Legends of Runeterra

Patch 4.4.0 Notes

Apr 20, 2023

Updated April 28, 2023


Welcome to Patch 4.4! This is our first Standard focused Balance Patch. We’re targeting some of the strongest Meta decks and are giving a little love to some decks and archetypes that are coming in just a little under. Patch 4.4 will be live on April 26th at 10:00 AM PT.

Read on for the changes below:

Card Updates

Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch:


Cygnus the Moonstalker

6c 5|3

Nightfall: Give me and an ally Elusive this round

5c 3|3 Elusive

Nightfall: Give an ally Elusive this round.

Post rotation, aggressive Nightfall decks have struggled to feel satisfying with their direct damage tools gone. With these changes, we're looking to put some punch back into Nightfall's game ending power.

The Cloven Way

Change: 5c 5|4 → 4c 4|3


Play: Invoke


Play: Invoke

Nightfall: Reduce that card's cost by 1.

Invoke should be a mainline tool Targon decks can rely on for some potent celestial power. This COMBO BUFF adds more spice to Moondreamer's role as an Invoker while adding a late game consideration for Nightfall.

Targonian Tellstones


Create a Wish, Paddle Star, or Blessing of Targon in hand.


Create a Behold the Infinite, Hush, or Blessing of Targon in hand.

Targonian Tellstones haven't hit the mark as a versatile tool for the region. We're changing out some of its options to lean more into Targon's core regional strengths.


Change: Level Up: You've summoned 13+ allies or landmarks. → 12+ allies or landmarks

With some of Azir's pairings moving into eternal, we're giving him a small quest buff to help ensure you TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN TODAY in the Standard format.


Change: 2|2 → 3|3

In recent times, Nasus hasn't been bonking quite like he used to. We're giving him an upfront stat boost to help him impact the game. Hopefully he will be able to stay, even if he can’t slay.

Nasus (Level 2)

Change: 3|3 → 4|4

Glory's Call

Change: 6c → 5c

With the release of Standard, we want to align this more with the current power point of Standard Ascended/Sun Disc strategies.

Soul Harvest

Change: Kill a follower with 3 or less Power, or spend 4 mana to kill a champion with 3 or less Power → …or spend 3 mana to kill a champion with 3 or less Power

Soul Harvest is looking to fill some big shoes as one of SI's premium removal tools. Since it hasn't filled the gap as well as we'd hoped, we're making it a bit less taxing to harvest the soul of a champion.

Kadregrin the Infernal

Change: When I'm summoned, grant other Dragon allies everywhere +2|+2 → grant other Dragon allies everywhere +4|+4.

For a 9 mana unit, Kadregrin's buff hasn't felt quite infernal enough. We're doubling the output to make sure when he hits the table his fellow dragons ROAR.

Priestess of Desert Light


Round Start: Deal 4 to me. Draw a champion, or if your deck started with 6+ different champions, summon it instead.


Round Start: Deal 4 to me. Draw a champion and grant it +2|+2. If your deck started with 6+ different champions, summon it instead.

To get Priestess' prize, you need to reach deep during deck building for a wide array of champions. We want to make sure you're appropriately rewarded for pulling off this puzzle, even when Priestess summons one of your lower cost champions.

Mirror Image

Change: Summon an exact Ephemeral copy of an ally with 5+ power. → Summon an exact Ephemeral copy of an ally.

While Leblanc has found a winning home among Ashe and the Trifarians in Standard, her direct tie to 5+ power is restrictive with most reputation cards rotated. This quality of life buff should help open up her deckbuilding.

Bandle Gunners


8c 7|7 Spellshield

When I'm summoned, if you've summoned units from 4+ regions this game, grant me impact 4 times.


10c 5/5 Spellshield

I cost 1 less for each multiregion ally you've summoned this game.

When I'm summoned, grant me impact 3 times.

Bandle Gunners have struggled to find a home among the multi-region army. This mini rework should help them play smoother with what multi-region does best and give the Gunners a new shot at success.

Advanced Intel

Change: 1c → 2c

Change: Now also Draws 1.

Advanced Intel hasn't been a worthy consideration, even for dedicated trap decks. This change should help keep the trap evilness flowing, especially alongside PZ's Pompous Peddlers.

Deathless Knight

Change: 6c → 5c

Deathless Knight offers some cool combos and dreams that can be hard to fully realize so high on the curve. Moving down to 5c will help get the anti-ephemeral engine online sooner.

