Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.8 notes

Apr 18, 2023

Get in the robot, Tactician!

In patch 13.8, a bunch of Little Legends and Chibi Malphite are making their Mech Pilot debut! So don’t be a sniveling schoolchild and pilot the Mech already! Prefer rocks to rocket punches? Well Chibi Malphite will also hit the shop this patch.

In addition to the new cos-mech-tic content, we’ve got a rework for Ox Force and some significant nerfs to Hacker and Lucian reroll comps that have been a bit too popular as of late.

Alright pilots—grab your helmets and buckle up!
Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill

Patch Highlights



Planetary Drill Finisher is online. Mecha Malphite is powered up and ready to rock.


  • Chibi Mecha Malphite (2%, guaranteed on 61st egg/box opened)
  • All other Maximum Mecha Chests will contain a previously released Little Legend including our newest Mecha themed releases for Shisa, Burno, and Squink.
  • Maximum Mecha Chests are available for purchase individually or in bundles until the release of our next set
If you’re caught between a rock and a hard place on whether to pursue Chibi Malphite’s Mythic variant, there’s always his base variant. Pick up Chibi Malphite for 1900 RP via direct purchase alongside his boom, Seismic Shard.


Hairspray, mech suits, and cooking oil—these new Shisas are highly flammable, so keep a fire extinguisher handy while winstreaking. Shisa’s Epic variants are available for direct purchase for 925 RP. Their Legendary variant, Supreme Emperor Shisa, is only available as a drop from Chests.

Check out their variants below: Mech Pilot Shisa (Epic), Space Groove Shisa (Epic), Galactic Destiny Shisa (Epic), Cooking Master Shisa (Epic), Supreme Emperor Shisa (Legendary)
Burno proves that you can teach an old dragon new tricks… like operating a 200-ton Mech suit, or just cooking instant ramen. Burno’s Epic variants are available for direct purchase for 925 RP. Their Legendary variant, Feudal Future Burno, is only available as a drop from Chests.

Check out their variants below: Mech Pilot Burno (Epic), Space Groove Burno (Epic), Cooking Master Burno (Epic), Galactic Victory Burno (Epic), Feudal Future Burno (Legendary)
Whichever Squink controls the galaxy gets to dole out justice—or in Space Groove Squink’s case, pick the playlist. Squink’s Epic variants are available for direct purchase for 925 RP. Their Legendary variant, Takoyaki Squink, is only available as a drop from Chests.

Check out their variants below: Galactic Justice Squink (Epic), Space Groove Squink (Epic), Edge Lord Squink (Epic), Mech Pilot Squink (Epic), Takoyaki Squink (Legendary)
Note on Mecha content: Our new Mythic Arena, Mecha Prime Zero will be released in patch 13.10.


Large, like a Mech that transforms into a planetary drill.


Hacker allows players to throw any unit into the enemy line, which—when used effectively—can single-handedly win the fight. The extra Omnivamp the rider and Hacker champions receive is an added bonus, but with the current power of just the backline access, there’s no reason to grant Omnivamp, too. We’re reducing the Omnivamp significantly at the 3 Hacker breakpoint (the most-used variation of the trait) to provide the backline access, while giving a smaller nerf to the Omnivamp at further trait breakpoints.

Oh, Ox Force. This contentious trait has created frustrating situations where the invulnerability aspect completely counters champions who are reset (LeBlanc, Viego) or damage-over-time (Miss Fortune) dependent. That being said, we wanted to keep the core identity of the trait intact with our rework, so now instead of becoming invulnerable, Ox Force units briefly gain a shield. This should allow them to continue fighting on the edge, while preventing the frustrating WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE?!!! experience. Because these shields provide more (but temporary) health for Ox Force units, we’ve reduced the Armor and MR they receive, since they also amplify the strength of this shield.

Tome of Traits is just too hard to play around after taking a big cashout with Underground by adding even more decision making to one of TFT’s most complex transitions.
  • Hacker Omnivamp: 30/40/50% 10/20/40%
  • Hacker rider Omnivamp: 10/20/30% 0/15/30%
  • Hackers now target the closest enemy, rather than preferring the back row.
  • Heart AP per cast: 4/7/10 4/7/11
  • InfiniTeam Damage & HP per alternate version: 50/60/95% 50/55/85%
  • REWORKED Ox Force: units gain bonus defenses. Once per combat, when they would drop below one HP, they instead shield themselves for 50% of their maximum health for 1.5 seconds.
  • Ox Force Armor & MR: 10/40/90 5/35/75
  • Underground Tome of Traits will no longer drop from Heist 4 or higher.


Lucian reroll has been overperforming, thanks to its efficient use of strong 1-costs. By taking away some damage and making the comp’s favorite frontliner (Blitzcrank) a bit squishier, we’re slowing the comp’s roll without completely compromising either champion individually.

Oh hey Lux, didn’t see you there. Lux has failed to shine for the bulk of the set. As a linchpin unit in Star Guardian verticals, we expect the base damage buff here to help the entire comp out.

