Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.4

Sep 14, 2022

You’ll be a cut above the rest when Gwen and Yone join the Rift this patch…just be careful when you’re out there running around with scissors and fighting your inner demons. We also have a new game mode, items, enchants, Wild Pass, and loads more. Welcome to Patch 3.4!

Hi friends! Welcome to Patch 3.4! 

You’ll be a cut above the rest when Gwen and Yone join the Rift this patch…just be careful when you’re out there running around with scissors and fighting your inner demons. We’re also introducing Support Quests! If you’ve played League PC these will look pretty similar, but instead of granting wards, they’ll give you more access to your enchantments. And speaking of enchantments…we have updates to a few and the introduction of two brand new ones. One of them lets you send a meteor down from the sky and we just can’t get over how cool that is?! In addition to the new enchantments, we also have a handful of other new items and a mini update to the AP item system as a whole. Plus some balance updates across the map, in addition to a mini rework to everyone's favorite cat.

If you’ve ever wanted to duke it out in a true 1v1 without a jungler interfering and ruining your solo kill (yes, we’re still salty about how many times this has happened to us), Duel is here for a limited time! Hop in and duke it on the Howling Abyss. We also have a variety of quality of life updates to make your overall experience better so let us know what you think!

We’ve got a whole lot left in store, and haven’t reached our Power Spike yet, but to get a peek at what's still to come, check out our Patch 3.4 Preview!

P.S. With the release of the Support Quest item Relic Shield, it’s totally okay for your supports to take your farm if they have a charge. They’ll even give you a little extra gold if you let them. 


A support main that just wants to help their ADC get a little extra gold. 

Reminder: content will be released throughout the patch.





A former doll transformed and brought to life by magic, Gwen wields the very tools that once created her. She carries the weight of her maker’s love with every step, taking nothing for granted. At her command is the Hallowed Mist, an ancient and protective magic that has blessed Gwen’s scissors, needles, and sewing thread. So much is new to her, but Gwen remains joyfully determined to fight for the good that survives in a broken world.

Gwen will be released on September 15 at 00:01 UTC.



In life, he was Yone—half-brother of Yasuo, and renowned student of his village’s sword school. But upon his death at the hands of his brother, he found himself hunted by a malevolent entity of the spirit realm, and was forced to slay it with its own sword. Now, cursed to wear its demonic mask upon his face, Yone tirelessly hunts all such creatures in order to understand what he has become.

Yone will be released on September 22 at 00:01 UTC.



We’re making some updates to and expanding on Champion Score! Previously you were able to only earn Mastery for the champions you played, but now you’ll also be able to earn Mastery for each role you play! Here’s how it works:

  • There are five different tiers (1 - 5).
  • Each tier will have a different color icon.
  • The score will be displayed on your profile page.
  • Hovering over it on your profile will also show your top three champions in that role.
    • For example if you hover over the Support role it will also show the three champions you have highest Mastery on in Support.
  • You’ll be able to share your role score to your teammates in your lobbies!



Recently, we gave an update on GvG and guilds, but wanted to briefly touch on it here as well. After Season 3, we will be replacing the current form of GvG with a whole new guild season. Here are some of the updates you can expect to see when Season 4 of guilds starts on September 16 at 00:01 UTC:

  • While GvG will be gone, guilds will continue to be in the game (you and your guildies are still stuck with each other).
  • Trophy Track is here to stay, with some of the same goodies from before as well as some new ones!
  • Simplified Trophy Track and missions, so you and your friends can hop into a game and earn rewards while doing it!
  • Guild and the Trophy Track will still have seasons and a theme.
  • Before GvG ends, we’ll be having one late hoorah to celebrate everyone who participated and provided us feedback!
    • From September 16 - October 1 you and your guildies can earn a one-time reward.
    • If you’re not in a guild right now, as long as you join one before October 1 you’ll be eligible to receive the reward as well.

Thank you for all your feedback on GvG and guilds and please let us know how the new season and the updates to the Trophy Track feels! 