Retired Reckoner

Change: 2|6 → 3|6

We're hoping to draw this Reckoner out of retirement with an extra point of power to help him get his stat ball rolling earlier.



Change: Level Up: You've reduced the Power of 4+ enemies to 0. → Power of 5+ enemies

With the buffs we've given her over time, Ashe is thriving in the lower powered Standard format. Bumping up her quest by 1 should put her in a healthier long term state.


Change: 6c → 7c

Previously, Reckoning's very powerful effect has been kept in check by the opponent's ability to disrupt it. This has proven less true in the new Standard format, so we're bumpings its cost up to give some of that play against leeway back.

All Out

Change: Give an ally +2|+0 this round.

Plunder: Give it +2|+2 instead.

Plunder: Give it +2|+1 instead.

Samira has made her LoR debut with guns ablazin', in large part due to All Out's ability to protect units which is typically rare for Noxus. This change should let All Out retain some of that utility, while also giving more room to fight back for those staring down the barrel.

Wiggly Burblefish

Change: 6c → 8c

Supplemented by Samira's crew, the Burbs has wiggled its way to the top of the meta once again. We're increasing its cost to make it harder to get down for free early and snowball the game.


Change: 1|5 → 1|4

Inferna came out a bit too hot to handle, this slight adjustment will make her a bit easier to remove and attack into.


Change: Level Up: You've activated Daybreak 4+ times.→ Level Up: You've activated Daybreak 5+ times.

Since Daybreak's re-tuning in 3.16, the sun has not set on Leona's empire. As she continues to excel in Standard, we're increasing her quest to match her power level and make it less reliable to have her leveled on round 5.

Sun Guardian

Change: 2|3 → 2|2

Alongside Leona, we're also tapping back Sun Guardian's health to lower the overall resiliency of the Daybreak package.


Change: 4|4 → 4|3

With her new found pal "Coin", we're taking back the extra health we gave Karma. This should weaken her early game potential and add more interactability.

Editor’s Note: What goes around comes around.

Karma (Level 2)

Change: 5|5 → 5|4

Caustic Riff

Flow: I cost 1 less
Flow: I cost 2 less

While small AoE pings are a PZ regional strength, Caustic Riff is proving too oppressive to other strategies. We're moving more of its power budget into flow so you need to work a little harder to hit the perfect Riff.

Drum Solo

Change: Draw 2. Flow: Reduce those cards' costs by 2 → Draw 2. Flow: Reduce those cards' costs by 1

While PZ is a premier card draw region, Drum Solo is doing the job a little too well and creating some frustrating play against scenarios. We're lowering the cost reduction to address both issues.

Opulent Foyer

When I'm summoned, or when you gain the attack token, summon a Ghastly Band.

When I'm summoned, summon a Ghastly Band.

Round Start: If you have the attack token summon a Ghastly Band.

Foyer has consistently been used with Rally spam to create an un-interactive snowballing engine. We're making this adjustment to keep the card healthy for the long haul within Standard.

Ambitious Cultist

Change: Once you've Equipped an ally this game, create a new spell that costs 2 in hand and set its cost to 0. → set its cost to 0 this round.

Attempting to play around an unrevealed permanent 0 cost spell can be ambitious to say the least. We're changing the cost reduction aspect to be temporary to ease play against pain and align with similar cards.

Momentous Choice

Change: 1c → 2c



-2|-0 removed from pool

-2|-0 Vulnerable

2 cost increase for spells, 1 cost increase for non-spells

Pranking has always been a bit unsatisfying to use due to the outright power of cost increases compared to the others. We're spreading the power level between prank options more evenly, to make Pranks more compelling options while also reducing the frustration of playing against them.


We hit a few road bumps with our first Runeterra Open, but you can read all about how our team is working to address community concerns in this article.

Congratulations to our three winners of the first Runeterra Open, they are qualified for our Mystery Event!

AMERICAS: Cardgamer

APAC: Keih

EMEA: Tabouta

In this patch the following features will be released for Competitive:

  • Matchmaking
    • Your Daily Rumble and Runeterra Open opponents will now be determined based on other players with a similar number of wins as you. Duke it out to make it to the finish line and earn Glory.
  • Friend Challenge Formats
    • Added Eternal Best of 3 to the Friend Challenge game modes list.
  • Ruthless Rumbles: Unlimited Entry
    • Looking for Trophies or practice for the World Qualifier Open? As an experiment, the 2 Ruthless Rumbles this month will feature unlimited entries.

Upcoming Events

The next Runeterra Open is Set for May 13 & 14th, and it will be a World Qualifier Open. The first prize is a direct invite to Worlds, as well a larger cash prize than the regular Runeterra Opens.

