Wild Rift

Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.1

Mar 15, 2023

Unleash Chemtech power—Welcome to Patch 4.1! Urgot crab walks onto the Rift! Here to save the day or wreck it, Superhero Vi flies into this Wild Pass! We also have the continuation of our updates to the tank role, and balance updates!

Unleash Chemtech power—Welcome to Patch 4.1! 

We’re crab walking our way onto the Rift, as Urgot is joining the fray this patch! But beware, while he looks kinda like a crab (squint your eyes and you’ll see it just like us, promise), he’s actually a lean, green, killing machine with a whole lotta chemtech power that he’s ready to unleash. 

But have no fear, Superhero Vi is here! She’ll help you fight off the chemtech power or any other baddies that try to get in your way. We also are uncapping the leveling system this patch, so once you hit level 40 you’ll unlock a prestige level system, where additional levels will give you stars that are showcased in your profile and other visible areas! We can’t wait to see all your stars showcased on your profile! 

At the start of 4.0, we made some changes to our beefy friends in Baron Lane, and gave them some new items. However, this patch we’re continuing that and giving tanks some more item choices and updates in the shop, along with our regularly scheduled balance updates! 

This new content is just the start of what’s to come in Patch 4.1, to see what’s still in store, check out our latest Patch Preview:

Reminder: content will be released throughout the patch.





Once a powerful Noxian headsman, Urgot was betrayed by the empire for which he had killed so many. Bound in iron chains, he was forced to learn the true meaning of strength in the Dredge—a prison mine deep beneath Zaun. Emerging in a disaster that spread chaos throughout the city, he now casts an imposing shadow over its criminal underworld. Raising his victims on the very chains that once enslaved him, he will purge his new home of the unworthy, making it a crucible of pain.

Urgot will be released on March 16 at 00:01 UTC.



With all these villains on the loose it's about time another hero made an appearance to save the day or wreck it… Superhero Vi joins the fight this Wild Pass! You can earn her and the Ascended version as you punch your way through this Wild Pass! 

The Wild Pass will be available on March 16 at 00:01 UTC


We’re changing how the account leveling system works. Hitting level 40 in Wild Rift is meant to be an important milestone, and since we’ve seen so many of you achieving it over the last year, we wanted to provide additional ways for you to feel and see the investment you’ve made in Wild Rift. 

Starting this patch, once you hit level 40, you’ll unlock a prestige level system, where additional levels will give you stars that are showcased in your profile and other visible areas. As you continue to level up, all your stars will show off your growth!




Should you dread a dreadnought? We’re not so sure, but maybe we’ll find out during some trivia! 

Urgot’s Trivia will begin on March 16 at 00:01 UTC 



Alistar has always been a good pick for anyone looking to tank in the support role. We want to improve the discoverability of his Headbutt Pulverize combo, so that they can show their opponents what happens when you mess with the horns.

  • Headbutt

    • While Pulverize is off cooldown double tapping Headbutt will cause Alistar to cast Pulverize slamming the ground as he reaches his target.


Since our recent adjustments and additions to the Baron Lane, Garen has been struggling to keep up. To lend this noble soldier a hand, we’re buffing some of his mobility and damage mitigation. This will give Garen players some more room for skill expression and help him compete with his foes in lane.

  • Decisive Strike

    • Movement speed: 30% → 35%
  • Courage

    • First second damage reduction: 60% → 70%


The golden boy of Piltover has always had lots of tools at his disposal, however his heavy hammer was sometimes holding him back, so we’re reducing its cooldown. We’re also making some adjustments to Jayce’s controls for this patch. The timing on Jayce’s Shock Blast and Acceleration Gate combo can be a bit too strict for both new and experienced players, so we’re improving it’s usability for players looking to become The Defender of Tomorrow.


    • While Acceleration Gate is off cooldown, double tapping Shock Blast will cause Jayce to cast Acceleration Gate in front of himself, empowering the shot.

    • Cooldown: 6s → 5s


Compared to other marksmen in the Dragon Lane, Jinx is struggling to keep up and stand out. So we’re giving her some updates to help bring her more in line with her peers.

  • Zap!

    • Wind up before casting: Decreases with ability levels → Decreases with attack speed (fastest when the attack speed bonus reaches 140%)
  • Flame Chompers!

