G-Loot Recap: New-Look NAVI Come Out on Top!

Nov 28, 2022

This weekend saw 16 teams face off in the G-Loot Clash, our second OFF//SEASON tournament. 5 of EMEA’s 2023 International League teams took part - Giants, BBL Esports, FUT Esports, NAVI, and Team Vitality, but just one of these made the final, and took the trophy at the end.

G-Loot Superdome: Final placements




Natus Vincere


Parla Esports


Team Vitality


BBL Esports
Fire Flux Esports
KPI Gaming


FUT Esports
Team HZ
Galatasaray Esports
The Barbers

Natus Vincere vs Parla Esports: New name, same game

Dropping just one map on their way to the finals, NAVI truly steamrolled their way to the finals. NAVI brushed past The Barbers 2-0 before facing Fire Flux Esports in the quarterfinals, and were forced to reverse sweep the Turkish organisation after losing out on Haven. The firepower of Mehmet “cNed” İpek and Pontus ‘Zyppan’ Eek brought it over the line, taking them to the semifinals where Team Vitality stood in wait. 

NAVI managed to take the series 2-0, winning out on both Pearl and Breeze, with cNed shining in particular with his picks of Jett and Chamber. With 309 ACS, he showed why he’s one of the most lethal players to be facing.

With a surprise victory against Giants, Parla Esports booked a spot in the finals alongside NAVI, and they came out of the gates swinging, taking the first map of Haven. NAVI dominated on the following two maps, only dropping 9 rounds across both Pearl and Ascent. Fourth map Icebox saw a back and forth which saw Parla edge out 13-11. At 2-2, it all came down to Breeze, and NAVI put things to bed once and for all, winning 13-7. cNed yet again shined, the latest addition having a superb first tournament with his new teammates!

G-Loot Clash: Vods

If you missed out on any of the finals action, you can check out vods of the event on!