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Wild Rift News December

Dec 14, 2022

Before Lillia prances onto the Rift, join Riot RogueFool to learn some tips, tricks, and why she’s worth fawning over!

Get ready to paint this edition of Wild Rift News red… sorry we couldn’t help ourselves. But since Lillia is arriving this month, we’ve got another Quick Cuts with Riot Roguefool from the Champions Team to help you make those million buck plays. And, of course, spotlighting you all! So without further adoe, let’s prance into this edition of Wild Rift News!


Hi again everyone, it’s Mike “RogueFool” Breese from the Champions Team! During Patch 3.5b Lillia will be stumbling onto the Rift! This bashful doe first came out on League PC in July of 2020, and since she’s a newer champion that felt pretty good on mobile controls we didn’t have to do too much tweaking and tuning to her. If this is your first time hearing about Lillia or you just want to grow fawn’der of her, check out her Champion Insights to learn more about her lore and development on PC!

Alright so now you’re a Lillia fan, maybe you’re a bit bashful, have a spring in your step and a desire to wake up others with a splitting headache, and now you’re looking to lay the foundation for great Lillia play.

Lillia is an Ability Power jungler, who can also be flexed into the Baron Lane. If your team is loaded up on Physical Damage and you’re looking to balance things out with a bit of magic, Lillia is a great pick! She brings plenty of mobility, a great scouting tool with her third ability, Swirlseed, and a (potentially) teamwide Sleep effect with her ultimate, Lilting Lullaby.

Lillia is strongest in the late game because her damage scales with high amounts of ability power—and her enemies' max health—making her great at dancing around tanks and smashing squishies like a bug. Her lack of crowd control in the early game means she needs allies to set up ganks while she prances in and out to deal damage. Once she has her ultimate, though, all bets are off, because she can turn the tables with her crowd control and make her foes catch some zzz’s.

After lots of games in our internal playtests (I was the best Lillia, but don’t tell anyone), I’ve got some tips and tricks to share with you to help you land those five person sleeps and bounce around the edge of the battle.

Ability Tips:

  • (1) Blooming Blows
    • When playing Lillia, try to hit with the outer edge of Blooming Blows (1), this will cause it to deal bonus True Damage!
  • (2) Watch Out! Eep!
    • It can be difficult to hit with the center of this ability, but if you can pull it off (with the help of allies or crowd control) your enemies will really need to watch out, because you’ll deal 200% damage.
  • (3) Swirlseed
    • Swirlseed is a powerful scouting tool that can be thrown over walls or used to mark enemy champions from a far for a long ranged Lilting Lullaby.
  • (4) Lilting Lullaby
    • Try to hit as many champions with abilities as possible, the more enemy champions affected by Dream-Laden Dough (P) the more targets you’ll be able to tuck into bed and put to sleep when you cast this ability.

Recommended Items:

  • Rod of Ages
    • Lillia needs some mana in the early game, and cares most about scaling into the later stages of the game. Rod of Ages lets her double down on this with some much needed durability.
  • Liandry’s Torment
    • Lillia loves skirting the edge of fights, and dealing damage over time. Her passive applies Liandry’s passive to keep the pain coming.
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
    • Watch Out! EEP! (2), has a sweet spot in the center of it’s circle. This can be difficult to land against an opponent who is ready to dodge. Rylai’s will slow down enemies, making it a bit easier to bop them on the head.
  • Cosmic Drive
    • Cosmic Drive’s high Ability Haste and burst of Movement Speed seem tailormade for a champion who wants to repeatedly land her abilities and survives by moving on the outskirts of the fight. This item is recommended if you are looking to supercharge what Lillia does.

I hope these tips help you as you prance into the jungle as Lillia. Send us any of those five-person nap times you may land and any of your Lillia fan art, we love seeing your hype plays and creations. See ya on the Rift!



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Whether you're visiting the spirit realm and making new friends, or bringing color to the Rift with your show stopping plays, there’s something for everyone this patch. We hope you enjoy the paintovers for the content in Patch 3.5 and can’t wait to see how you use them!

We hope you have fun making friends in the spirit realm and launching poros for some fun rewards. And we’ll be back here in a zap for Wild Rift News January.