Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.5 notes

Mar 7, 2023

Systems may change, but we’ll always be there for you.

It’s the patch before the mid-set and we’re focused on large quality of life system changes with upgrades to our item distribution and our Hero Augment distribution. Aside from those highly impactful changes, we’re really just making the way for the Glitched Out!! to go live, so expect a lighter than usual balance pass. Finally, we’re bringing team planner, a popular Mobile feature, to PC and have a note regarding 32 bit Client depreciation.

With all the system changes here, you may be excited to learn about even more system and mechanic changes coming in Glitched Out!!, well we’ve got you covered there as well… I mean here as well, wait no there, there works.
Jonathon “More Synergy” Stebel
Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill
Riot “Riot Mortdog" Mortdog

Patch Highlights



TL;DR: The way items are distributed to players has been adjusted with the goal of making it more even between players in a game, while still having unique variants per game.

WHY REWORK: Our loot distribution system was last updated with patch 9.18, during our launch set, alongside the introduction of Champion Duplicator (then called Neeko’s Help). This system has remained in place for a long time (8-ish sets), with only minor numerical adjustments. But with an increased understanding of systems, and a growing skill curve of the elite (and average) player, it’s become clear that the system is in need of an update to keep TFT as competitive as possible. So while many of these changes are made with the professional scene in mind, these are huge quality of life changes that will be felt across all ranks.

HOW: As in the old distribution system, items will still be randomly selected for the entire lobby, and players will all receive slightly different loot. However, the value of loot between players will now be more equitable to increase fairness, while maintaining a certain level of variance that keeps TFT adaptive. For example, if you have seven item components after Wolves, your opponents will have a similar number instead of finding themselves four components down. We’re also calculating the value of bonus orbs (orbs that contain gold and champs and stuff) by utility rather than number. Everyone in the lobby now gets approximately the same value of bonus orbs. If you get fewer items (which again, can only be by one or two max) you will be compensated with bonus orbs much more fairly than before.

Finally, we added one last quality of life change. You will always get a bonus orb on stage 1-2, so you should have enough gold to purchase your 1-3 shop and make more informed decisions in the early game. This should feel a lot better than getting your 6 gold right before the end of the PvE in stage 1-4.
  • You’ll always get one of your bonus orbs on 1-2.
  • You’ll never be down more than 2 components at any point, and never for more than one stage. You’ll also have bonus orbs to compensate.
  • Bonus orbs now take value into account when given out instead of just quantity.
  • There are some new unique variants of loot that can happen.


TL;DR: We’re increasing the clarity, simplicity and accuracy of Hero Augment distribution to ensure you get the most out of your 4 Hero Augment rerolls.

WHY: When we launched the Hero Augment system, it was vague enough that its weaknesses weren’t super visible. But as we introduced the option of four rerolls, the cracks in the system became very apparent, causing a lot of player pain when things didn’t meet expectations. For example, why could you have Underground and never find a Samira Augment? So we’ve been digging into the system to improve it, and are going to be very clear on how the new version works.

HOW: We’ve already fixed some issues for how certain Augments were offered in 13.4. This included Samira’s support Augment and both of Sona's and Janna’s Augments. Now all Hero Augments are properly tagged with their traits so as to be offered as expected.

TAILORED AUGMENTS: Now for the new system. Stage 2-1 will still offer all random Hero Augments, but 3-2 and 4-2 are now tailored in a way that should make a lot more sense. First, the third slot will no longer offer only support Augments, which was causing carry Augments to be hard or even impossible to find. Next, Hero Augments will kind of work like Tome of Traits, where the more active traits you have, the less random Augments you’ll get (see the list below for more details). For this definition of active trait, everything counts. Threat, Ace, Arsenal, you name it. For example, having a Fiddlesticks and Aphelios on your board will count as three active traits.
  • The number of tailored Augments each reroll is determined by your number of active traits (which includes Threat and Ace). Which slot is random changes with each roll.
  • 0 Active Traits 0 tailored slots
  • 1 Active Traits 1 tailored slot
  • 2 Active Traits 2 tailored slot
  • 3+ Active Traits 3 tailored slots
  • The third slot is no longer locked into being a support Augment.
  • Threat Augments are more likely to show up if you are running a threat.
  • Hero Augments on 3-2 and 4-2 can no longer show all units of the same tier. (No 2/2/2, 3/3/3, 4/4/4, or 5/5/5)
  • Lowered the chance of seeing 3-cost Hero Augments on 4-2
  • Stage 4-2 hero Augment odds: 65/30/5 40/55/5
  • Chance of 2-cost Augments upgrading to 3-cost on 2-1: 15% 5%


As the last patch before our mid-set update, we’re shipping just a handful of changes overall, but they should all be impactful in shaking things up before Glitched Out!!


