Ruined King

Patch v58173 - Live Now

Nov 19, 2021

- Fixed a rare case where Inspect mode would get stuck during combat.
- Fixed Illaoi's Scourge Ult not granting the correct healing bonus per tentacle consumed.
- Fixed Xa'Tal fight awarding too much XP in certain instances.
- Saying "No" to watching tutorials will now be saved and not ask again after reloading.
- Fixed light bridges in the Vault of Vesani.
- Fixed a case when activating a golem and entering combat would cause a permanent black screen.
- Fixed a specific case with golems in the Vault of the Vesani where their collision would remain after defeat, blocking the player.
- Fixed a case where a particular boss's portal would be invisible.
- Fixed an issue where the game would become stuck if you defeated a particular boss with Yasuo's Manumane sword equipped.
- Fixed sound effects playing all at once when Inspect Mode is opened and closed during active combat.
- Fixed a rare issue where combat would get stuck when a tutorial popped up.
- Fixed an issue with the camera not resetting after Ahri interacts with the cannon in the Well of the Mother Serpent.
- Fixed a specific issue with lootables respawning after fishing.
- Fixed an issue where using potions outside of combat sometimes caused a soft lock.
- Stopped Shadow Constructs from getting back up after being defeated.
- Fixed an issue with the Fishing Journal becoming stuck on screen.
- Fixed a rare issue with the camera getting stuck zoomed in during some battles.
- Fixed an issue when using Miss Fortune's Shredder ability while wearing her Ruined skin and the 3B upgrade that would lock combat.
- Added an FPS limiter to avoid issues when running with V-Sync disabled.
- Fixed an issue where saving and reloading at the pylon puzzle in the Dread Woods would cause the puzzle to become stuck.