Season 4 of Guilds will begin on September 16 at 00:01 UTC


This patch we have a variety of quality of life updates to improve your overall experience:

Ping System:

  • We’ve received feedback that sometimes pings are difficult to use, so we’re adding a new optional system. The aiming and targeting of it is different from what we currently have and this new system is something that you’ll be able to opt into. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Let us know if it makes pings smoother to use!

Kill Banner Updates:

  • Currently, players who get the final blow on killing a foe get the credit for the kill with a banner, but often their teammates helped them get these kills by setting up the play or assisting them in some way. So this patch we’re also adding assisting champion icons to the kill banners! Now your Leona who cc’d your foe for a year will also get the credit they earned in the banner right next to you!

Loadout System Updates:

  • We’ve also made some updates to the loadout system! You’ll now be granted more slots for items when building your custom loadouts. In game, you’ll be able to view your loadout in the shop and see the order that you placed the items in. You’ll also be able to change out any of the items in your loadout if you need because of the team comp or champion you’re up against. We hope this gives you more room to add situational items to your loadout so that you can easily swap to them when you're in game!



Wait…what's that? Is it a bird? A plane? No…it’s Superhero Jayce! Flying into this Wild Pass along with his Ascended version and plenty of goodies for you to earn throughout Patch 3.4! He’s a genius inventor by day, and hero who will do anything to protect his people by night. 

In addition to the new skin and goodies, we also have some updates to the Wild Pass as a whole this patch:

  • The “Bonus Rewards” section is now the “Wild Pass Emporium.”
  • You’ll no longer progress linearly from levels 51 through 75 but instead there will be an exchange where you can claim rewards in any order you’d like.
  • Wild Pass Skin Augments are now here and will be granted if you claim enough rewards in the Emporium.
  • Simple set of repeatable missions for playing matches added.
    • Have a cap and reset each week, that will give you steady momentum for just logging in and playing games.
  • Elite Pass purchasers will receive Seasonal Missions so you can obtain all the rewards you want in the new Emporium!
  • Purchasing the Elite Pass will also now grant you a new Role Choice Skin Chest at level 1.
    • Instead of getting any random skin, you can narrow down the choices to just one lane role—Solo, mid, jungle, duo, or support!

The Wild Pass will be available September 15 at 00:01 UTC




IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D DUEL! For a limited time you’ll be able to hop into the Howling Abyss and duke it out in a true 1v1 duel without any pesky supports trying to interfere. We want an even fight though, so we do have a few rules for this mode:

  • In order to claim the victory you must either:
    • Kill enemy champion 2 times before the shrinking circle appears.
    • Kill the enemy champion 1 time after the shrinking circle appears.
    • Destroy the first enemy turret.
  • There will be a shrinking circle:
    • Spawns 8 minutes into the game
    • The initial radius of the shrinking circle will cover the whole map. It will wait 30 seconds, then will begin shrinking.
    • The circle will complete shrinking at 9 minutes and 30 seconds and the final radius is 5 meters.
    • There will be continuous damage if you’re outside of the circle.
    • Once the shrinking circle appears, the next death by a champion will end the game for the killer’s victory.
  • All champions are unlocked on the Howling Abyss
  • Omnivamp is reduced by 50% against minions
  • Recalling to the fountain will allow you to purchase items
  • Each player will start with 500g
  • Gold and experience generation are increased

Duel will be available to play from September 16 at 00:01 UTC until September 29 at 23:59 UTC



This patch we’re also making some updates to ARAM during champion select. You’ll now be able to purchase extra rerolls in ARAM with Poro Energy. Here’s how it works:

  • The existing ARAM game flow is unchanged: you can use rerolls only in champion select.
  • The free re-rolls still recharge as they always have and you store up to two ARAM rerolls like always.
  • After you use up all your free rerolls, you’ll be offered the option to purchase extra rerolls with Poro Energy.
  • You cannot use more than 2 rerolls (including free and extra) per game, and you have to use the free ones first.
    • That means: If you entered the lobby with 2 free rerolls, you cannot purchase more for that game.
  • Extra purchases of rerolls are limited to 3 per day.
  • They reset each day.
  • The first reroll you will purchase will cost 50 Poro Energy, the second 100 Poro Energy, and the third 200 Poro Energy.
  • You cannot store-up extra rerolls.
  • Extra rerolls are just the same as free rerolls: rerolled champions are still pickable by allies.

