VCT Game Changers EMEA Stage 1 Recap: Yet Another Trophy for G2 Gozen

May 25, 2023

G2 Gozen is an unstoppable force. With a staggering four Game Changers EMEA trophies now under their belt, is there anyone that can challenge them as the best women’s VALORANT team in the world? In fairness, this time the race was tighter than ever before, and our reigning champions almost met their match. Wondering who dared to try and take their crown? Here’s our recap of all of the VCT Game Changers EMEA Stage 1 action.

G2 Gozen take the trophy, but this time it wasn’t easy

G2 Gozen have fast cemented themselves as the team to beat, even following roster changes coming into 2023. With new player Vivian ‘roxi’ Schilling making her Gozen debut at the tournament, all eyes were on her and the squad to show up and shut down, just as they have done during previous competitions.

Coming out of groups Gozen was second-place to newfound rivals BBL Queens, who handed the squad their only loss in the group stage. The queens looked set to take the throne, but Gozen wasn’t planning on letting that happen. Breezing past Guild X and Acend Rising in the upper bracket, they went head-to-head with BBL Queens once more. Yet again, the Turkish squad proved too much, dropping Gozen into the lower bracket to face off against Acend for a second time.

Delivering another swift 3-0 to Acend, the battle lines were drawn. The finals would be a clash of two Game Changers EMEA titans, and Gozen was out to take down BBL once and for all. “This was one of the hardest BO5's that I've ever played,” roxi tells us, and boy, was it quite the show. Gozen took the first two maps, Pearl and Ascent, but dropped Lotus and Split. With the series set to go to the very end, Fracture became the concluding battleground.

Back and forth, then back and forth again - BBL tested Gozen to its limits. Ultimately, the map ended 13-9 - a testament to BBL’s prowess and Gozen’s hard work. “The grind never stops, you're not allowed to slack, and you have to work hard for everything,” roxi reminds us, and Gozen certainly proved that hard work pays off!

VCT Game Changers EMEA Stage 1: Final placements

Below are the final standings for VCT Game Changers Stage 1, with all of the teams except FOKUS Sakura and Falcons Vega set to progress to Stage 2. The latter two teams will join Contenders Stage 2.




G2 Gozen


BBL Queens


Acend Rising


Guild X



Karmine Corp GC


Rebels Velvet

Ninjas in Pyjamas Lightning



Case Hydra



KPI Shine


NAVI Celestials

GeeKay Esports Cherry


FOKUS Sakura

Falcons Vega

With Stage 2 on the horizon and an intense new rivalry burning from the embers of Stage 1, we can’t wait to see if Gozen’s winning streak continues, or if BBL will get their revenge.

VCT Game Changers EMEA Stage 1: Vods

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