Legends of Runeterra

Patch 4.5.0 Notes

May 18, 2023

Welcome to the second Variety Patch of 2023! For this Variety Patch, we are introducing some fun new tools to each Region, as well as continuing the narrative from Glory In Navori… and maybe setting the stage for the next expansion! If you want to check out all of the new cards, you can find them HERE.

Gameplay System Updates

Welcome to the first month of Eternal ranked! For many of you it's been a few months since you put down your rotated cards. Now it's time for you to pull them out from their safe spots in your collection and put them back on the board for not only a ranked season, but TWO Runeterra Opens.

As part of our first Eternal-focused Balance Patch we wanted to set the bar for what power level we expect the format to be, so you'll see reverts to some old favorites that had left their time in the spotlight. These changes are just the first steps into making Eternal the format we have in mind: A place for cards to be as powerful as they can and for deck builders to have the world at their fingertips.

The Eternal format still has a lot of room to be controlled by all of you. So if there is something you love and want to see more of, then let us know by playing it and talking about it on social media. If you feel like the format is missing something that would really make it feel special to you, then please talk about that too. Ultimately our goal is to make Eternal its own distinct and fun way to play Legends of Runeterra, and we will be watching the format develop closely to make sure we are hitting that goal. I know I'm excited to jump on the ladder and see what happens, so good luck and good game!

Editor’s Note: With both Runeterra Opens as well as Ranked Ladder available for Eternal, we’re focusing most of our changes on Eternal cards. You’ll notice a few cards that are Standard-legal are also being lightly touched here. Check out the changes below:

Card Buffs

Loaded Dice

Old: For the rest of the round, when you damage the enemy nexus, Nab 1

New: Next Round, when you damage the enemy nexus, Nab 1

Even though they’re Loaded Dice, they often seemed to roll snake eyes. This change should allow players to feel more in control of their fate and make it more likely they end up with a loaded hand.

Cosmic Inspiration

Old: If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2|+2

New: Grant allies everywhere +2|+2

These celestial spells are awesome and powerful, but they asked you to make a few too many offerings to the celestial gods. It should now be a bit more satisfying to shape the stars and see what they may hold as all of the cards should be playable.

Cosmic Rays

Old: If you Behold a Celestial card, Obliterate enemies with 3 or less Power.

New: Obliterate enemies with 3 or less Power.


Old: If you Behold a Celestial card, Obliterate 2 enemy units or landmarks.

New: Obliterate 2 enemy units or landmarks.

Crimson Aristocrat

Old: Play: Deal 1 to an ally and Grant it +2|+0

New: Play: Deal 1 to an ally and grant it +1|+0 and Overwhelm

The Scars archetype has always been somewhat weak. This change is to allow this card to be a more generic tool for Noxus.


Old: No Keywords
New: Barrier

Help, Pix! Can give a barrier, so we decided it would be fun if Pix had one too. Now you'll get a bit more from your friendly supporter.

Twin Disciplines

Old: Give an ally +2|+0 or +0|+3 this round.

New: Give an ally +3|+0 or +0|+3

The twins are equals once again and all is right in the world. We are expecting cards of this quality to be our bar for Eternal power level and are excited to set it back where it belongs.

Eminent Benefactor

4c 3|3

Last Breath: create in hand a random epic from your regions.

4c 4|3

Play: Manifest an epic card from your regions.

The Benefactor now makes his donation before his will reading and is a lot more likely to get you something you actually want.

Captive Yeti

6c 5|5 Overwhelm

Reputation: I cost 3 less

5c 5|5

Reputation: I cost 4 less.

Our Yeti is now a 1 cost 5|5 like it was always meant to be. Welcome home Yeti.

Sanctum Conservator

Play: If you've slain 13+ units this game, kill all enemy followers then summon a copy of me. 

Play: Kill a follower. If you've slain 13+ units this game, kill all enemy followers then summon a copy of me instead.

13 slays is a lot, and it’s frustrating when you have the Sanctum Conservator but aren't close to the goal. Now it will help your future ones hit that goal and be a bit more impactful.


Old: 3|2

New: 3|3


Withering Wail

Old: 5c
New: 4c

Aggro is one of the easiest decks to build in the new Eternal format and we wanted to make sure the tools to combat it exist.

Concurrent Timelines

Old: 2c
New: 1c

We've found the timeline where this card can return in all of its glory. Eternal is a place where cool build-arounds like this deserve to have their chance.


Old: 2|3
New: 3|3

We all know who the hero is. In Eternal her quest to find them gets to continue and her hammer gets to bonk just a little harder.

Midenstokke Henchmen

Old: 5|4
New: 5|5

Acquiring your own set of Henchmen is a key step in ruling the undercity. Now it's a bit easier for you to live your own fantasy of being a villian.

Wise Fry

Old: 3|8 Vulnerable
New: 4|8

It wasn't very wise of this guy to leave himself so Vulnerable. He paid us off to make sure that wasn't the case anymore.

Grand Plaza

Old: When an ally is summoned, give it +1|+0 and Challenger this round.
New: When an ally is summoned, give it +1|+1 and Challenger this round.

After some refurbishment in the Eternal lands, the plaza is back open for business. 

Captain Arrika

Old: 8c 6|6
New: 6c 4|4

Eternal has a goal of slightly higher interaction than standard. These were weak and underplayed cards that could now help fill that role.

En Garde

Old: 3c
New: 2c

Out of the Way

Old: 5c
New: 4c

This card has always had a cool dream, but has never really gotten to live it. A cheaper cost should make that dream a bit sweeter.

Iceborn legacy

Old: 6c
New: 5c

Do you hear it? The sound of fluft? It's a poro stampede! (Or a stampede of your favorite unit. I'm not here to judge. All are welcome in Eternal)

Escaped Abomination

Old: 3|3
New: 4|3

Eternal Shadow Isles aggro gets a true return to form with this one creeping out of the crypt. 

Blessing of Targon

Old: 5c
New: 4c

Targon has struggled as a buff region at times, so we wanted to make sure they had a great one that fits eternals power level. 

Kinkou Lifeblade

Old: 2|2
New: 2|3

It's been a long time since the Lifeblade has shown its face, but in Eternal it's ready to hold all of the best buffs around. 

Card Nerfs

Samira (Level 2)

When I'm summoned or Strike: Create a 0 cost Flair in hand

When you play 6 cards, rally.

When I'm summoned or Strike: Create a 0 cost Flair in hand
When you play 6 cards, rally. Resets when you start a round with the attack token.

Samira's ability not resetting after leveling up could be confusing, so we decided to make it consistent. Also, even with the previous nerf to All Out, she was still quite powerful. You'll need to plan a little more carefully and be a bit more dedicated to get those rallies now.


Old: Deal 1 to the enemy Nexus or give an ally Challenger this round. 
New: Deal 1 to the enemy Nexus or give an allied Samira Challenger this round.

Flair had a bit too much flexibility and playing against the face up Challenger long after Samira was already gone could be frustrating. This should make Samira less of an obvious pairing for so many decks while focusing more of her impact on her directly.


Old: You've summoned 4+ multi-region allies.
New: You've summoned 5+ multi-region allies.

The Bandle Gunners buff from the previous patch really brought the Bandle City squad together. Spellshield did a bit too much to protect some of the Prize Fight combos we were seeing. If you want to fight for glory, you gotta put a bit more risk into it. We are also  preemptively taking some power away from Tristana to get this deck closer to where we want it.

Bandle Gunners

Old: Spellshield
New: No Spellshield

Powder Pandemonium

Old: Grants Vulnerable for each plunder.
New: No longer grants vulnerable.

For having so much Pandemonium, this effect sure did give the player a lot of control in combat. Plunder aggro has been one of the best performing decks in standard and we wanted to give it a light touch alongside the Samira changes. We will be watching to see how much these impact things and may be looking for other changes if necessary.

Card Adjustments

Reputation Cards - Reputation cards will now reduce their cost by a certain amount, rather than setting cost to an exact amount.

Reputation hasn’t functioned in a satisfying way due to not working with the many cost reducing effects our game has, but it does now. Reputation alone in life isn't enough to get things for free, but now you can add whatever else you need to make it happen.


Old: 3c Reputation: I cost 1

Pick a spell in play or in hand and create a fleeting copy of it in hand.

New: 5c Reputation: I cost 3 less.

When you play your next spell this round, copy it with the same targets.

The previous Mimic design was stopping us from allowing Reputation to cost reduce as it could easily go infinite. The new design is hopefully more satisfying to play with and without the same problems.

Momentous Choice

Old: Give an ally +1|+0 or +0|+1 this round. If you've equipped an ally this game, play a copy of me on the same target.

New: I cost 1 less if you've equipped an ally this game.

Give an ally +2|+0 or +0|+2 this round.