In addition to these updates, last patch we launched titles for ARAM seasons and we heard your feedback and have made some updates to the title names:

  • ARAM Brawler
  • ARAM Warrior
  • ARAM Elite
  • ARAM Royalty
  • ARAM Legend




Yasuo’s half brother arrives on the Rift, haunted, and trying to understand what he has become. 

The Yone’s Arrival event begins September 22 at 00:01 UTC



Players who have been picking Akali, even the invested Akali mains, have been struggling to make her succeed even when they perfectly execute their plays. So, we’re giving her some small buffs to help her take down her opposition.

  • Base Stats

    • Base health: 570 → 600

    • Energy gain: 80 → 100
    • Max energy gain: 80 → 100


Players who haven’t put as much time into Jayce haven’t been able to take advantage of his Hammer form, so we’re making it a little more forgiving to stay in Cannon form. This should ease some of Jayce’s mastery curve and help you to nail those plays with your hammer.

  • Base Stats

    • Mana recovery: 9 → 12

    • Cooldown: 16s → 14s


We’ve been looking for ways to adjust Jhin so that he can have more ajhincy throughout the game. The increased root duration on Deadly Flourish that we previously adjusted hasn’t helped much in this area, so we’re reverting that change and instead giving it a shorter cast time for higher reliability.

  • Deadly Flourish

    • Cast time: 11 frames → 9 frames
    • Root duration: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25s → 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s


While Kayle has excelled at tipping the skayles for her team and winning games, she hasn’t been satisfying to play for most players. We’re adjusting some of the baseline power Kayle has and giving her more sustain in lane. This will allow her to have a more forgiving laning phase, but a less powerful late game, particularly with her Attack Damage builds.

  • Base Stats

    • Passive hit damage: 12/16/20/24 + 15% Ability Power → 12/15/18/21 + 15% Ability Power

    • Heal: 60/100/140/180 → 70/110/150/190

    • Passive hit damage: 12/16/20/24 + 15% Ability Power → 12/15/18/21 + 15% Ability Power

    • Cooldown: 95/80/65s → 100/90/80s


Despite recent buffs, Leona is still falling behind compared to other supports in the Dragon Lane. To give her more opportunities to shine during teamfights, we’re buffing the stun duration on her ultimate, Solar Flare.


    • Slow and Stun duration: 1.5s → 1.75s


Since her release, Samira has been struggling compared to her peers. To help her out, we’re giving her a much needed tune-up so that she can shine in style alongside her peers.

  • Base Stats

    • Base health: 570 → 610
    • Health per level: 105 → 115
      • Health at level 15: 2080 → 2220
  • Base Stats

    • Base bonus magic damage: 2 - 14 (Based on level) → 6 - 20 (Based on level)

    • Attack Damage ratio: 75%/85%/95%/105% → 75%/90%/105%/120%


Sett has fallen behind other fighters, especially in higher levels of play. To sett him up for success, we’re beefing up the bonus Attack Damage ratio associated with his Haymake active.


    • Active Attack Damage ratio: 15% Bonus Attack Damage → 20% Bonus Attack Damage


After the recent adjustments we made to Shyvana, she’s in a good place overall, but we feel like her ultimate upgrade could be a bit more exciting. To add some fire to it, we’re swapping out the bonus health for Omnivamp.

  • Dragon's Descent

    • While in Dragon Form: Gain bonus 100/150/200 health → Gain 15% Omnivamp


Sion has been stronger and more effective in the jungle than we anticipated, and while we aren’t saying Sionara to him in the jungle, we are cutting away some of that power. We’re also smoothing out some of the bizarre interactions with Unstoppable Onslaught to make it behave more as a Sion player would expect.

  • Base Stats

    • Bonus health gain from killing minions and small monster: 6 → 5
    • Bonus Health gain from large monsters, champions, epic monsters, cannon minions and siege minions: 20 → 15

    • Monster damage modifier: 150% → 120%

    • Movement speed capped at 800 during Unstoppable Onslaught


Previous buffs went a little overboard for Tristana, so we’re bringing the cooldown on Rapid Fire back to where it was. We’re also looking to make adjustments to the default controls for Tristana around her Explosive Charge to both improve the feels around the spell and make Tristana more accessible.


    • Cooldown: 16/15/14/13s → 18/17/16/15s

    • Controls: Tap casting will now prioritize turrets over minions.
    • Controls: Tristana will now prioritise targets with her bomb.


Recent changes have left Varus weak overall, so we’re giving him some extra damage that should be effective for attack-oriented builds.

  • Base Stats

    • Attack Damage growth: 2.65 → 3.6


Yasuo is performing below our expectations after recent nerfs, so we’re increasing his scaling Attack Damage to amp up his power in the later stages of the game.

  • Base Stats

    • Attack Damage per level: 2.65 → 3.6
      • Attack Damage at level 15: 96 → 109


Yuumi has been in an unfur-tunate position since her release. She’s been frustrating for many players to go up against, but not particularly good at winning games. She also required a lot of in-and-out gameplay that Yuumi players weren’t attached to, so we’re trying a different approach with the cat for this version. Yuumi is now no longer tied to her passive to restore mana to fuel her massive mana cost for her heal, but will generally have less power, particularly outside of combat. She will also have more frequent poke earlier in the game, but won’t be able to use her passive shield to mitigate enemy harassment as much. The goal of these changes is to make Yuumi less frustrating to play against, but allow Yuumi enjoyers to feel more comfortable enhancing their ally of choice without feeling immense pressure to constantly bop her foes to get the most out of her passive.

  • Base Stats

    • Cooldown: 12/10/8/6s → 18/15/12/9s
    • Shield value: 60 - 410 + 35% Ability Power → 60 - 410 + 25% Ability Power
    • [REMOVED] Mana restoration

    • [ADJUSTED] Projectile is no longer gated by distance from your attached ally. Instead, it has a time-gated duration of 2.25s only.
    • Empowered threshold: 1s → .75s
    • Magic damage: 60/100/140/180/220 + 30% Ability Power → 60/100/140/180/220 + 25% Ability Power
    • Empowered Magic damage: 80/130/180/230/280 + 40% Ability Power + 2/4/6/8/10% Target's current health → 70/120/170/220/270 + 35% Ability Power + 1.5/3/4.5/6/7.5% Target's current health
    • Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5s → 7/6.5/6/5.5/5s

    • Bonus Attack Damage granted to Yuumi and attached ally: 7.5/9/10.5/12+12/15/18/21% × Ally bonus Attack Damage → 7.5/9/10.5/12+13/15/17/19% × Ally bonus Attack Damage
    • Bonus Ability Power granted to Yuumi and attached ally: 15/18/21/24 + 12/15/18/21% × ally bonus Ability Power → 15/18/21/24 + 13/15/17/19% × ally bonus Ability Power

    • Mana cost: 40/45/50/55 + 15% maximum mana → 80/90/100/110
    • Movement speed: 15% + 10% Ability Power → 15% + 5% Ability Power
    • Heal value: 80/120/160/200 + 40% Ability Power → 20/30/40/50 +10% Ability Power
    • [NEW] Healing now repeats the heal effect for the next 3 attacks or abilities within 5 seconds. This will affect Yuumi normally, or her attached ally if Yuumi is attached.




Quest items for Supports are now available in Wild Rift! If you’re familiar with the Support Quest items in League of Legends PC, these will look familiar! These items will transform over the course of a game as you earn gold with them. Spectral Sickle is tailor-made for Support champions who excel at poking (looking at you Sona). If the player attacks an enemy champion or structure while a charge is active, the player will earn bonus gold toward their Quest, allowing them to upgrade Spectral Sickle into Harrowing Crescent and then finally to Black Mist Scythe. When this item transforms into Black Mist Scythe, the player gains access to the powerful Spellcraft passive, which will reduce the cooldown of the item owner's enchantments by a large chunk when they score a kill or assist.

