Red Bull Home Ground 2022 Recap: 100 Thieves reign supreme

Dec 12, 2022

VALORANT Red Bull Home Ground 2022 Recap: 100 Thieves reign supreme

Having started as a fun and innovative twist on the VALORANT esports format, Red Bull Home Ground has blossomed into a staple of the OFF//SEASON circuit, this year including North American representatives for the first time.

Home Ground’s unique take on the conventional groups and playoffs format is that teams each pick a ‘home ground’, typically their strongest map. These are played first, and if a team wins both their pick and their opponents, they win the best of five. If not, then the best of five continues.

Held amid the snow in Manchester, UK, NA’s 100 Thieves walked away from the tournament as the victors, beating out rival squad Cloud 9 to take the victory. With a new and improved roster, the squad popped heads and took games in style, closing with a bang - literally.

Red Bull Home Ground 2022: Final placements




100 Thieves


Cloud 9


KRÜ Esports

Team Vitality


Team Heretics

Team Liquid



FUT Esports

100 Thieves steal away the prize from EMEA’s finest

Despite historically having been an EMEA-centric tournament, this did nothing to dissuade 100 Thieves from bulldozing their way to victory. Topping their group without dropping a game, the North American titans went on to knock out French representatives Team Vitality in the semifinals and breezed their way into the grand finals.

Their eventual opposition, Cloud 9, escaped from the group stage with two victories, meeting Turkish team KRÜ in the semifinals. A swift 2-0 across Bind and Haven sent them into the finals, where 100 Thieves lay in wait.

Both teams have a storied rivalry, and the Home Ground format threw a canister of gasoline over an already blazing fire. Unfortunately for Cloud 9, 100 Thieves proved to be an unstoppable inferno, sweeping them aside 3-0 to take home the trophy. While the first two maps of Bind and Fracture were hard-fought, Cloud 9’s fate was sealed on Icebox, where they only managed to take three rounds from their opponents. 

100 Thieves looks poised to be a real threat coming into next year, and whilst we wait with bated breath and crosshairs placed for 2023 to begin, make sure to hit the training range and follow the VALORANT esports social channels to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Red Bull Home Ground 2022: Vods
If you missed out on any of the Home Ground action, you can check out vods of the event on!