Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.7 Notes

Apr 4, 2023

We may be adjusting over 20 Hero Augments, but you’re the one hero we’d never change.

13.7 is packed with over 20 Hero Augment adjustments meant to ensure each option is both viable and interesting! But don’t overlook the numerous balance adjustments to champions and traits that are sure to lift many comps into competitive viability! One more thing, last week, we shipped a mid-patch update to address the most pressing power imbalances as fast as possible. Due to the limitations of our mid-patch update capabilities, these changes were not ideal as they solved complicated issues with more generalized large nerfs. While much of 13.7 is about refining our Hero Augments, a secondary goal is making sure those necessary nerfs shipped last week are in a healthier place for this patch.
Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill

Patch Highlights



And the low-rollers rejoiced!
  • You are now guaranteed a minimum of 6 full items by 5-1.


Large like the team’s love of Ultimate Ezreal. No, not you, Underground Ezreal.


With all the Hackers in the first week of Glitched Out!! it was no wonder the Carousels were acting strange. While we shipped a nerf moving the trait breakpoints last week, we’re somewhat reverting it, but removing the too easy to splash Hacker 2 so that hopping into the backline will take more commitment.

LaserCorps are super strong early if you are able to get a +1 to the trait breakpoint. So strong that we were forced to temporarily disable the trait’s associated Heart and Soul Augments. By moving "everyone gets a drone" to 4 LaserCorps, we can make the 4 LaserCorps power spike less spiky, but also have it scale into the late game better.

Currently, running Quickdraw with carries like Miss Fortune is generally worse than avoiding the trait altogether. As the fastest carry in the trait—confirmed by the bunny ears—this cannot stand, so we’re giving the trait a large buff that’s sure to make more than just Miss Fortune hoppy.

Sureshot, more like No-shot. Sure, we only buffed it by 1%, but remember that’s 1% every 4 seconds. If my math is correct, that can be a lot of extra AD by the end of a round.
  • Gadgeteen Bonus Damage & Damage Reduction per equipped item: 3/9% 3/10%
  • Hacker breakpoints, and removed the 2 piece. Hacker 3/4/5 are now at 13.6 launch values.
  • Hacker BUGFIX bonus Omnivamp for the rider now properly only heals from attacks and abilities.
  • Infiniteam Alternates HP: 40/55/90% 50/60/95%
  • LaserCorps NEW All units get a drone at 4 LaserCorps.
  • LaserCorps Drone damage 30/50/65/90 27/35/55/80
  • LaserCorps: Non-champions no longer get drones. This includes H4ckerr!m, Zac, and Training Dummies.
  • Parallel Ultimate Ezreal bonus duplicates 1 2
  • Quickdraw bonus projectile damage: 55/120/185% 70/140/220%
  • Renegade Base Damage Increase: 25/40/65% 25/40/70%
  • Renegade additional bonus for last one standing: 20/25/35% 20/30/40%
  • Spellslinger AP: 25/50/80/120 25/45/70/110
  • Sureshot bonus AD every four seconds: 6/11/16/24% 7/12/18/25%


In patch 13.4, six years ago, we removed Gangplank’s cleansing effect. But like most of my personal demons, it somehow came back to haunt us. We’re removing it again, but since Gangplank is in a balanced state right now, we’re giving him some extra compensation damage.

We’re solving for Lux’s unreliable casts by speeding up the spell’s projectile and giving it a bit of damage to boot. Lux reroll should be a thing this patch.
  • Gangplank Trial By Fire Damage: 210/315/475 230/345/515
  • Gangplank Trial By Fire no longer cleanses crowd control effects when casting.
  • Lucian Chrono-Barrage Damage: 50/75/115 45/70/105
  • Lux Lucent Singularity Damage: 200/300/450 220/330/500
  • Lux Lucent Singularity Missile Speed increased 25%


Kai'Sa's stats have been shifted to make her more of an AP carry with meaningful plasma procs at the price of some survivability and base AD.

As a melee AD threat, Gnar’s weakness is getting bursted down before he can make an impact. With an earlier first cast and a bit more defense, he should be able to rage out at least once before finishing puberty… I mean dying.

As with Hacker, the Vex nerf we shipped in the 13.6 mid-week update was a temporary solve. Now, we’re adjusting her to still be a powerful reroll carry, but with significantly less backline access.
  • Kai’Sa HP: 650 600
  • Kai’Sa AD: 35 25
  • Kai’Sa Starcharged Damage: 110/150/240 150/225/375
  • Gnar starting Mana buff: 0/80 20/80
  • Gnar Armor & MR: 45 50
  • Morgana HP: 850 900
  • Morgana Dark Binding Damage: 200/300/495 215/325/535
  • Vex Shadow Surge Damage: 210/315/510 230/345/570
  • Vex Shadow Surge 3rd cast gloom now deals reduced damage to enemies after the first enemy hit
  • Vex Shadow Surge 3rd cast gloom secondary target damage: 210/315/510 150/225/370


Samira was really bad in 13.6. So bad that we gave her a small buff in the mid-patch update, but even that was not enough. The late game board that Samira typically dominates in just wasn’t worth the gold, so in addition to the quality of life Samira changes we have below, we buffed her traits and her best friend forever’s traits. Find out who her bff is in a later section (suspense goes here).