Spectral Sickle

  • Cost: 500g
  • PASSIVE - Versatile: 6 Attack Damage or 12 Ability Power (Adaptive)
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Tribute: While near an allied champion, damaging abilities and attacks against champions or structures grant 30 gold. These effects recharge every 10 seconds (max 3 charges). Earn 50% less gold from killing minions and monsters, earn 100% bonus gold from nearby minions your allies don’t kill, and earn 1 bonus gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Quest: Earn 500 gold from this item to upgrade to Harrowing Crescent (this item only upgrades while out of combat).

Harrowing Crescent

  • 5 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE - Versatile: 12 Attack Damage or 25 Ability Power (Adaptive)
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Tribute: While near an allied champion, damaging abilities and attacks against champions or structures grant 30 gold. These effects recharge every 10 seconds (max 3 charges). Earn 50% less gold from killing minions and monsters, earn 100% bonus gold from nearby minions your allies don’t kill, and earn 1 bonus gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Quest: Earn 500 gold from this item to upgrade to Black Mist Scythe (this item only upgrades while out of combat).

Black Mist Scythe

  • 10 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE - Versatile: 20 Attack Damage or 40 Ability Power (Adaptive)
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Tribute: Earn 2 gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spellcraft: Kills and assists against enemy champions refresh the total cooldown of your enchantments by 40%.

You are limited to only 1 Support Quest item at a time.


Relic Shield is designed for Supports who would want a little more survivability in the early game. Similar to Spectral Sickle, this item transforms over the course of the game when the player earns gold with its associated quest. Specifically, the player can consume charges with this item to execute minions, granting their nearest ally the kill gold while granting the item owner kill gold and bonus gold! Upon transforming into this item's final form, Bulwark of the Mountain, the player also gains access to the new Spellcraft passive.

Relic Shield

  • Cost: 500g
  • 100 Health
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spoils of War: While near an allied champion, attacks consume a charge to execute minions below 50% (30% if ranged) of their max health. Killing a minion grants yourself 125% of the kill gold, grants the nearest allied champion 100% of the kill gold, and heals you for 15 - 65. 50% of the minion gold you earn this way is applied to your Quest. These effects recharge every 20 seconds (max 3 charges). Earn 50% less gold from killing minions and monsters, earn 100% bonus gold from nearby minions your allies don’t kill, and earn 1 bonus gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Quest: Earn 500 gold from this item to upgrade to Targon’s Buckler (this item only upgrades while out of combat).

Targon’s Buckler

  • 150 Health
  • 5 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spoils of War: While near an allied champion, attacks consume a charge to execute minions below 50% (30% if ranged) of their max health. Killing a minion grants yourself 125% of the kill gold, grants the nearest allied champion 100% of the kill gold, and heals you for 15 - 65. 50% of the minion gold you earn this way is applied to your Quest. These effects recharge every 20 seconds (max 3 charges). Earn 50% less gold from killing minions and monsters, earn 100% bonus gold from nearby minions your allies don’t kill, and earn 1 bonus gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Quest: Earn 500 gold from this item to upgrade to Bulwark of the Mountain (this item only upgrades while out of combat).

Bulwark of the Mountain

  • 200 Health
  • 10 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spoils of War: Earn 2 gold per 3 seconds.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - Spellcraft: Kills and assists against enemy champions refresh the total cooldown of your enchantments by 40%.

You are limited to only 1 Support Quest item at a time.


With the introduction of new Support Quest items, we are removing Hextech Megadrive from the item system since the Spellcraft passive associated with the fully upgraded Quest items and the Tinker passive associated with Hextech Megadrive fill a similar role.


While we're removing the damage from Redeeming Enchant, we know that some players enjoyed the gameplay around the long-range large area strike they could call down on their foes. So we're bringing in Meteor, a new enchantment that is focused entirely on the damage aspect rather than the supportive aspect. Also we just think it’s really cool that you can call down a meteor from the sky on an enemy.

Total cost

  • 500g


  • Target a location within 30 range. After a 2.5 second delay, a meteor will fall from the sky at the targeted location, dealing 25% of each enemy’s health as magic damage. 90 second cooldown
    • Against monsters, this deals a maximum of 500 damage.
    • Can not be casted while dead


Protect is a new enchant designed to enhance champion abilities, rather than provide an alternative avenue for defending themselves or their team. With its strong amplification for lower-cooldown spells, it is much more powerful at protecting singular targets with individual heals or shields rather than an entire team.

