Everything You Need to Know about the 2024 VCT Americas Season

Mar 8, 2024

VCT Americas has witnessed the birth of legends, the rise of underdogs, and a relentless pursuit of VCT supremacy. A collective powerhouse, the top 11 teams from North America, LATAM, and Brazil continue to showcase the peak of VALORANT skill, strategy, and sheer determination, with their sights set on continuing their reign as VCT Champions.

Anticipation for the 2024 season is at an all-time high, with the fiercest battles and most epic clashes just around the corner. Fresh off their Kickoff victory, Sentinels have solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with while G2 fights their way into the fray. Will Evil Geniuses take the Champions trophy for the second time in a row, or will LOUD bounce back for an epic international run?

With a fresh new format, the stage is set, and the players are primed – here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 VCT Americas Season!



This year, the VCT Americas competitive season will be divided into two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. Each of the 11 VCT Americas teams will compete in a single round robin of BO3s scheduled across both stages. Stage 1 will consist of five weeks of regular season play, including one Super Week, while Stage 2 will run for four weeks with one Super Week.

Teams were divided into two groups via a random draw, Alpha and Omega, based on their Kickoff performance. For Stage 1, each team will play all teams from the other group. For Stage 2, teams will play the teams within their group.

The VCT Americas 2024 regular season dates:

Stage 1

Regular Season: April 6 - May 5

Mid-Season Playoffs: May 8 - 12

Stage 2

Regular Season: June 22 - July 14

Season Playoffs: July 17 - 21

Stay tuned! Full matches schedule will be coming soon on


Each stage will be followed by a mixed-elimination Playoff to determine which teams will advance to the global tournaments. After Stage 1, the top three teams in each group will qualify for the Mid-Season Playoffs. For the Season Playoffs after Stage 2, the top six teams from the entire regular season will advance. The top two teams will be awarded a first-round bye in the winner’s bracket. All matches will be best-of-three, except the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final, which will be best-of-five. The top three finishers from the Mid-Season Playoffs qualify for Masters Shanghai, while the top three finishers of the Season Playoffs qualify for VCT Champions Seoul. The region’s fourth Champions slot will go to the remaining team with the most Championship Points.

Championship Points

Throughout Regional and Masters play, all teams will have the opportunity to earn Championship Points. Championship Points are awarded based on the following system:

  • One (1) point for each match win during Stage 1 & Stage 2 Regular Season
  • One (1) point for each match win or earned bye during Mid-Season and Season Playoffs
  • Three (3) points for winning Kickoff
  • Three (3) points for winning Mid-Season Playoffs
  • Three (3) points for winning Masters Madrid
  • Three (3) points for winning Masters Shanghai


Experience the thrill of the VCT Americas live at the renowned Riot Games Arena LA. With its cutting-edge stage design, LED screens, and immersive atmosphere, get up close and personal with your favorite teams throughout the season.

Stage 1 Ticket on-sale date:

March 25th at 12pm PT

To get your tickets, go to

As a reminder, all in-person guests will be subject to current local COVID policies. We will enforce on-site masking if we enter the Medium or High Risk tier, as determined by LA City guidance.


Catch all the action on Twitch or YouTube!

Official VCT Americas broadcasts will take place in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Broadcast days and times will be updated in real time throughout the season on the official schedule at


Twitch - /valorant_americas

YouTube - @valorant_americas


Twitch - /valorant_br

YouTube - @valorantesportsbr


Twitch - /valorant_la

YouTube - @valorantlatam


Anyone who wishes to host a Watch Party must read and agree to our VCT Costreaming Guidelines and comply with the following steps in order to gain permission to co-stream the event:

If you’re broadcasting from North America, sign up to host a Watch Party here. All NA Watch Parties must comply with the Watch Party Guidelines. If you can do both, you’re clear to kick off your Watch Party come game day.

If you’re from Latin America and want to co-stream VCT Americas in Spanish, apply to host a Watch Party here. Then, keep an eye on your email. Please allow a few days for review. If your application is approved you’ll receive a message from us giving you permission.

If you’re from Brazil and want to co-stream VCT Americas in Brazilian Portuguese, apply to host a Watch Party here. Then, keep an eye on your email. Please allow a few days for review. If your application is approved you’ll receive a message from us giving you permission.

If you’re broadcasting from anywhere else in the world, sign up to host an International Watch Party here. All International Watch Parties must comply with the VCT Costreaming Guidelines. If you can do both, you’re clear to kick off your Watch Party on game day.


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Red Bull

Red Bull is the official energy drink of VCT, presenting the Red Bull “Clutch Moment” during every match. Red Bull is also helping prepare the next generation of VALORANT pros by hosting community VALORANT tournaments, spotlighting the incredible grassroots talent of the scene.

Aim Labs

Aim Labs is the official training partner of VCT, helping develop existing VALORANT pros and players trying to break into the professional scene with a variety of innovative training programs and custom insights.


Secretlab provides VCT pros with the pinnacle of gaming chairs — each designed and engineered using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure absolute comfort and unparalleled support.


Verizon is the official 5G and wireless services provider of the VCT. In addition to top-shelf video content and sponsored broadcast segments, Verizon ups our game through the Verizon Up rewards program, which features discounted in-game digital goods for the community to enjoy.


iBUYPOWER is the official PC partner of VCT Americas, providing PCs for all LAN competitions, engineered to meet the high-caliber performance needs of VCT Americas play. In addition, iBUYPOWER has developed a series of VCT-branded PCs, and will bring several exciting segments to life for the upcoming VCT season.