Twisted Fate is just slightly overperforming, but with less backline access this patch, we predict that the deck is stacked in his favor. So, we’re shipping a larger nerf in response.

Since Warwick’s ability counts as six auto-attacks, this made him really good with Runaan’s Hurricane and Titan’s Resolve. By putting this interaction in check, Warwick’s power ceiling should be a bit lower.
  • Bel’Veth HP: 1000 1050
  • Bel’Veth AD: 75 80
  • Garen HP: 1000 1050
  • Garen Mana buff: 100/200 90/180
  • Garen Mecha Justice AD Ratio: 160/160/350% 140/140/325%
  • Garen Mecha Justice Stun duration: 1.75/2/6 2/2.25/6 sec
  • Miss Fortune Bullet Time first bullet Damage: 35/55/150 32/50/150
  • Miss Fortune Bullet Time subsequent bullet Damage: 20/30/100 18/27/100
  • Samira Flair is now uninterruptible.
  • Samira Flair should fizzle less often.
  • Twisted Fate It’s Time to Duel! Blue Card Damage: 60/95/350 55/85/250
  • Twisted Fate It’s Time to Duel! Red Card Damage: 200/300/900 190/285/800
  • Warwick hack&SLASH cast now triggers on attack effects every 2 attacks instead of every attack.


Bringing up the power floor of our 5-costs to make sure they are worthy of the title.

We had a few Ultimate Ezreal buffs here, but after a weekend of testing we felt that they went too far. That being said, Ultimate Ezreal will certainly be in a stronger state with our buffs to Sureshot, Parallel buffs, and his lategame bff, Samira.
  • Fiddlesticks Dark Harvest Damage: 85/130/800 90/135/800
  • Ultimate Ezreal fixed a bug where his spell was wider than intended.
  • Urgot Mana buff: 75/175 80/160


With our mid-set we changed quite a few Hero Augments and added new ones for every new champion. With more than 20 changes below, we’re doing some necessary refinement of our refreshed roster.

Shen’s carry Hero Augment was very hit or miss (but mostly miss) due to not being able to consistently control whose damage he was amplifying. With his new Time Knife Augment, we're letting Shen put out some huge bonks when itemized with armor and paired with 6 Defender.

Vex’s Joy Siphon was way too powerful on release, but to balance team-wide healing, the number would have to be so low it would be barely noticeable. Limiting the healing to two targets means it can actually be a number that isn't sad—despite the name of the Augment.

Garen’s carry Augment is simply our worst performing Augment in the data, so we’re giving a ton more power to Full Power to Sword.
  • Kayle Righteous Range - Bonus AS: 25% 33%
  • Lucian Hyperbolic Time Chamber - 1 XP per 2 casts 2 XP per 3 casts
  • Sylas Kingslayer - Bonus Damage: 35% 30%
  • Annie Pyromania - Tooltip clarity improved
  • Annie Pyromania - Stun duration 1.5 2
  • Jinx Get Excited! - AS Buff Duration: 7 6 sec
  • Lee Sin Cleansing Safeguard - Mana reduction 30 10
  • Lee Sin Cleansing Safeguard - Missing HP heal: 18% 10%
  • Malphite Rock Solid - Armor Bonus: 130% 111%
  • Pyke Your Cut - 1 shop refresh per 2 casts 1 guaranteed shop refresh, plus 1 per 3 casts
  • Sivir Mana Tempering - Starting AD: 15% 20%
  • Yasuo Winds of the Wanderer - Yasuo’s tornado now strikes in a line across the entire board
  • Yasuo Winds of the Wanderer - Yasuo now considers his increased range when determining what position to dash to
  • Gnar Synchronous Plating - Starting Armor & MR: 25 45
  • Jax Relentless Assault - AS Per Stack: 12% 15%
  • Jax Grandmaster’s Training - Base AS: 15% 12%
  • Kai’Sa Multi-Shot - Every 2 attacks every 2 projectiles
  • Kai’Sa Multi-Shot - Now grants 10 AP.
  • Shen Anomolous Amplification has been REWORKED into Time Knife: Gain a Shen. His spell costs 10 less Mana, and after casting his spell, his next 3 attack(s) deal bonus true damage equal to 250% of his Armor
  • Vex Joy Siphon - Heals all allies Heals the 2 lowest health units on your team
  • Vex Joy Siphon - Healing Percent: 11% 22%
  • Aatrox Deathbringer - Bonus Damage: 12% 15%
  • Aatrox Darkin Assimilation - Damage Ignore: 50% 40%
  • Ekko Destructive Resonance - Damage Amp: 220% 250%
  • Garen Full Power to Sword - Mana Reduction: 40 30
  • Garen Full Power to Sword - AD Scaling: 80% 180%
  • Warwick Well Fed - Autos per HP: 2 3
  • Warwick Well Fed - Starting HP: 50 40
  • Fiddlesticks Scarier-crow - NEW: Fiddlesticks’ spell can critically strike
  • Syndra Not in Vain starting Mana: 30 40
  • Syndra Not in Vain AS on Death: 40% 50%
  • Urgot Rising Tide AS: 30% 40%