Previous version of this card was a bit too much as 2 spell casts for 1 mana, and the 2 mana version isn't quite as momentous for both Kayn and Varus. This new shape should have most of the power of the old and should be an easy choice for your equipment strategies.


This is the first Eternal ranked season! Due to some difficulties with the first Runeterra Open, we have a bonus Runeterra Open this month to bring to everybody! It’s two weekends back to back, so we hope you’re ready.

Runeterra Opens

As mentioned above, we have two Runeterra Opens happening this Month. Make sure to prepare for June 10/11 and June 17/18. They’ll both be Eternal format and will provide the same cash prizes and RP as a normal Runeterra Open, as well as more invites to the Mystery Event.

Gauntlet Schedule

May 24~May 31: (Daily Rumble) Free Build (Bo1)

June 1~June 4: (Ruthless Rumble) Eternal (Bo3)

June 4~June 10: (Daily Rumble) Eternal (Bo3)

June 10~June 11: (Runeterra Open) Eternal (Bo3)

June 12~June 16: (Daily Rumble) Eternal (Bo3)

June 17~June 18: (Runeterra Open) Eternal (Bo3)

June 19~June 23: (Daily Rumble) Singleton (Bo1)

June 23~June 25: (Daily Rumble) Free Build (Bo3)

If there are any adjustments, make sure to check the in-game Gauntlet Schedule for the most up to date information!

New Daily Rumble Formats

  • Eternal (Bo3)
    • Same deck building rules as Standard… but with every card an option!
  • Free Build - It’s finally coming!!!
    • Free Build is available at the beginning and end of this patch. Build with 10-100 Cards, and up to 10 Regions and 20 Champions!

Unlimited Gauntlet Month

All Gauntlets have been unlocked this month, allowing you to compete multiple times in the same day. In order to make this change, we've adjusted gauntlet rewards just a tad so that zero win runs will not give any trophies. Get out there and get your Badges and Prime Glories!


Pride Bundle

It’s that time of year again! Show off your Runeterra Pride with this selection of returning cosmetics as well as a fierce, new, Nami emote. This bundle will be Free in the store until June 28 at 10:00am PT.


To celebrate the release of CONV/RGENCE: A League of Legends Story, we’re introducing a free Icon and Emote! Log in between May 24th 10am PT and June 28 10am PT to receive for free!

Updated Skin

Worldbreaker Elise

Worldbreaker Elise has been upgraded to an Epic skin and has received an updated Level-up animation.


Breathe the free air my friend…

  • Added Free Build to the Friend Challenge game modes list. Build with a minimum of 10, maximum of 100 cards, up to 20 champs, and any number of regions!
  • Added Champs Unlimited to the Friend Challenge game modes list. Play with ANY number of champions in your deck, given your deck is still built with 40 cards, a maximum of two regions and three copies of each card.

Free Deck Bundles

As mentioned in the previous patch notes, we’re introducing Seven Free Standard Decks. Make sure to get these ASAP and have your friends come collect them! They will be available in the store until June 28 at 10:00am PT. Afterwards, these decks will replace the starter decks obtained during the game’s tutorial section.

Editor’s Note: Next series of rotation, the tutorial decks should be replaced at the same time as rotation. TLDR: We won’t be offering a ton of free decks next Rotation, so make sure to grab ’em this time while you can!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the default Zoe level up video could play instead of the Corrupted Zoe version when the game was set at Medium or Low quality.
  • Fixed an issue where Gauntlet matches weren’t counted for Essence Trials.
  • Fixed a minor visual bug in TPOC where the Shadow Isles Node is covered by the Monthly Adventure button.
  • Fixed an issue where the title would soft-lock when Yuumi was drawn via Heroes' Welcome with The Chameleon's Necklace Relic equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Nasus’s Boon of the Ascended II would summon the Sun Disc without restoring it after slaying 10+ units. (Again)
  • Fixed an issue where Wriggle's Lantern relic reset its cap when the equipped champion was transformed in hand in TPoC.
  • Fixed an issue where Powder Kegs killing themselves would incorrectly activate Sentinel cards.
  • Fixed an issue where Augmented Clockling would draw a card and reduce its cost when summoned.
  • Fixed an issue where Mana appeared unspent when quickly playing a card before the animation pog resolves after casting a Coin.
  • Fixed an issue where giving Brash to Ibaaros or Gorlith the Unscalable allowed them to be blocked by any 3+ Health unit.
  • Reduced the cast limit for TPOC AI from 15 to 6, as the current cast limit was feeling too high.
  • Fixed some minor templating bugs.

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