Ruined King

Patch 1.6 - Live Now

Dec 10, 2021

  • Fixed remapping the left and right mouse button
  • Improved rebinding keys
  • *Note: Players should reset their key bindings to default to properly get these changes before rebinding any other keys
  • Improved Click-to-move pathing around doors to make it far easier to transition through a door.
  • Map: M now opens and closes the map.
  • Windowed Mode no longer minimizes when changing focus.

    Over 300 individual bugs fixed and quality of life improvements. Some highlights below:

  • Poro Idol & Shield: Poro weapons now upgrade and evolve as you progress through the game.
  • Saving: Improved the way saving is handled to autosave more often and more reliably.
  • Saving: Continue game will now use your most recent save, and not only the most recent autosave.
  • Combat: Fixed being unable to target enemies in combat in certain instances.
  • Many crashes are fixed across the game.
  • Fishing: The splash VFX when reeling in a fish is now going in the correct direction.
  • Enchanting: The delta between current item and potential new item is now displayed when infusing.
  • Map: Fixed various instances of missing icons.
  • Map: Fixed various instances of chests not showing as looted correctly.
  • Map: Fixed various instances of objective markers displaying incorrectly.
  • Map: Updated the Objective marker to be more visible.
  • Various grammar and punctuation errors are corrected.
  • UI: Fixed various instances of the UI not updating correctly, getting stuck, or displaying incorrectly.
  • UI: Equipped items now display a portrait of the hero who has it equipped.
  • UI: Equipped items now show the enchanted icon properly.
  • Combat: Fixed being unable to change targets on single target attacks.
  • Combat: Using Ahri’s Orb of Deception ability with her Ruined Skin equipped no longer causes a delay in combat.
  • Combat: Fixed various ability/buff/hazard/enemy descriptions to be more accurate.
  • Combat: Fixed Plunder Crabs remaining invisible after being revived.
  • Combat: Fixes instances of summoned enemies giving XP when they shouldn’t.
  • Combat: Fixed hazards from disappearing when reviving a hero.
  • Combat: Fixed the camera getting stuck during combat in certain situations.
  • Combat: Fixed overcharge not being awarded until the next turn.
  • Combat: Added “Can’t Flee” when trying to flee during combat scenarios you can’t flee from.
  • Combat: Fixed an issue where some enemies would target a champ but then attack a different one.
  • Combat: Combat speed selection is now saved.
  • Combat: Added colored outline around selected targets when selecting a target for an ability.
  • Ultimates: Fixed some VFX from other heroes displaying during an Ultimate.
  • Fixed certain bosses respawning when returning to an area.
  • Dungeon: Fixed various interactable items & NPCs not displaying when using search.
  • Dungeon: Fixed Carrion Wurms getting stuck when using Pyke’s dungeon ability on them.
  • Dungeon: Removed a treasure chest you couldn’t get to underground in the Vault of the Vesani.
  • Dungeon: Braum’s dungeon ability now properly adds stacks of concussion when entering combat.
  • Dungeon: Clues for a certain puzzle in the Purification Temple now highlight properly.
  • Dungeon: Directional markers in Thresh’s Maze can be interacted with now.
  • VFX: Numerous VFX fixed & improved across the game.
  • Fixed incorrect location names showing up on screen after certain cutscenes.
  • Fixed various instances of quests breaking or cutscenes not triggering properly if you aggroed a creature when triggering a quest or cutscene.