Ranked Icons

Below is a sneak peek at the Icons you can earn on the Ranked Ladder at the end of this Glory in Navori Season! Friendly reminder, Eternal Season will start with the next patch (4.5) and the Glory in Navori season will end June 28th.


Eternal Ladder Ranked Icons


Standard Ladder Ranked Icons


Path of Champions

New Champions

Elise is being added to the Path of Champions! Check out her Star Powers below:

  • Elise Star Powers
    • SPIDER QUEEN: When allies attack, grant allied Spiderlings everywhere +1|+0.
    • CAUGHT IN THE WEBS: +1 Starting Mana. Round End: If an ally died this round, summon a Spiderling.
    • SPIDER QUEEN II: When allies attack, grant allied Spiderlings everywhere +1|+0 and the positive keywords of allied champions.

Shop Bundle

With the implementation of Elise, we’re experimenting with a new type of bundle which includes 30 Champion Fragments, as well as 5 copies of a very special relic called “Quest for Wisdom (Consumable)” Check it out in the store as soon as the patch is live!

These relics can be equipped to a champion, and after finishing a 1-Star Adventure (or lower) with one of these relics equipped, the adventure will grant 10x XP. Watch out! They can only be used once before their power is used up, so make sure you choose which Champion to use them on wisely.

The Elise Experience Bundle




Starter Decks

Let's talk about Starter Decks. Unfortunately, the decks we had been preparing to release with Rotation took longer to cook than we had hoped. We saw your feedback and agree; not having Standard Decks available as starters wasn't ideal for new players.

So, we're releasing seven Starter Standard Decks in our next patch (4.5). Additionally, to compensate for the delay, these will be free for all users for a limited time. We look forward to sharing these with you next month, along with more information on how to claim them.


LoR Turns Three!

It’s the three-year anniversary of Legends of Runeterra. Join the team in celebrating this important milestone with log-in rewards and quests. Complete them all by May 10th at 10:00 am PT to get the following rewards:


  • Norra Champ Card
  • 3rd Anniversary Player Icon
  • New Norra Emote
  • Bard Champ Card
  • Norra Icon
  • Norra Prismatic
  • 3rd Anniversary Card Back

Community Card Kitchen

Don’t miss out on the Community Card Kitchen. We’ve already kicked off voting and are well underway on figuring out what region the card we all craft together will belong to!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where copies of units with the Poro Fluft item died when summoned in TPoC.
  • Fixed an issue where the Poro Fluft item was reapplied after a champion leveled up or was transformed in TPoC.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Ephemeral' was missing its icon and highlight on the Cursed Symbol item in TPoC.
  • Fixed an issue where the player profile card collection showed the Freljord region only at 99% even when all cards were purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where Tranquility Dragon Karma was missing VO.
  • Fixed an issue where the mana cost for Darkin followers was not reduced by Go Get It.
  • Fixed an issue where Icathian Myths could not be cast correctly when cost reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where Disintegrate’s effect could trigger multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where Sump Fumes was not properly reflecting damage in Oracle’s Eye.
  • Fixed a visual issue related to card draw animations not playing properly for some cards.
  • Fixed an issue where the Action Log was not registering cards killed by Ceaseless Sentry.
  • Fixed an issue where Weaponsmith’s Apprentice’s effect activated erroneously when she was captured by an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where using a transform effect to transform another unit into a copy of a Powder Keg stack caused crashes and an incorrect amount of Powder Kegs.
  • Fixed an issue where Bard’s Traveler’s Call and Traveler’s Call would not activate all Portals in the top three cards of a deck.
  • You can no longer give Bard a million chimes.
  • Fixed an issue where Treasure of the Sands created by Buried Armory would not be revealed in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Nasus' Boon of the Ascended II would not become the Restored Sun Disc if the Buried Sun Disc waited for room in the back row from the overflow zone.
  • Removed Tentacle from Test of Spirit’s card fan, and fixed an issue where Eye of God was not displaying Tentacle in its card fan.
  • Fixed an issue where Fading Memories & Iterative Improvement would not trigger Spellshield.
  • Fixed an issue where Treasured Trash could create itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Nabbed cards were not tracked in their flyout.
  • Fixed minor templating and visual issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players could start a gauntlet run outside the official play window.
  • There is a known issue with the Event Pass causing players who already have a relic to receive nothing after completing that node. The team is working on a fix and will compensate players for this node in a future patch.

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