Total cost

  • 500g


  • Grant the next heal or shield ability you use within 3s 100-25% increased heal and shield power (based on its cooldown; shorter cooldown spells get larger amounts of heal and shield power). 90 second cooldown.
    • 0 - 20s cooldown: 100% increased heal and shield power
    • 20 - 40s cooldown: 50% increased heal and shield power
    • > 40s cooldown: 25% increased heal and shield power
      • Protect Enchant tracks the base value of the cooldown, not its scaled value after Ability Haste.


Athene’s Unholy Grail has been an extremely powerful item for a while now that has offered a few enchanters a way to get extra value from interacting directly with enemy champions. We like the idea of this type of payoff, but we don’t like how narrow Athene’s requirement of having to deal high damage to your opponents and also frequently heal or shield allies is. So, we’re putting Imperial Mandate in this slot instead.


Imperial Mandate is coming in to add a new and exciting mechanic that will reward mages and enchanters for interacting with their opponents. We’re looking to enable more aggressive play out of both mages and enchanters in the support position with this item.

Combine Path & Cost:

  • Kindlegem (1000g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 500g
    • Total cost: 2500g


  • Ability Power: 40
  • Ability Haste: 20
  • Health: 200


  • Coordinated Fire: Abilities that slow or immobilize a champion deal 47 - 75 (based on level) bonus magic damage and marks them for 4 seconds (6s cooldown per champion). Ally champion damage detonates the mark, dealing an additional 94 - 150 (based on ally level) magic damage and granting you both 20% Move speed for 2 seconds.


Hextech Gunblade has always been an extremely limited item, offering a bizarre combination of stats along with a unique effect that only made it usable for a few champions. Over time as we’ve tuned items and champions, we believe that both the item systems and the Gunblade users are healthier without this item in the game, so we’re removing it in favor of a different Ability Power vamp item, Riftmaker.


Wild Rift’s AP system has long been lacking a strong option for picking up Ability Haste outside of early mana itemization, so we’re adding in our own take on Cosmic Drive. This item not only offers a massive amount of Haste by itself, but the movement speed granted when hitting enemy champions also scales with Haste to enable some speedy builds when you invest into the maximum Haste gotta go fast build.

Combine Path & Cost

  • Aether Wisp (950g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 950g
    • Total Cost: 2900g


  • Ability Power: 70
  • Haste: 30
  • Movement speed: 5%


  • SPELLWEAVER: Damaging active abilities and empowered attacks on an enemy champion grant (30 + 70% Haste) Movement Speed decaying over 2 seconds.
    • Subsequent triggers of Spellweaver from different sources refresh the buff duration and reset the movement speed value to the maximum. Each source has a 1s cooldown.
    • Only Haste from items contributes to Spellweaver’s Movement Speed.


Riftmaker is an item from League of Legends PC’s system that we’re bringing into Wild Rift as a way for AP fighters and AP mages to access vamp and bonuses for sustained fights.

Combine path & Cost

  • Haunting Guise (1100g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 1100g
    • Total cost: 3200g


  • Ability Power: 70
  • Health: 150
  • Ability Haste: 15
  • Omnivamp: 15%


  • UNIQUE – VOID CORRUPTION: For each second in combat with champions, deal 3% bonus damage, stacking up to 3 times for a maximum of 9%. While this effect is fully stacked, convert 100% of the bonus damage into true damage.


Umbral Glaive has always been in a bit of a weird spot in Wild Rift’s shop—it was designed for a different Rift that has very different rules around vision. Because of that, it’s never been able to find its footing in Wild Rift. So, we’re replacing it with an item that has a clear and powerful useful niche in Wild Rift, which is the anti-shielding item Serpent’s Fang.


Serpent’s Fang is a long-requested feature that’s finally here: a way to counter shields! This armor penetration item gives AD assassins a sharp utility output that can situationally make them a highly valuable counter to shielding compositions. This will also allow for a situational reason why some other classes may want to dip their toes into the AD assassin item system.

