VRL Finals Recap: Türkiye emerges victorious

Aug 9, 2022

The VRL Finals were unpredictable, characterized by upsets.If you missed any of the action or, alternatively, want to relive it all, here’s our full rundown of the EMEA VRL Finals.

VRL Finals: Final placements




FUT Esports


Team Vitality


Case Esports


Angry Titans




Team Falcons

Türkiye: Birlik is your VALORANT Regional League champions

Emerging from their group 2-0 after taking down MENA’s Team Falcons and DACH’s Angry Titans, FUT were poised to dominate the playoffs. Unfortunately, they were taken down in the upper bracket semi-final by Team Vitality, struggling to find their feet after only managing to take four rounds on the first map, Haven.

In the lower bracket they met Angry Titans once more, who put up more of a fight this time round, but failed to topple the Turkish underdogs. They then took on Case Esports, who were swept aside in a dominant 3-0, propelling FUT into the finals against their newfound rivals, Vitality.

Determined to take the first ever VRL Finals title, Vitality won the first two maps, with the second map, Bind, going deep into overtime. FUT pulled it back on the last three maps, reverse sweeping France’s finest to snatch the crown. 

Piloting a total of four different Agents across the five map series, Doğukan ‘qRaxs’ Balaban proved to be an absolute monster, deleting enemies with ease. Carrying his team to victory, the future looks bright for FUT Esports, and we can’t wait to see where they go next.