Nasus buff means Stacks on Stacks buff…
  • Blitzcrank Static Defenses Damage Reduction: 55/60/65% 50/52/55%
  • Gangplank Armor & MR: 30 35
  • Gangplank Trial By Fire Damage: 230/345/515 240/360/540
  • Lucian Chrono-Barrage Damage: 45/70/105 40/60/90
  • Lux Lucent Singularity Damage: 220/330/500 230/345/520
  • Nasus HP: 650 700
  • Nasus Armor & MR: 40 45
  • Nasus Bonk! AD ratio: 200% 225%


Jinx is a weird unit. Her scaling and Augments allow her itemization to be incredibly situational, and she’s an excellent early-game item holder because of it. But despite her flexibility, her success has been a bit jinxed this set. Hopefully these buffs are enough for the Jinx reroll fans to get excited about.
  • Jinx AD: 50 55
  • Jinx max Mana buff: 20/80 0/65


Last patch we gave Gnar some significant buffs to ensure he can get his first cast off without getting bursted. But with his newfound reliability, the prehistoric youngster is pumping out a bit too much damage.

Last patch we also shuffled Kai'Sa's stats to make her more of an AP carry with meaningful plasma procs at the price of some survivability and base AD. But we went a bit too far, and she’s found success in reroll comps and in comps alongside Lucian.
  • Gnar AD: 65 60
  • Kai’Sa Starcharged Damage: 150/225/375 135/205/335
  • Rammus Sand Slam Stun Duration: 1.25 1.5 sec
  • Shen Stand United duration: 3.5/4/5 sec 4/4/4 sec
  • Shen Stand United Damage Reduction: 45/50/55% 40/45/50%


We’ve been buffing Bel’Veth for a while. She’s a tough carry to play due to her range and reliance on longer fights, but if you can manage to keep her Endless Banquet endless, you will be greatly rewarded!
  • Bel’Veth Endless Banquet bonus Attack Speed per cast: 25% 30%


We’re still doing some balance nudges for our mid-set Augment changes, but this time we’re also trying to give our most underperforming Augments a chance at being rolled for.

Both of Pantheon’s Hero Augments are just too good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Ekko’s Destructive Resonance is tough to use, as it requires you to itemize a melee-AP carry, who no longer has an Attack Speed slow for self-peel (protection). We’re making Ekko’s spell cast even larger when selecting this Augment. It’ll lower a bit of the damage to make the Augment more reliable, without raising the power ceiling too high.
  • Lucian - Enchanted Ammunition AP per auto: 2 1
  • Pantheon - The Best Offense AP: 50 40
  • Pantheon - Chronic Hallucinations Damage Reduction: 70% 60%
  • Renekton - Reign of Anger AS per missing 100 HP: 4% 5%
  • Wukong - Cyclone AP: 10 18
  • Ezreal Rising Spell Force (BUGFIX): Now correctly grants stacks when Parallel is active.
  • Lee Sin - Cleansing Safeguard Missing HP Heal: 10% 15%
  • LeBlanc - Mirror Image Clone HP: 75% 99%
  • Rammus - Amored-dillo Armor: 35 40
  • Shen - Recursion Matrix Base Damage Reduction: 8% 7%
  • Vayne - Spread Shot nearby enemy Damage: 50% 44%
  • Vex - Joy Siphon Ally Healing: 22% 30%
  • Ekko - Destructive Resonance Range: 2 3 Hexes
  • Ekko - Destructive Resonance Damage Amp: 250% 200%
  • Leona - Perfected Solar Flare Mana Reduction & AP: 30 40
  • Urgot - Rising Tide Bonus AS: 40% 50%


It’s another Bel’Veth buff.
  • Scoped Weapons Attack Speed: 10% 12%


Small, like a Chibi sized planetary drill.


With our rework to Ox Force, Ace was changed both to not completely counter the new Ox Force shield (Aces would’ve ignored it completely), and to give it the same behavior as Collector (Ornn Item).
  • Ace now requires dealing damage to execute.


This is a Starfire, not a cease-fire.
  • Kayle Starfire Spellblade cast no longer locks her out of attacking for a brief period.


In a set called Glitched Out!! aren’t bugs considered features? Not these ones:
  • Fixed a bug where Hero Augments were tailored based on your currently active board rather than the previous combat’s board.
  • Gnarly dude: Gnar’s spell will now properly show the crit damage indicator when it critically damages its primary target.
  • Even Gnarlier dude: Gnar’s spell can no longer double crit the primary target if he has a spell crit item.
  • Annie’s ability icon now matches her spell.
  • Time Knife (Shen Hero Augment) damage no longer scales with damage amp.
  • Mistimed: Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Lucian Hero Augment) now awards XP on the correct casts.
  • Too old for middle-school: Reflection (Nilah Hero Augment) can no longer grant Gadgeteen items
  • Fixed bug where Anima Squad Emblem wasn’t giving listed AP
  • Tooltip fixes for Radiant Quicksilver and Zephyr
  • Corrected typo on Riftwalker Crest Augment
  • Tooltip fix to add “magic damage” text to Neeko’s ability
  • Ace Crest can no longer be offered on 2-1 or 3-2.
  • Tankful for this one: Lee Sin now gets tank items from InfiniTeam and Lucky Gloves
  • Rising Spell Force (Ezreal Hero Augment) now correctly grants stacks when Parallel is active.
  • Solo-Queue Yasuo: Fixed an issue with Yasuo’s Steel Tempest targeting
  • Magnets, how do they work: Gadgeteen item, Magnetized Ionic Spark now deals damage correctly