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Wild Rift News February

Feb 18, 2023

Learn some quick tips on how to electrify the Rift with Zeri from Riot Zhanos in this month's Wild Rift News!

Welcome to Wild Rift News February! We hope you enjoyed making tasty dishes with our Mythmakers and spending some time with family and friends!

This month is a little light on the news as we’re preparing for Patch 4.1, which is sneaking right up on us… We’ll be back in March with a rundown of the new patch and also have some updates from our dev team on some of the cool stuff they are working on bringing you this year!


With Zeri hitting the Rift this month, one of the designers that work on her, Simon “Riot Zhanos” LeBlanc Bastien wanted to share some quick tips to help you become a pro at this new carry in lighting speed! 

Hey everyone, Riot Zhanos here! Zeri is our latest marksman that’s ready to zip right into the Dragon Lane! If you’re looking to run around a fight with lightning speed, and skillfully take shots at your foes from afar, Zeri’s the way to go! You’ll be able to stay safe, and keep enemies at bay with her electrifying kit! 

Zeri fully charges up in the late game, when she’s obtained a few items and her stats have helped her scale. She excels at zipping around tanks and applying constant pressure on the enemy team. With her movement she can glide around them while they try to land a hit. She's on the weaker side in the earlier stages of the game, so she’ll need a little help from her allies to scale up. Early jungle ganks and Supports who can help her engage or get that early pick can really set her up for success! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out

Ability Tips:

  • (1) Living Battery
    • When facing enemies that have shields, try to target them first to grant yourself a shield and a small movement speed boost!
  • (2) Ultrashock Laser
    • Try to aim your Ultrashock Lasers through walls to increase their area and catch opponents with the element of surprise!
  • (3) Spark Surge
    • Spark Surge can cover very large distances when aimed at the right angles, make sure that you try.
  • (4) Lightning Crash
    • Lightning Crash grants stacks that make Zeri more powerful the more she lands blows on enemy champions, but its duration is limited. Make sure you go for a takedown to keep the buff and the stacks going!

Recommended Items:

  • Stormrazor
    • Stormrazor's energized procs allow you to slow down the targets you’re aiming at, making them easier targets for your follow up attacks.
  • Infinity Edge
    • Zeri enjoys doing a lot of damage, and empowering your critical strikes is a surefire way to achieve that.
  • Trinity Force
    • If you’re looking to do tons of damage, this might not be the best option for you, but it’ll grant you a variety of stats to help be a rounded marksman.


Starting on March 16 00:01 UTC, Wild Rift will no longer be available through the Galaxy Store. 

This change will take place in Patch 4.1, but you can re-download now to make sure your experience isn’t interrupted. All your progress is saved to your account, so just log in on the new app to continue as usual.



These creators are electrifying the Rift! Learn about Zeri, watch them play through the PROJECT: Surge event this month, or watch their early season Ranked climbs!



VEX 190


Are we obsessed with Mythmaker Seraphine? Yes, but can you blame us? Do you think Mythmaker Seraphine and Zoe would be friends? Regardless, this fanart of them is so cute! We also loved seeing your creations of PROJECT Zeri!


To help you really immerse yourself in the dystopian world of the future, enjoy these PROJECT paintovers!

As a note, this is the last time the paintovers will be directly in Wild Rift News. Starting in March we will be dedicating a separate article and then link them out here!

02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTZERI.png 02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTLucian.png
02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTRenekton.png 02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTMasterYi.png
02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTVayne.png 02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTKatarina.png
02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTVi.png 02172023_WRNewsFebArticle_PROJECTAkali.png

We can’t wait to see you electrify the Rift with Zeri and the PROJECT: Surge event! We’ll see ya on the Rift!