Wild Rift

An Icy Foe Appears

May 20, 2023

Feel that chill? A cold snap will be coming to the Rift when Ice Dragon makes their appearance at the start of Patch 4.2! Learn more about this frigid beast from our design team before it arrives!

Hey everyone, sorry for giving you the cold shoulder, but we’re back to talk to you about some frosty changes coming to the Rift! That's right, we’re talking about Ice Dragon, Wild Rift’s first unique dragon and our fourth sky terror overall!


So what exactly does this icy beast do? Well, upon slaying this dragon, your team gains ability haste stacking with each dragon you’ve taken down. And let's be honest, who doesn’t like casting their abilities more often?


Like the dragons before it, the Ice Dragon has a chance to spawn in the dragon pit, until the Elder Dragon takes over. However, the same rules still apply, so no more than three dragons can spawn before the Elder Dragon enters the arena.

This means that with the addition of a fourth dragon you won’t be able to see each dragon during the span of a match, no matter how quickly you bring them down. This will add a touch more variance in power when teams are slaying multiple dragons back to back.


With the new Ice Dragon comes some slippery new terrain, but beware, it can be hazardous to anyone ill equipped to brave the storm.


The cold weather has caused ice to freeze alongside key walls, creating icy paths which will increase your movement speed as you skate along them. Use these to move quickly through the jungle or outmaneuver your opponents in your next skirmish.


Some plants just do better in colder climates, and one such plant is the Cryoblossom. This new plant finds the harsh environment to its liking, so you'll only find it when the temperature drops below freezing. The Cryoblossom will also bring a new effect to plants on the Rift: Once you hit it, it will release a chilling projectile, briefly freezing the first enemy unit it touches. Aiming it will work kind of like how you throw a snowball in ARAM, so all those snowball fights and ARAM hours might come in handy.

It's important to remember that this only freezes enemies, so you don’t need to worry about hitting an ally who just entered a fight. This plant is perfect to use if you want to catch fleeing opponents, set up a gank, or just leave someone in a cold snap!


We hope this helps our friends in the Northern Hemisphere have a chill, but exciting, summer. And serves as a nice winter kick off for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. We’re excited to hear your feedback, and see your sweet Cryoblossom snipes. We’re constantly working on exciting new features for the future that we can’t wait to share. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!