Brawler is getting some additional gains in the form of increased bonus HP at higher breakpoints.
Meanwhile, Underground heists are being adjusted across the board. They’ll be running off with less loot on average at earlier heist levels, and more at later levels. If you can pull off a level 7 heist, it’ll be well worth the effort.
  • Brawler Bonus HP: 20/45/70/99% 20/45/75/110%
  • Gadgeteen Damage & Damage Reduction Per Item: 3/12% 3/10%
  • Underground Average Payout reduced at heist levels 1/2/3
  • Underground Average Payout increased at heist levels 4/5/6/7


Ashe’s focus has improved over the course of Monsters Attack! Her Ranger’s Focus lasts a whole second longer now!
  • Ashe Ranger’s Focus Duration: 4 seconds 5 seconds
  • Blitzcrank AD: 50 65
  • Blitzcrank Mana: 45/90 40/80


En garde! Fiora is hitting harder at all star levels.
  • Fiora AD: 50 55
  • Fiora En Garde! AD%: 225/225/235 250/250/260%
  • Vi Blast Shield: 275/350/450 270/330/400
  • Yasuo Mana: 0/90 0/80


Nilah is seeing a reduction in heal power, especially at 2 & 3-star levels.
  • Nilah Apotheosis Heal: 250/300/400 235/270/330


More like Aurelion Slow. He attacks a little faster now.
  • Aurelion Sol Attack Speed: 0.7 0.75


Janna’s Twister! gets power transferred from CC to damage, and Windy weather conditions slow down a bit.
  • Janna Twister! Damage: 50/75/1000 65/95/1000
  • Janna Twister! Stun Duration: 1.25/2/10 seconds 1.25/1.5/8 seconds
  • Janna Forecaster (Trait) Windy AD & AP per 5 seconds: 10/20/99 8/15/99
  • Syndra Force of Will Damage: 100/300/2000 250/375/2500
  • Syndra Stun Duration: 1/1/8 1/1.5/8 sec
  • Urgot AD: 70 65
  • Urgot Mana: 100/175 75/175


Infinity Force is getting slightly less infinite through the removal of crit chance, and a bunch of Radiant Items are getting varying levels of polish to keep them radiant without being overwhelming.
  • Archangel’s Staff Starting Mana: 15 30
  • Quicksilver CC Immunity Duration: 15 seconds 18 seconds
  • Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 50% 55%
  • Infinity Force Crit Chance: 25% 0%
  • Chainsword Bloodthirster AD: 10% 30%
  • Chainsword Bloodthirster Omnivamp: 20% 25%
  • Radiant Archangel’s Staff Starting Mana: 15 30
  • Radiant Archangel’s Staff Starting AP: 40 50
  • Radiant Bloodthirster AD: 30 40
  • Radiant Bloodthirster Omnivamp: 35% 40%
  • Radiant Bloodthirster HP Shield: 35% 40%
  • Radiant Bramble Vest Armor: 160 120
  • Radiant Guardbreaker AD & AP: 30 40
  • Radiant Hand of Justice AD & AP: 40 50
  • Radiant Infinity Edge AD: 50 55
  • Radiant Locket of the Iron Solari Bonus HP: 200 125
  • Radiant Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 75% 99%
  • Radiant Titan’s Resolve Base Armor: 20 30
  • Radiant Titan’s Resolve Base Attack Speed: 10% 30%
  • Radiant Zz'Rot Portal HP Multiplier: 200% 180%


On top of our changes to Hero Augment distribution covered earlier, we’re continuing to make some light adjustments to specific Hero Augments to bring them in line with competitive options.
  • Camille - Adaptive Defenses AD Shield: 600% 500%
  • Draven - League of Draven Bonus AD%: 35% 25%
  • Soraka - Infuse Mana Per 5 seconds: 15 20
  • Zac - Elastic Slingshot Stun Duration: 3 seconds 4 seconds
  • Nunu - They See Me Rolling Starting AP: 20 15


