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TFT Gizmos & Gadgets NA esports

Oct 29, 2021

The North American TFT esports team is happy to announce that we’re once again partnering with Wisdom / Giant Slayer for NA TFT esports! Wisdom will be handling all broadcast production and tournament organization for our series of NA Gizmos & Gadgets events that will qualify the best NA players for the eventual TFT Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship.

Wisdom has already updated for the new set—head there throughout Gizmos & Gadgets for info on upcoming events, standings, rules, and official ladder snapshots!


Back again for our Gizmos & Gadgets series is BallStreet Trading, who we’re partnering with to provide free peer-to-peer prediction contests that allow TFT fans to compete against each other during live TFT NA esports events. BallStreet creates a second screen experience for fans to win exclusive prizes while watching TFT events. Fans will be able to buy and sell shares (for free) of their favorite players as they watch tournaments live, engaging with a real-time market where they can predict different outcomes and change their mind at any time.

As usual, our NA series will qualify NA’s best players for the eventual TFT Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship in Spring 2022. With this set, there are more avenues than ever to reach the NA Regional Finals and fight for the chance to represent NA on the international stage.

Challenger Series

Competition will be fierce as the fan-favourite Challenger Series makes its return in Gizmos & Gadgets, with one taking place January 8-9, and another on March 12-13 after the mid-set update. 16 top-ranked players will be invited to play in each two-day tournament, where they will duke it out in checkmate format. The top two players from each event can win direct qualifications to the Mid-Set Finale (first Challenger Series) or to the NA Regional Finals (second Challenger Series).

Cup 1 & 2: Piltover Cup & Zaun Cup

The Piltover Cup will take place November 12-14, featuring a snapshot on November 10 at 12:01 AM PST, and invites to the top ranked 160 players who sign up. The top 128 ranked signups will compete in all 3 days of the event, while the top 32 ranked signups will join them on Day 2. Up for grabs are 4 spots to the Mid-Set Finale, 8 spots to the Zaun Cup, and some Qualifier Points (more on these down below!).

The Zaun Cup will take place January 21-23, featuring a snapshot on January 17 at 12:01 AM PST, and invites to the top ranked 152 players who sign up. The top 128 ranked signups will compete in all 3 days of the event, while the top 24 ranked signups and 8 players from Piltover Cup will join them on Day 2. This event also has 4 spots to Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale, but will reward more Qualifier Points than Piltover Cup.

Mid-Set Finale

The Mid-Set Finale will take place February 4-6, with spots open from the Piltover Cup, Zaun Cup, Qualifier Points, and the first Challenger Series. Over three days, players will have an opportunity to earn one of 4 direct qualifications to Regional Finals, with 4 spots to the Set 6.5 Innovation Cup also available!

Cup 3: 6.5 Innovation Cup

On March 4-6, 28 of the highest ranked players who sign up for this tournament will be joined by 4 players from the Mid-Set Finale for our first event after the mid-set update. This cup will award the most qualifier points out of the three, as well as 4 direct qualifications to join the NA Regional Finals.


Snapshots are making a return, with an adjustment to the way points are distributed, and to the number of players who will receive points on a weekly basis—check out for all the details.

Set 6 Snapshots will start on November 17 and end on February 9 (December 22 will not have a snapshot), occurring every Wednesday at 12:01 AM PT. To be eligible for snapshot points, you must play 10 ranked games on the same account per week. The lowest week will be dropped, and the top scoring two players from Snapshots will qualify directly into the NA Regional Finals.

Set 6.5 Snapshots will start on February 23 and end on March 16 (4 weeks), occurring every Wednesday at 12:01 AM PT. You must play 10 ranked games on the same account per week to be eligible for points, and the lowest week will be dropped. The top scoring 2 players from Set 6.5 Snapshots will qualify directly into NA Regional Finals.

Qualifier Points

Are you able to qualify for the Piltover Cup, Zaun Cup, or 6.5 Innovation Cup, but fall just short of winning that spot to either the Mid-Set Finale or NA Regional Finals? Qualifier Points are making a return from our Set 4 format, and they’re here to reward you for your consistency! Qualifier Points can be earned from the Piltover Cup, Zaun Cup, or 6.5 Innovation Cup, with each cup rewarding an increasing amount of points, so you’ll always have a chance at making a comeback! Qualifier Points will be a new method of entry to both the Mid-Set Finale (22 spots), and NA Regional Finals (10 spots). We hope that this addition to the competitive scene will reward players who are consistent enough to participate in tournaments throughout Gizmos & Gadgets!

NA Regional Finals

The capstone of the NA TFT competitive scene returns. 24 of the best players in North America will duke it out over three days to win a much-coveted seat at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. Players can qualify for NA Regional Finals through Set 6 Snapshots (2), Gizmos & Gadgets Mid-Set Finale (4), Set 6.5 Snapshots (2), Set 6.5 Challenger Series (2), 6.5 Innovation Cup (4), and Qualifier Points (10).

Be sure to follow the official TFT and Giant Slayer TFT social media channels for more information as Gizmos & Gadgets unfolds and we gear up for another exciting season of NA TFT esports!