Ruined King

Patch 1.7

Jan 10, 2022

  • Fixed an issue when triggering the cutscene with Malik and combat at the same time would cause a permanent black screen
  • Fixed an issue that would stop the heavenly bell from dropping when triggering combat near the NPC
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to fight the Infused Angler twice
  • Fixed a rare crash when traveling to Serpent Isles from Bilgewater in a specific order
  • Fixed a rare hang when the Ruined King’s mist shroud was used
  • Defeating the Angler Trickster now marks the chest as obtained on the map
  • Fixed the Porohole in the Vault of the Vasani from freezing the game if repeated multiple times.
  • Fixed collision being stuck on the defeated Golem in the Vault of the Vasani
  • Fixed an infinite loading issue when accessing the light puzzle in Fathom’s Pharos
  • Fixed an issue with the Difficult Diner quest not being completable if you saved/loaded during the quest
  • Fixed an issue with bounty quests not getting checked off in the quest log
  • Fixed an issue with characters getting stuck on certain elevators
  • Fixed a rare crash when sorting slots in the inventory
  • Added character names to mograph subtitles
  • Fixed Healing Mist 2A not clearing Terror stacks from all 3 champions
  • Various map icons fixed
  • Various text and grammar corrections as well as description updates to be more clear
  • Various other crash fixes