Nexus damage portion to particularly target the more aggressive strategies, and hopefully leave space for other burn cards to see play.

Cosmic Call

Old: Invoke with cost reduction

New: Just cost reduction

This new spell has managed to Invoke the wrath of many Eternal players since its release, and leave those who don't follow the celestial path seeing stars. We want to keep the big moments that it can create, but the initial investment for that kind of power must come at a price. By removing the initial invoke, you're losing out on resources to gain future power, and hopefully creating an opening for your opponent to spoil your plans.


Old: I've seen you play 6 cost reduced cards

New: I've seen you play 8 cost reduced cards

Janna has been going on a whirlwind tour of the top of the ladder, and even though she has counters, her decks have heavily influenced what can and can't be played competitively. By making her take a little longer to go full-tornado, there's more time to answer Janna before you're flooded with value.

Champion’s Strength

Old: 8c

New: 9c

We've tried a lot of different angles with Champion's Strength since it's release, and while we feel the current version of the card is healthier, it's still a little too cheap for the game ending power it can provide.



Old: 16+ Damage to level

New: 14+ Damage to Level

Now that we're keeping a closer watch on a certain Idol, we think Swain can have a little power back. He seems like a guy you can trust with power, right?

Editor’s Note: Who’s going to tell him?

Dame the Despoiler

Old: No Overwhelm

New: Overwhelm

While Samira has made her impact on Standard in the past, some of her crew members have been left stranded on shore. We want to start giving them a little lift, starting with the Dame, and explore more options in the future.

Dedicant of the Challenge

Old: 2|1

New: 2|2

We want the Dedicant to be a high risk, high reward strategy for Updraft decks, but his low base health wasn't letting him be up to the challenge. This buff should let him stick on the board more often, making the payoff for ditching your hand more worthwhile.

Protective Broodfather

Old: 7|7

New: 8|8

The Broodfather has been hitting the same gym as some of our other pre-titanic units, and is finally juicing up that dad-bod.


Old: 8|4

New: 8|6

While Tryndamere's level up might suggest you want him to die right away, he was living dying up to that challenge a little too often. With some extra health, he can sneak in a few more level 1 attacks before hitting his ultimate form.

Warmother's Call

Old: 12c

New: 11c

As we've added more splashy spells into the game, Warmother's Call has been sent directly to voicemail. With these new and improved rates, you can connect with units all over your deck earlier in the game.

Commander Ledros

Old: 9|6

New: 10|6

We've seen Shadow Isles showing up more often as a support region in recent patches, so we wanted to give them a little more finishing power to properly reward you for selling your soul to the Isles. While the extra attack may seem slight, this change does mean that Ledros is ready to chop down the other half of the enemy Nexus if he manages to connect.

Necrotic Arachnoid

Old: No Keyword

New: Fearsome

As mentioned above, we wanted to give Shadow Isles finishers a little more finishing power, and the Arachnoid is no exception. Plus, why would you be afraid of her nestlings, but not the big spider mama? It just makes sense.

Editor’s Note: Can’t argue with that logic.

Spirit Leech

Old: 4|1

New: 4|2

The Leech has a strong reward for decks that don't mind killing their own units, but it's so naturally fragile that it struggles to succeed alongside Glimpse Beyond. Now it can put up a slightly more spirited defense against the various pies, darts, and flashbombs found all over Runeterra.

The Etherfiend

Old: 7c 6|4

New: 6c 5|3

In spite of being one of the coolest looking birds in all of Runeterra, The Etherfiend hasn’t really laid an egg in competitive play. By making them cheaper and a little smaller, we think the tempo gained from his kill ability can be used more easily, hopefully giving them a home in Shadow Isles slay strategies.

Editor’s Note: This… Can it be? Tempo?

Seal in Steel

Seal in Steel is a tempting effect, but it hasn't managed to darkin the doorstep of any viable decks, partly because of how hard it is to use the resulting equipment. While the cost reduction here will naturally make the equipment easier to play, there might be a certain Demacian who takes a particular interest in this new, easier to catch shape.



Startipped Peak

Old: 1c

New: 2c

When this change arrived alongside Cosmic Call, Targon hit some peaks in winrate that we'd rather not maintain. We're eroding their advantage a little bit to turn this mountain back into a very large hill.


Bandle Tree

Old: 4c

New: 3c

Since the Bandle Tree's rework, it's in a healthier spot for the game as a whole, but has really struggled to blossom. With Eternal's higher overall power level (and the arrival of some critical Explorers), we feel comfortable giving the Bandle Tree a little more bite to go along with its bark.


Old: 2|2

New: 3|2

At the end of her run in Standard, Katarina was a cut above the rest of Noxus and had to be dulled. Now that she's settled in Eternal (and Opulent Foyer has changed), we feel comfortable giving her back a bit of her edge.


Old: 5c

New: 4c

Shurima is meant to have advancing landmarks as a strength, but some of their support for that strategy is held back by their lack of board presence. By giving the Preservationist a more reliable body, the landmark advancement comes at a lower cost and has more chance to shine.

Desert's Wrath

Old: 4c

New: 3c

While Azir has been doing a solid job making moves out in the Shuriman desert, we wanted to give his army a chance to shine. This should open him up to multiple other synergies in other regions.

