Wild Rift

Join the Journey to Icons with Wild Rift Reactions & Road To Icons

Jun 3, 2022

Wild Rift Esports introduces video content to get you hyped for Icons 2022

Wild Rift Esports introduces two new video content series to get fans hyped for the journey to Icons! Watch reactions to expert plays and learn about the pros who will be bringing the best in mobile esports gameplay to Icons 2022!

Wild Rift Reactions

Watch your favorite League of Legends: Wild Rift content creators react to the unique and skillful plays executed by the pros this season! This three part series features creators such as HellsDevil, Fudge IWDominate, and more!

Episodes & Air Dates


    Road to Icons

    Meet the teams and pros headed to Icons! The Road to Icons series includes eight episodes of action packed gameplay, showcasing the top-tier skills each team will unleash during the tournament!

    Episodes & Air Dates


    Watch Wild Rift Reactions and Road to Icons on the Wild Rift Esports Youtube channel and be sure to follow @wildriftesports for the latest updates on Icons!