    • Cooldown: 19/16/13/10s → 16/14/12/10s
    • Root duration: 1.3/1.45/1.6/1.75s → 1.45/1.55/1.65/1.75s


Players have chosen to take the red pill, and recently Rhaast has been terrorizing the Rift, while his Shadow Assassin form is nowhere to be seen. So we’re re-balancing both of these forms, and making the Shadow Assassin a little more scary to face.

  • Base Stats

    • Darkin healing ratio: 21~35% → 18~32%
    • Shadow Assassin's extra magic damage ratio: 32~46% → 38~52%
    • Adjustments to Shadow Assassin’s passive: Reset cooldown upon entering fights → Reset cooldown upon taking damage from champions

    • Base damage: 150/250/350 → 200/300/400


Recently we’ve added attack speed scaling for some of our other marksmen, so we want to bring the same to Lucian’s first ability!


    • Wind up before casting: Decreases as champion level goes up → Decreases as attack speed increases (fastest when the bonus attack speed reaches 140%)


We’re giving this bounty hunter a bit of a mini rework this patch. We want to allow him the flexibility to be played in Mid Lane and the jungle, so we’re increasing the damage he does to monsters and adjusting how his ultimate works.


    • Deals 25% damage to minions and monsters → Deals 100% damage to minions, 110% damage to monsters

    • Deals 25% damage to minions, 25% damage to monsters → Deals 80% damage to minions, 110% damage to monsters

    • [NEW]: Pyke earns 110% additional gold every time he executes an enemy. If there is an assist from a teammate, the last assisting teammate will get 100% of the additional gold, and Pyke will get 110% of the additional gold (maximum 550); every time an enemy Champion is defeated by a teammate in the area with a X, Pyke can get 110% the additional gold (capped at 550).


When Renekton is up against opponents with extra speed or movement abilities, he struggles. So we’re improving some of his own mobility so he can keep up with his foes.


    • Cooldown: 17/16/15/14s → 15/14/13/12s


Seraphine’s second ability, Surround Sound hasn’t sparkled as much as we think it could. So, we’re changing how it works and making it a stack. We hope this change helps Seraphine reach an octave higher.


    • The value of the 2nd shield for the ability enhancement is now stacking instead of refreshing


Due to all of the crowd control in Sion’s kit, he’s able to play a major role in teamfights for his team, however, he struggles to lane against some of his peers in the Baron Lane. So, we’re shifting some of the power away from his crowd control, and into some of his damage in the earlier stages of the game so he can take more duels against his foes in lane.


    • Maximum charge base damage: 65/155/245/335 → 80/165/250/335
    • Stun duration: 1.25~2.25s → 1~2s

    • Base shield: 60/90/120/150 → 75/100/125/150

    • Stun duration: 0.75~1.75s → 0.5~1.5s


The queen of bananas has been performing well in some ranks, but is still struggling in higher levels of play. To help Soraka players go toe to toe with some of the other supports, we’re giving her heals a little extra oomf.

  • Starcall

    • Total healing from Rejuvenation: 60/80/100/120 + 35% Ability Power → 60/90/120/150 + 45% Ability Power
  • Astral Infusion

    • Healing amount: 90/130/170/210 + 70% Ability Power → 70/110/150/190 + 70% Ability Power


The Barbarian King hasn’t made an appearance in the Baron Lane for a while now. We’re giving him a few buffs to keep him from being strong-armed by his opponents and falling behind in the earlier and later stages of the game.

  • Base Stats

    • Attack speed growth: 2.2% → 1.2%
  • Base Stats

    • Attack speed: 45/50/55/60% → 55/60/65/70%
  • Mocking Shout

    • Duration: 2.5s → 3s
    • Attack speed: 25/30/35/40% → 35%
    • Movement speed: 20/30/40/50% → 15/20/25/30%


Despite our recent adjustments, Varus is still struggling compared to his peers. We’re giving him another set of buffs that will hopefully show off some of his explosive power.

  • Blighted Quiver

    • Maximum health damage per stack of Blight: 3.5/4/4.5/5% → 4.5/5/5.5/6%
  • Chain of Corruption

    • Damage: 150/200/250 + 80% Ability Power → 150/250/350 + 100% Ability Power


Recently, Warwick has been spending his time lurking in the jungle, waiting for his prey to come to him, rather than trying to hunt them down. So, we’re making his fangs a little sharper so that he can have an easier time facing his foes head on outside of the jungle.