Spirit Portal

Old: 4c

New: 3c

Bandle is supposed to be good at turning a bunch of little things into more threatening (but still little) things. While bandle discard strategies have found some footing, this is a cool card that could bridge multiple archetypes if it was good enough, so we're trying to give it a little more bang for the buck.

They Who Endure

Old: 7c

New: 6c

As an original fixture of LoR, They Who Endure has not managed to last after some rebalancing and the shift to Eternal. With a lower cost, we think They can go back to being the It unit for some decks to end the game.

Frenzied Skitterer

Old: 3|2


Spider aggro doesn't fit as well with where we want Shadow Isles to land in Standard, but it should still have a chance to shine in Eternal. We're bringing the Skitterer back to its glory days to give Elise and her brood some more finishing power.

Tornado Warrior

Old: 2c 2|2

New: 1c 1|1

This little guy has never been able to show off his awesome technique because of his power level. But by dropping him down to a 1c unit, he can live the bouncy house dream, even though you might have to do some extra work to make him a game ending threat.


Concurrent Timelines

Old: Grant you Nexus "Each round, the first time you play a follower, pick 1 of 3 followers with the same cost, then transform it into".

New: Grant followers in your hand, "When you play me, pick 1 of 3 followers with the same cost, then transform me into it."

While moving Timelines to a higher cost kept the win rate from being overwhelming, it was frustrating how divergent the timelines were when the card was drawn early versus late. We wanted to try a small redesign here to both make Timelines less early-game dependent, but also make it less painful to draw multiples over the course of the game.

Overgrown Snapvine

Old: 7c 5|3

Triggers on ally Summon

New:6c 5|3 Fearsome

Triggers on ally Play

While Snapvine hasn't been choking out the Eternal Ladder, its summon-timing trigger was limiting design space for future cards. Since letting it only chomp on Play does change a lot of how the card plays, we wanted to give it an immediate buff so it doesn't get entirely weeded out.


The following personalization items are available with this patch.

Champion Skins

Jazz Bard

Unique Art




Unique Art



Maestro Jhin

Unique Art


Hyperpop Lulu

Unique Art



Hyperpop Ziggs

Unique Art




Tiny Violin


From the back of the theater comes the sound of the smallest violin...

Dynamic Duo


Too much and two sweet makes... just right?


Remix Rumble Bundle


Gifts from across genres.

This bundle contains:

Tiny Violin (Emote)

Dynamic Duo (Emote)

Jazz Bard

Illbeats Illaoi

Maestro Jhin

Hyperpop Lulu

Hyperpop Ziggs

Champion cards for all of the above champions

Price is prorated for potential duplicates.



Worlds 2023

Everything is ramping up for Worlds 2023! By the end of November we will be finished with all qualifications– which means we will have a slightly adjusted schedule for our competitive content. Check out our key dates below:

November 18/19: Runeterra Open (Eternal).

November 25/26: Last Chance Qualifier.

November 27, 12:00AM PT: Runeterra Points Ladder Cut-off.

December 6, 9:00am PT: End of ranked season.

December 6, 9:00am PT: Gauntlets close until next year.

January 1st 2024: New set of Gauntlets begin.

In the case that two(or more) players are tied in Runeterra Points qualification, Aegis Esports will be hosting a tie-breaker Round-Robin Playoff on November 29th.

  • Tied players will be contacted.
  • Players with the best overall match record will advance to worlds.
    • If match records are equivalent, head-to-head match score will be the tiebreaker.
    • If head-to-head match scores are equivalent, overall game score will be the tiebreaker.

As you can see in the above key dates, Ranked season end and Runeterra Points cutoff are at two different times. This is to give our team time to reach out to world-qualified players and get everything set for Worlds.

Additionally, Gauntlets will be taking a short hiatus while we’re on winter break and will return in the new year. For more detailed information about the Last Chance Qualifier feel free to check out our previous Competitive Update.

For the Last Chance Qualifier, no Runeterra Points will be awarded and the top two finishers will directly qualify to Worlds. Additionally, exclusive badges can be obtained in this Qualifier!

3+ Wins:


November 18/19: Runeterra Open (Eternal).

November 25/26: Last Chance Qualifier.

8+ Wins:

A super secret badge themed around an upcoming champion.



Riot is moving away from Summoner names and embracing Riot ID across all of the games! If you want more information around this, you can check out this article here.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some players could not claim Legend Level rewards in TPoC.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not claim certain decks from prologue rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where champ skins would sometimes show out of order, apart from other collection skins in the Store.
  • Fixed an issue on the world map where the escape key would not close some Path of Champions tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where Deluge doesn’t increase Volibear or Crystalline Stormraptor’s elemental skill damage.
  • Fixed a bug where an empty deck could still show as having cards left.
  • Fixed a bug where units can sometimes consume Sigils of the Storm when buffed on play without having reduced cost.
  • Fixed a big where Subterranean Thunder’s Sigils of the Storm would be destroyed along with their stacks when slaying a unit on play with a titanic unit in The Path of Champions.
  • Fixed a bug where Celestials cost 0 when recalled after playing Cosmic Call twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Balen The Benevolent did not die to Sunburst when played on Daybreak.
  • Fixed a bug with Curious Shellfolk and Explorer Spells

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