Announcing the VCT23 Game Changers Championship

Mar 17, 2023

Bold Ambitions for a Growing Community

The inaugural Game Changers Championship, which took place in Berlin last year, broke multiple records, created new heroes, and inspired a new generation of talent to chase their competitive dreams. The reception and enthusiasm from the entire VALORANT community continues to fuel our ambitions for the Game Changers program. Our goals? We want Game Changers to become the stepping stone that pushes more women to compete within the International and Challenger Leagues.

Last year’s Championship featured top Game Changers teams competing for the chance to earn the title of world champion. When the dust settled, G2 Gozen was the first team to earn the right to raise the Game Changers trophy. Today, we are excited to release “Changing The Game,” an exclusive documentary covering their run and the other storylines from the Game Changers World Championship.

Game Changers Championship Details

The 2023 Game Changers Championship will take place at the esports arena at Riot Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, from Nov 28 to Dec 3! Teams will be able to qualify through their respective regional events with specific information on each region’s qualification paths coming out over the coming weeks.


With Game Changers, we want to make VALORANT the most inclusive community in the world. Game Changers competitions have kicked off around the world, so please make sure to follow the below accounts to find out how you can participate. Information on tickets to attend the 2023 tournament live in Brazil will be shared at a later date.

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