    • [NEW]: Deals 50% extra damage to minions and restores 50% of cooldown when killing minions
    • Mana cost: 50/60/70/80 → 40/45/50/55
    • Maximum damage to monsters: 125/150/175/200 → 100/125/150/175

    • Move speed: 45/50/55/60% → 40/45/50/55%
    • Attack speed: 70/80/90/100% → 60/70/80/90%

    • [REWORKED] The second cast will no longer prematurely end the damage reduction effect.




Sometimes, committing with your team and dying for the cause is the right thing to do as a tank. However, we think there’s some room to add a tank item that makes it a bit easier to maneuver and escape from tricky low-health situations. Mantle of the Twelfth Hour grants a burst of healing, movement speed, and slow resistance when your health gets low to give tanks a fighting chance at escaping or running down one more kill.

Build path:

  • Chain Vest (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 1100g
    • Total cost: 2900g


  • Armor: 50
  • Magic resistance: 50


  • Lifeline: If taking damage that would lower maximum health below 35%, will heal 200 + 50% of health over 3 seconds. Also gain 50% of slow, slow resistance and 30 movement speed ​​for 3 seconds. (90 seconds cooldown)


Currently, tanks that are able to find a lead in their games don’t really have the options in the shop to help them try to make a big impact on the game. Mages are able to pick up items like Rabadon’s Deathcap or Void Staff and Marksmen are able to buy Infinity Edge or Lord Dominik’s Regards. Amaranth Twinguard is a capstone item for tanks that allows them to multiply their effectiveness during combat as long as they can stick it out long enough to get the benefits of Endurance.

Build path:

  • Chain Vest (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 1400g
    • Total cost: 3200g


  • Armor: 55
  • Magic Resistance: 55


  • Endurance: While in combat with enemy champions, gain a stack of Endurance each second. When you reach 5 stacks of Endurance, gain size, 20% tenacity, and increase your armor and magic resistance by 30% until you leave combat with champions.


Want to clear the jungle faster when playing a tank? If so, Shimmering Spark is the right item for you! It will increase your clear speed and grant you some tankiness! Since Shimmering Spark can be combined with Sunfire Aegis or paired with Searing Crown, it will also grant you a lot of flexibility in your build path.

Build Path:

  • Total cost: 500g


  • Health: 50


  • Immolate: Deal 5 - 10 magic damage to nearby enemies per second.


Since we're adding a new spark to the item shop, Bami’s Cinder is growing even hotter. We’re making it deal more damage, and in return increasing its price.

Build path:

  • Shimmering Spark (500g) + Ruby Crystal (500g) + 300g
    • Total cost: 1300g


  • 1100g → 1300g


  • Magic damage per second: 5 - 10 → 10 - 20


Currently, Sunfire Aegis is the only choice for tanks that want to opt into more aggressive damage against champions. However, it also serves as the only tank item that offers meaningful wave- and jungle-clearing power, which puts it in a space where it’s serving two different niches at the same time. This has always made it hard for it to be good at either thing, which is why we gave it a sibling this patch! So if you want to stick to farming it up, Sunfire should be your pick and it’s even better than before.

Build Path:

  • Bami's Cinder (1300g) + Kindlegem (1000g) + 700g
    • Total cost: 3000g


  • Total gold unchanged


  • Each stack increases sacrifice damage by 8% → 7%
  • The effect of stacking 6 layers: Basic attack causes sacrifice damage → Basic attack causes 50% sacrifice damage
  • Damage factor to jungle monsters: 115% → 130%
  • Damage factor to minions: 115% → 175 - 250%


As we mentioned, this patch we’re giving Sunfire a sibling, Searing Crown! If you want to burn your foes to a crisp and focus on dealing damage to other champions, rather than minions, Searing Crown should be your new go-to!

Build path:

  • Bami's Cinder (1300g) + Chain Vest (900g) + 500g
    • Total cost: 2700g


  • Health: 300
  • Armor: 50


  • Fiery Touch: When the basic attack or skill deals damage, it burns the target for 3 seconds, causing magic damage equal to 1.6% of the target's maximum HP per second (when used by a ranged Champion, the damage is reduced to 0.8%).
    • Deals 150% damage to minions and monsters. Deals up to 125 damage to Jungle monsters.


The growth rate of Bramble Vest is a bit too high. We have balanced its value in the early and late stages, making it more in line with the positioning of a second-level item, and encouraging it to upgrade to Thornmail as soon as possible.

