VALORANT Game Changers NA Series 1 presented by Verizon Kicks Off with the Open Qualifiers on April 4

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Mar 17, 2023

NA Game Changers is back with new teams, new rosters and a shot at the championship title, so competition is sure to be fierce. Will the regional favorites of the past continue to dominate or will a new victor emerge?

The VCT Game Changers NA Series I registration period opens on March 17th at 12pm PT and closes on March 23rd at 7am with all teams making a play for the Main Event and a chance to compete against the top teams from around the world.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Game Changers Series 1 tournament.


Each Game Changers series begins with an Open Qualifier. The top eight teams will face off in the Main Event to compete for circuit points and a chance to represent the region at the Game Changers World Championship.

For the Open Qualifier, teams will battle in a GSL Group format to determine the top eight teams that will advance to the Main Event. For the Main Event, the tournament format will shift to a double-elimination bracket with all matches being a Bo3 except the Lower Finals and Grand Finals being a Bo5.

There will be a total of 410 points available for the top 16 placed teams throughout each Game Changer Series. The point distribution will be as follows:

  • 1st Place: 20% or 80 points
  • 2nd Place: 15% or 60 points
  • 3rd Place: 12% or 50 points
  • 4th Place: 10% or 40 points
  • 5th - 6th Place: 7% or 30 points
  • 7th - 8th Place: 5% or 20 points
  • 9th - 16th Place: 2% or 10 points

In addition to a coveted spot at the Game Changers World Championship, teams will compete for a share of the $50,000 prize pool.


This year, we’ve partnered with AnyKey, a non-profit organization that supports diversity, inclusion, and equity in esports and gaming, to help establish and improve best practices, rules, and guidelines for player eligibility and verification.

Through feedback provided by the community, AnyKey has created an updated verification process aimed toward supporting the inclusion for women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans players, while maintaining the competitive integrity of the Game Changers tournament space.

All competitors will be processed through AnyKey’s verification system before participating in VCT NA Game Changers events, regardless of their past verification status.

To verify your team and players, please complete the verification intake form at


To ensure top tier regional competition and elite play, the rank requirement to participate in 2023 Game Changers competition has been raised from Platinum to Ascendant.

To register your team for the Game Changers Series I Open Qualifiers, visit the Knights registrations page at and join the KnightsArena’s VCT Game Changers Discord.


VALORANT NA will provide official broadcast streams for the VCT Game Changers NA Series 1 matches. Matches will be played simultaneously during the Main Event, and we’ll use an ALT stream to make sure you can watch each one.

Catch all the action on:

VCT Game Changers Series 1 Main: or

VCT Game Changers Series 1 ALT:

VCT Game Changers Series 1 ALT 2:

VCT Game Changers Series 1 ALT 3:


Anyone who wishes to host a Watch Party must read and agree to our VCT Watch Party Guidelines and comply with the following steps in order to gain permission to co-stream the event:

If you’re broadcasting from North America, sign up to host a Watch Party HERE. All NA Watch Parties must comply with the Watch Party Guidelines. If you can do both, you’re clear to kick off your Watch Party come game day.

If you’re broadcasting from anywhere else in the world, apply to host an International Watch Party HERE. Then, keep an eye on your email. Please allow a few days for review. If your application is approved you’ll receive a message granting permission.


Verizon VCT Game Changers Series 1 Open Qualifier

Day 1: Tuesday, April 4

  • [~2pm PT - ~5pm PT ] Game 1 & Game 2
  • [~5pm PT - ~8pm PT] Winners Bracket & Losers Bracket

Day 2: Wednesday, April 5

  • [~2pm PT - ~5pm PT ] Tiebreakers
  • [~5pm PT - ~8pm PT] Game 1 & Game 2

Day 3: Thursday, April 6

  • [~2pm PT - ~5pm PT ] Winners Bracket & Losers Bracket
  • [~5pm PT - ~8pm PT] Tiebreakers

Verizon VCT Game Changers Series 1 Main Event

Day 1: Friday, April 7

  • [2pm PT] Round 1: Upper Match 1-4
  • [~4pm PT] Round 2: Upper Match 1 & 2
  • [~4pm PT] Round 1: Lower Match 1 & 2

Day 2: Tuesday, April 11

  • [2pm PT] Round 2: Lower Match 1
  • [~4pm PT] Round 2: Lower Match 2

Day 3: Wednesday, April 12

  • [2pm PT] Round 3: Lower Match 1
  • [~4pm PT] Upper Finals

Day 4: Thursday, April 13

  • [2pm PT] Lower Finals

Day 5: Friday, April 14

  • [2pm PT] Grand Finals


Verizon is the official 5G and wireless services provider of the VCT. In addition to top-shelf video content and sponsored broadcast segments, Verizon ups our game through the Verizon Up rewards program, which features discounted in-game digital goods for the community to enjoy.

Red Bull is the official energy drink of VCT, presenting the Red Bull “Clutch Moment” during every match. Red Bull is also helping prepare the next generation of VALORANT pros by hosting community VALORANT tournaments, spotlighting the incredible grassroots talent of the scene.

Aim Labs is the official training partner of VCT, helping develop existing VALORANT pros and players trying to break into the professional scene with a variety of innovative training programs and custom insights.

Secretlab provides VCT pros with the pinnacle of gaming chairs — each designed and engineered using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure absolute comfort and unparalleled support.