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Crafting Visual Effects in Teamfight Tactics - Super Art Power Hour...

May 30, 2024

Visual effects artists can do anything they want! Well, almost anything. They can’t make that final copy show up in their shop to three-star their carry or save their tank from being boiled in Lissandra’s pot–not yet, at least. Like any other creative process, VFX relies heavily on shape language, color, and timing. Normally an artist would have about three days to build something like this. A 72-hour-long play-by-play didn’t feel quite right, so instead we’re putting three hours on the clock and then distilling it all down to one powerful hour-long 45-minute video. We linked up with visual effects artist Jonathan Shishido for a speed run in building a celebration effect for TFT to experience the entire process from start to finish. He was also kind enough to share some tips and advice for anyone interested in learning more about visual effects work or working in games. Super Art Power Hour is a long-form educational segment spotlighting super art and super artists at Riot. Watch more episodes here: For a deeper dive into the game art production pipeline, check out our So You Wanna Make Games?? series: Follow Jonathan on ArtStation: 0:00 Cold Open 0:19 Introduction 1:02 Creative Prompt 2:14 Cloud Sourcing 2:59 Maintaining Gameplay Clarity 7:07 Jonathan’s Art Background 10:47 Color Composition 15:00 Intern Story 17:11 Visual Hierarchy 21:26 Building Energy 30:40 Adding Rain 31:31 Candy Time 37:46 Too Much Candy? 41:23 Pies and Fish 42:03 Advice 44:44 Final Effect Reveal 45:04 Outro #teamfighttactics #tft #riotgames _____________________________________________ Subscribe for more: Follow Riot Games on: X: Instagram: Facebook: Learn more about Life at Riot: LinkedIn: X: Open Roles @ Riot: