New Riot Games Esports Global Code of Conduct

Feb 2, 2024

As we gear up for the 2024 season, we wanted to introduce the new Esports Global Code of Conduct, which applies to professional and semi-professional esports players, coaches, team owners, and representatives, and any other esports professional registered with Riot or any of the Riot Games esports competitions. These updates will come into effect starting January 1, 2024.

The purpose of this Esports Global Code of Conduct is to foster a safe and trustworthy esports environment and to codify the existing rules and practices designed to protect esports players, teams, fans, and the broader Riot esports community. This new, universal code remains largely consistent with previous principles but has undergone a redrafting process to enhance clarity and transparency.

Previously, rules relating to conduct were included in various sets of regulations that differed from title to title and tournament to tournament. In 2022, we began the process of streamlining rules relating to conduct into one cohesive code that would set the universal standard for all of our global esports titles moving forward. With such a universal scope, we intentionally included and relied heavily on stakeholders from our competitive regions to collaborate during the drafting phase. This process enabled us to pinpoint overarching standards and optimal practices that we will implement across all our titles to eliminate any disparity that might exist from one title to the next.

The new Esports Global Code of Conduct serves as Riot’s commitment to preserving our “Player First” value integral to competitive gaming. Through consolidating rules and enhancing standards, we aim to foster an esports environment that prioritizes integrity and inclusivity for every individual involved.