Combine Path & Cost

  • Build path: Serrated Dirk (1000g) + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + 800g
    • Total cost: 3000g


  • Attack Damage: 50
  • Armor penetration: 12
  • Haste: 10


  • Shield Reaver: Dealing damage to an enemy champion injects them with venom for 3 seconds, reducing any shields they gain within the duration by (Melee: 50% | Ranged: 35%), and if the target was not already afflicted by the venom, reducing all of their active shields by the same amount.


Even after our recent buffs, Frozen Heart is still underperforming compared to its peers. So we’re giving it a little boost to help it compete.

  • Ability Haste: 25 → 30


We’ve heard feedback from players that they want to have the ability to make more spontaneous plays with Seedjar. So, we’re slashing the time it takes for the seeds to grow significantly.

  • Growth time: 3s → 1s


For a while now, Locket has been significantly more powerful compared to other enchants, even when it's not being used optimally. Its ability to provide hundreds or even thousands of extra health in shield value during a teamfight made it outperform other enchants by a mile, even when they were getting maximum value. We’re looking to make Locket less applicable to every situation, so it's being changed into a magic damage shield to preserve its primary identity as an anti-AoE tool while also limiting its usage as a powerful button to press at any point during a point.

  • Shield: Changed from generic → Magic damage shield


We’re significantly reducing the cooldown on Protector’s Vow to reduce its impact when it gets removed with random poke. We’re also specializing the item more by removing the Ability Power ratio and Movement speed which were low impact. In return, we’re increasing its health ratio to make the item a more attractive pick up for tanks.

  • Cooldown: 30s → 20s
  • Shield: (125 + 20% Bonus Health +15% Ability Power) for 1.5s → (125 + 30% Bonus health) for 1.5s
  • Shield priority: Closest ally → Lowest Health ally
  • Movement speed: 20% for 1.5s → Removed


Redeeming Enchant has been a powerful tool for swinging fights for a while now, but it can be difficult to use or appreciate properly due to its extended windup time when casting. We’re taking away the damaging aspect and creating Meteor and in significantly increasing the speed so its impact is more immediately felt.

  • [REMOVED] Damage to enemies
  • Delay: 2.5s → 1.5s


Repulsor isn’t living up to its intended purpose of countering melee divers, and it’s only mediocre at its secondary purpose of splitting up the enemy team. To lend this item a hand, we’re adding a burst of movement speed to Repulsor to make it more useful for kiting and escaping.

  • [NEW] After knocking back a champion, gain 30% Movement speed for 3s.
  • Cooldown: 90s → 60s


Sunfire Cape has been a dominant pick among the other tank items, so we're reducing its ability to clear minions and jungle camps.

  • Bonus damage to minions and monsters: 25% → 15%


Wild Rift’s AP itemization has stagnated towards simpler build paths that revolve around getting an early Deathcap and having a meaningful amount of health. We want there to be more viable options in the first few item slots for both mages and AP assassins and we also want opting into defensive stats to be more of an intentional choice rather than an incidental part of every build. With this in mind, we’re shifting around some stats, build paths, and passives so that we can accomplish this goal.


Total cost

  • 1300g → 1100g


  • Ability Power: 25 → 30
  • Health: 200 → 150


  • UNIQUE – MADNESS: Being in combat with enemy champions generates one stack every second for the next 4 seconds. Deal 1.2% increased damage for each stack, up to a maximum of 6% → REMOVED


Total cost

  • 3150g → 2900g


  • Ability Power: 65 → 85
  • Health: 200 → 0
  • Other stats remain the same


Combine Path & Cost

  • Build Path: Haunting Guise (1100g) + Blasting Wand (900g + 1000g
    • Total cost: 3000g


  • Ability Power: 70 → 70
  • Health: 250 → 250


  • UNIQUE – MADNESS: Being in combat with enemy champions generates one stack every second for the next 4 seconds. Deal 1.2% increased damage for each stack, up to a maximum of 6% → REMOVED
  • UNIQUE – TORMENT: Ability damage deals 1% of target's maximum health magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if they are slowed or immobilized. → Dealing ability damage burns enemies, take 20 + 1.5% Ability Power + 1.5% of target’s max health bonus magic damage per 1s, for a total of 3 seconds.