The Ace Augments haven't been good for a while, especially early, when they’re incredibly difficult to activate. Now, both of these Augments will only show on 4-2, when they’re easier to run. We’ve also reworked the Prismatic version to be much easier to play… It literally gives you 4 Ace.

With the adjustments made to LaserCorps earlier in these notes, we can bring back the trait-linked Augments without them being too game warping early on.
  • Ace Crest now only given at 4-2
  • Ace Crest grants 2 gold Grants a Draven
  • Ace Crown has been replaced with Ace in the Hole
  • NEW Ace in the Hole: Only given on 4-2. Gain an Ace Emblem, a Draven, a Miss Fortune, and a Samira.
  • Built Different III HP: 270/380/490/600 250/365/480/600
  • Built Different III AS: 50/60/70/80 45/55/70/80
  • Hacker Heart Grants 2 Gold Grants a Pyke
  • LaserCorps Crest and Soul Augments have been re-enabled
  • Late Game Specialist Gold: 40 > 44
  • March of Progress Initial XP 4 2
  • Riftwalker Crest Grants a Pyke Grants 2 gold
  • Riftwalker Crown Zz’Rot Portal Sparring Gloves
  • Star Guardian Crown Chalice of Power Tear Of The Goddess


Small like our love for Underground Ezreal.


I just imagine the Underground crew using a big magnet to rob banks now.
  • Prankster Healing: 150/150/250 150/150/350
  • Riftwalker: The maximum number of star levels that contribute to Zac is now 9
  • Underground Gold from cashouts now auto-collects


Ribbit a tid bit more.
  • Neeko Hop Blossom Frog Damage: 75/110/200 75/110/300
  • Neeko Hop Blossom Big Frog Damage: 145/220/600 150/225/700


This forecaster just got more accurate.
  • Janna should better use Lucky Gloves and InfiniTeam emblem; she’ll be equipped with better items now


It’s time to get these Glitches Out!!
  • Hacker bonus Omnivamp for the rider now properly only heals from attacks and abilities.
  • Still empowering: Syndra Hero Augment “Empowered Reserves” text updated to include non-champion items that occupy bench slots. Functionality unchanged.
  • Knock-Knock: Syndra’s Force of Will no longer knocks-up units with CC immunity.
  • Imma still typo this: Fixed typos on InfiniTeam related Augments.
  • Sivir Hero Augment “Time and a Half” now grants gold after player combat rounds, and checks her Attack Damage at the very start of the next round.
  • A.D.M.I.N. gold drop percentage for every 5 seconds is now properly 25%.
  • Gadgeteen versions of exclusive items should now properly be exclusive with their normal and Radiant versions.
  • Sunfire Board now lists the correct burn amount in its tooltip (behavior unchanged).
  • Are training dummies really a grand challenge?: Fiora Hero Augment “Grand Challenge” now specifies it works on all units, not just champions (behavior unchanged).
  • The roll toll: Nunu ability tooltip updated to say “briefly stuns” to reflect ability behavior.
  • Syndra ability tooltip updated to say “briefly knocks up” to reflect ability behavior.
  • Lulu will no longer walk up before casting her spell.
  • Fixed a bug where Pantheon wouldn’t shield himself if the target was dead.
  • You 2-starred what???: Fixed a bug where Anvils/Tomes from Carousel were combining.
  • Unlooty: Fixed a rare bug where players could get too little loot from stage 1.
  • Slowdraw: Fixed an issue where Quickdraw would delay Lucian’s auto attacks.
  • Double Up: Fixed a bug where using your Lesser Rune of Allegiance could result in waiting 7 rounds for it to regenerate instead of the intended 5.
  • Double Up: Fixed a bug where your Runes of Allegiance could take 1 extra round to regenerate.