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Wild Rift News March

Mar 11, 2023

Up high, down low, too slow—Welcome to Wild Rift News March! This month we’re covering all the content that you can expect to see throughout Patch 4.1!

Up high, down low, too slow—Welcome to Wild Rift News March! 

This month we’re gearing up for Patch 4.1, High Five! Our latest patch preview was recently released, and we loved watching Alan, Maddy, and David high five each other and share all the exciting updates in store! What was your favorite part? If you missed the Patch Preview, or just want a quick recap on what's to come for the month of March and in Patch 4.1, we’ve got you covered!




Urgot is planned to be released during Patch 4.1 on 00:01 UTC


Twitch is planned to be released during Patch 4.1 on 00:01 UTC

This patch we’re setting the lean, green, killing machines loose on the Rift with Urgot and Twitch. Just watch your back with these two… you never know when they’ll sneak up on you and unleash their chemtech power. We can’t wait to see what new builds and plays you forge when these new champions go live.


Last patch we took a look at our beefy friends and brought in a few updates for them, but that was only the start of them! This patch we’ll be adding and reworking the following items for them:

  • Amaranth Twinguard
  • Mantle of the Twelfth Hour
  • Searing Crown and Sunfire Cape
  • Abyssal Mask and Thornmail

You can read more about these items from Nick “Endstep” Frijia, one of the designers who worked on them in our latest /dev!

Later this month we will also have a video from David Xu discussing more of what you can expect in 2023 from Wild Rift, including some teases of and areas of focus for gameplay!


We’re changing how the account leveling system works. Hitting level 40 in Wild Rift is meant to be an important milestone, and since we’ve seen so many of you achieving it over the last year, we wanted to provide additional ways for you to feel and see the investment you’ve made in Wild Rift.


Starting this patch, once you hit level 40, you’ll unlock a prestige level system, where additional levels will give you stars that are showcased in your profile and other visible areas. As you continue to level up, all your stars will show off your growth. We’re looking to add more rewards to this system, so keep an eye out in the future!


Ahoy mateys! It’s time for the Glorious Crimson skinline to walk the plank! But don’t fret we’ve got something new coming ashore in store for Ranked Season 9!


Glorious Armada Twisted Fate will be your award for exploring the marvelous new seas of this ranked season! You’ll also be able to bring some new color with his Weapon Augment Upgrade that you can grab in the Ranked Store!


In addition to the new ranked skin, we also have a few changes for the highest tiers. Starting in Season 9, promotion to Grandmaster will now require 40 Marks. This means the number of marks required to be in that will stay the same throughout the season, rather than changing based on the top percent of players in your server.

Also, with these adjustments to promote to Challenger you will need at least 60 Marks, up from 40 in previous seasons. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on how the Grandmaster adjustments will affect the distribution of top players in Ranked, and we’ll have more changes to come in Season 10!



Will all these villains on the loose it's about time another hero made an appearance to save the day or wreck it… Superhero Vi joins the fight this Wild Pass! You can earn her and the Ascended version as you punch your way through this Wild Pass!


We hope you’ve been studying up on your Urgot facts… But if not, it's okay there's still time for a cram session before the patch drops! And trust us, studying up on facts for this Dreadnought will be worth your while as you’ll earn extra rewards for the right answers!

We’re also feeling a little silly, so you can expect to see a bunch of goofy shenanigans from us during April Fools. It will be similar to last year: Complete a bunch of missions to earn rewards, however this year we’re adding some chaos to the mix. Jinx will be there to guide you through and hopefully help you with our most serious challenge yet!

Sneaky, sneaky! Last, but certainly now least, when this rat finally makes his debut onto the Rift we’ll also have an event to celebrate him!


This patch will also include a promotion for the upcoming Arcade skins. The promotion will begin in one of the later balance patches, but we will release a separate article later this month that will have all the information regarding the promotion, and feature it again in following Wild Rift News & Patch Notes.



Whether you want to look to the stars for inspiration or be a little silly with your look, we’ve got you covered with this patch! To celebrate the first Wild Rift world champions, Nova Esports, the NOVA skins will be hitting the Rift in an upcoming patch! Maybe that NOVA Morgana skin will finally help us land a bind or two… Congratulations to them again!

Releasing in Patch 4.1*

  • High Noon Urgot
  • Dawnbringer Karma
  • Dawnbringer Yone
  • Nightbringer Lillia
  • Birdio

Releasing in Patch 4.1a*

  • Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
  • Cosmic Queen Ashe
  • Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
  • Cosmic Lux
  • Dark Cosmic Lux

Releasing in Patch 4.1b*

  • Omega Squad Twitch
  • NOVA Lee Sin**
  • NOVA Lucian**
  • NOVA Morgana**
  • NOVA Nasus**
  • NOVA Riven**

Releasing in Patch 4.1c*

  • Arcade Ezreal
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Final Boss Veigar
  • Mythic Final Boss Veigar Chroma

*We’ll keep you updated if anything moves

** First to Wild Rift Skins



Patch Notes will be out in a few days, here’s who we’ll be watching for the full run down!





We’re simple people, we Star Guardian Seraphine artwork and we always bookmark it. We also loved seeing a glimpse of your Urgot fanart! We’d also love it if you made some fanart of the stinky rat, just for us please! We know he’s stinky, but he’s kind of cute… in a way. And we’d love to see more drawings of him.


As we mentioned in Wild Rift News February, we’d be moving paintovers to their own separate article! You can find the paintovers for the month of March here!

We hope you’re ready for all the new fun content coming in Patch 4.1! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the Rift!