Total cost

  • 3000g → 2700g


  • Ability Power: 70 → 65
  • Health: 300 → 150


Total cost

  • 1250g → 1000g


  • Ability Power: 25 → 30
  • Health: 25 → 0
  • Passive: 15 Magic penetration→ 12 Magic penetration


Combine Path & Cost

  • Needlessly Large Rod (1400g) + Needlessly Large Rod (1400g) + 700g → Needlessly Large Rod (1400g) + Blasting Wand (900g) + 1100g
  • Total cost: 3500g → 3400g


  • Ability Power: 120 → 110



We’re revising the Conqueror tooltip so that it reflects this rune’s intended functionality

  • Tooltip update: When fully stacked, gain bonus Physical and Magic vamp against champions → When fully stacked, gain bonus Omnivamp (against any valid target).



Leashing has always been a difficult lever to balance around as the jungler has little control over it. We’re aiming to make leashing less viable and will be balancing junglers based on them not receiving a leash. All lanes will now clash at the same time.

  • The first minion wave in Baron and Dragon lane gain bonus movement speed


Omnivamp is now truly omni, it will work with True damage in addition to Physical and Magic damage.

  • Gain Health when dealing Physical or Magic damage → Gain Health when dealing Physical, Magic or True damage


Graceful Charity was a placeholder to help Supports earn more gold. Now that we’re adding Support quest items, we are removing the band-aid.

  • Player with the least gold on the team gains 2 gold per second → Removed


Currently, Mid Laners can use the Scryer’s Bloom to reveal junglers very early. To combat this, we’re pushing back the spawn time so junglers can plan out their routes early game without worrying about being revealed at their first camp.

  • Spawn Time: 0:25 → 0:45


To better prevent scenarios where the player smites the wrong target during key fights over objectives (it's okay this has happened to us one too many times too), we’re making a control adjustment to the Smite spell.

  • Smite will prioritize epic monsters while casted by a quick swip/flick.



Space Groove Gwen

Releasing September 15 @ 00:01 UTC


Crystal Rose Yone

Releasing September 22 @ 00:01 UTC


You can earn or purchase accessories from a bunch of different sources. Please check the relevant page in game for more information on how to get ‘em!




Baubles: Death Mask; Cerulean Concoction; Amber Concoction; Fuchsia Concoction; Super-pops!; Mask-a-Raid; To the Hextechmobile!; Hero’s Glory

Emotes: Whistling; Villainous Vibes; Power Pose; Shocked; Peace Signs Up

Icons: Wild Yone; En Garde!; Powered Up Poro; Crest of Justice; Masked Justice; Hextech Man Jayce

Icon Borders: Border of Progress; Heroic; Heroic Ascension; En Garde!

Rift Emblems: Cogs & Gears; Balance & Symmetry; Unyielding Justice; Bitter Nightshade; Hexwings

Custom Recalls: Flying High; Winged Justice

Player Emblems: Dedication & Innovation (Azure); Dedication & Innovation (Amethyst); Dedication & Innovation (Garnet)

Profile Borders: Vision of Heroes; Vision of Justice

Homeguard Trails: The Bird Signal


  • Annie will now begin with full stacks of Pyromania at the start of the game or when reviving.
  • Updated Soraka’s Empowered Starcall VFX.
  • Adjusted roles and loadouts for a number of champions.
  • Updated various text strings across the client and in game.
    • The major one being, you’ll no longer be able to say you can purchase your Infinity Edge that’s available to purchase.
  • Fixed the issue when Samira’s S combo would disappear while triggering GA, she would always be able to use her ultimate


Sept 15 - Sept 21: Braum, Draven, Gragas, Lulu, Malphite, Nunu & Willump, Orianna, Samira, Sion, Twisted Fate

Sept 22 - Sept 29: Corki, Galio, Jarvan IV, Karma, Kayle, Leona, Olaf, Sett, Xayah, Yasuo