  • Total cost: 3000g → 2700g
  • Stats: 200 Health → 100 Health
  • Passive Thorns damage: 3 + 8% Bonus armor → 4 + 6% Bonus armor


As a targeted Grievous Wounds item, the Thornmail is too expensive. We lowered its price, and made its anti-injury ability more universal, so that tanks don't need to worry about too many other factors when choosing it as a means of Grievous Wounds.

  • Total cost: 3000g → 2700g
  • Stats: 200 Health → 100 Health
  • Passive Thorns damage: 25 + 10% Bonus armor → 20 + 1% Bonus health + 6% Bonus armor


We’re making a small adjustment to Force of Nature this patch so that tanks can absorb more magic damage during continuous teamfights.

  • [REMOVED] Current Absorb passive.
  • [NEW] Passive: When receiving skill damage, you can get a 7-second firmness layer, which can be stacked up to 6 times; dealing damage to champions can refresh the duration of the layer. At 6 stacks, gain 10% movement speed and reduce all magic damage taken by 25%.


We’re removing the generic magic damage amplification passive on Abyssal Mask in favor of a new passive that will allow it to store a percentage of magic damage taken, which can then be released as an explosion upon enemies when you immobilize a target. Boom!

  • [REMOVED] Damage passive
  • [NEW] Passive: When you take magic damage, gain 20% of the damage taken as remaining charges for 5 seconds. When you root an enemy Champion, consume your remaining charges to cause a 400 yard explosion near the first rooted target, dealing magic damage which is equal to the remaining charge.


We’re making a few adjustments to Relic Shield to lend supports a hand. We know right now it can sometimes be hard to get an execute off on a minion, especially when the enemy marksmen keeps poking you, so we’re adjusting the threshold for when a minion is executed. We’re also making a few other quality of life updates for the item.


  • Melee/Range execution minion bloodline: 50%/30% → 75%/75%
  • [REMOVED] Destroy minions to provide 120% gold for yourself, and 100% gold for the nearest allied champion.
  • [NEW] Destroy minions to provide kill gold to the nearest ally champion, you get 50% kill gold, and get an extra 75 gold (included in the mission).
  • [NEW] When charged and with teammates around, when the minion's health reaches the execution threshold line, the minion’s health bar will turn yellow to remind players.
  • Charge cooldown: 20s → 30s


Once the mid game hits, it can be hard to get off charges, so we’re making some adjustments so Spectral Sickle feels good, even after the earlier stages of the game.

  • Charge cooldown: 10s → 15s
  • Gold: 25g → 40g



We’ve made some adjustments to inhibitors respawning and the countdown visual effects. Inhibitors will now no longer respawn after the 19 minute mark.


We realized that the time in which each jungle monster is able to be attacked can have a difference of up to 2 seconds. If players choose a monster that is slow to spawn, then they can lose their early jungle farming advantage. So, we’re making some adjustments to how the spawns work.

  • Shortened the difference between when jungle monsters first spawn and is able to be attacked.



High Noon Urgot

Releasing March 16 @ 00:01 UTC


Dawnbringer Karma

Releasing March 23 @ 00:01 UTC


Dawnbringer Yone

Releasing March 23 @ 00:01 UTC


Nightbringer Lillia

Releasing March 23 @ 00:01 UTC




You can earn or purchase accessories from a bunch of different sources. Please check the relevant page in game for more information on how to get ‘em!

Icons: Flaming Justice; Darkest Night to Dawn's Light; Rising Flames

Baubles: V for Victory; Blep; Destiny Bringer 

Emotes: Enticing; Wipe Those Tears Away; Politely...No.; Vi I oughta!

Icon Border: Burning Judgement; The Crimson Fist

Profile Border: Crimson Duty; Radiant Valor

Rift Emblems: Heroic Ensign 

Homeguard Trail: Trailblazer 

Custom Recalls: Diurnal Flight; Superhero away!; Flames of Justice

All accessories will be released throughout the patch


Mar 16 - Mar 22: Draven, Graves, Leona, Rengar, Sion, Tryndamere, Yuumi, Zed, Zeri, Zoe

Mar 23 - Mar 29: Alistar, Amumu, Brand, Caitlyn, Darius, Gragas, Morgana, Pantheon, Samira, Veigar