Of course, heroes aren’t the only ones with Augments. Prismatic Emblem Augments have been a little too dominant since the last patch, so we’re reducing the items offered with those Emblems from full items to components to make them a less default option compared to other Prismatic Augments.
  • AFK Gold Granted: 20 18
  • Built Different II HP: 175/225/275/325 190/245/300/355
  • Built Different III HP: 250/350/450/550 270/380/490/600
  • Cybernetic Shell I/II/III Armor: 20/30/50 30/40/60
  • Electrocharge III Damage: 100/135/170/205 115/155/195/235
  • High Roller Gold: 3 5
  • Luden’s Echo III Damage: 80/115/150/185 90/130/170/210
  • The Golden Egg Turns to Hatch: 10 11
  • Anima Squad Crown Item: Protector’s Vow Tear of the Goddess
  • Prankster Crown Item: Morellonomicon Giant’s Belt
  • Gadgeteen Crown Item: Ionic Spark Negatron Cloak
  • Recon Crown Item: Item: Hand of Justice Recurve Bow
  • Spellslinger Crown Item: Hand of Justice Tear of the Goddess



A staple for mobile players, Team Planner is finally coming to PC players around the world! As a reminder, filling your Team Planner with 5-costs will not increase your shop odds, but you can always hope.
  • Use Team Planner before a game by clicking the Helmet Guy icon to the right of the ‘Find Match’ button in your lobby or in the TFT home tab.
  • Arrange, save, craft your dream team (or meme team) using the planner.
  • You can then click the same icon during the game to review your plans!

32 Bit Client Depreciation

Support for 32-bit Windows OS will be deprecated on April 4, 2023. After this date a 64-bit version of Windows will be required to play League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. For more details, please see our minimum spec requirements.

“What does this mean?”, “Do I need to do anything?!”

Well for those who are already on 64-bit operating systems and hardware (which is 99.9% of players) you won’t notice a difference when we stop supporting 32-bit and you won’t need to do anything. However, for those that are playing on a 32-bit operating system, starting in 13.7 you’ll start to get a message in the client telling you that the client may stop working in the future for you. We’re giving some time to message this heads up before we fully stop supporting 32-bit operating systems both in the patch notes and in the launcher, but in the future you’ll need to be playing on 64-bit capable hardware, and 64-bit operating systems in order to keep playing League.

Why is the team doing this?

As with other decisions we’ve made in the past like deprecating XP and Vista, continuing to release new content while maintaining older hardware requires significant investment both from a development and a testing standpoint. By removing some of these barriers, we can continue to push the boundaries of new features while delivering engaging player experiences. While we don’t have any direct targeted improvements to communicate to you just yet regarding this migration, it will be something that leads into our continued investments in the future of League & TFT.


  • Don’t beat a dead horse: H4ckerr!m is now untargetable on away boards
  • Hackers should no longer target untargetable units
  • Jax with Spellslinger now properly gets his empowered attacks
  • No more participation awards: Items can no longer be equipped on cheering mascots
  • Gadgeteen Crest and Crown will no longer be offered outside of 2-1 if you aren’t playing Gadgeteen
  • They See Me Rolling (Nunu Carry Augment) now grants the correct amount of AP.
  • Melee Pranksters will now not move towards corner hexes when Prankster is triggered and they are surrounded by other units
  • 3-star Urgot’s Undertow Magic Damage % is now set correctly at 75%
  • Fixed a bug where some ADMIN gold drop percentages were too high
  • Fixed a bug where Rascal’s Gloves could be equipped on a unit already holding items
  • Fixed a bug where Vi’s Armor shred amount was not reflecting her tooltip numbers
  • Added text specifying the damage type on the tooltip for Ekko, Lux, and Lulu’s abilities
  • 2-star Leona now deals the proper amount of damage to secondary targets
  • Nunu is now untargetable when affected by Zephyr
  • Jinx should no longer fail to stun adjacent targets if her primary target is too large
  • Fixed visual bug where Miss Fortune’s Bunny Mercenary Augment shield visual was not removed at the end of the effect
  • Fixed a bug where Urgot was not benefiting from Fiora’s Vitality of the Ox Augment
  • Fixed a bug where Aurelion Sol’s meteors with Extinction Event did not visually appear larger
  • Fixed various minor text bugs.
  • Shroud of Even-Stillerness (Gadgeteen Shroud of Stillness) now correctly grants 250 Health