Legends of Runeterra

Patch 4.2.0 Notes

Feb 24, 2023

Welcome to the first Variety Patch of 2023! For this Variety Patch, we wanted to help each region really get back to its roots. These new cards help exemplify what a region does well by reinforcing some of their strategies that need the support. We’ve got some fun new cards in store for you; check out the details below:

Gameplay System Updates

New Cards

Ceaseless Sentry

While the Avarosan Sentry has always been a bit of a strange fit for the Freljordian tundras, we think the Ceaseless Sentry can find a second life in Shadow Isles control and Slay strategies.

Generous Gemcrafter

The Gemcrafter is happy to lend her services to a lot of different Targon strategies. Whether she's helping your Kayle level up, pushing a Bard to critical Doot-Doot range, or even just letting Invoke decks double-down on even more future value, she should grant you a smoother experience.

Blocking Badgerbear

We wanted to help Demacia get back to one of its core strengths - plopping down a big ol’ pile of beefiness and daring your opponent to do something about it.

PRO EDITOR’S TIP: In spite of its name, the Blocking Badgerbear is also quite good while attacking.

Banana Blaster

We think Nanners may show up in standard Bandle strategies that can see the appeal of a 2|2 body with a good sized ping (lookin’ at you, Noxus), but he can also foster some handbuff strategies with either Targon or Bard that get him so big he can make any opposing threat go splat.

Priestess of Desert Light

Shurima loves their Champions, and the Priestess is no exception. Although you will face a large deckbuilding cost to prove your devotion, the payoff of a free Aurelion Sol might just be worth it.


A quick math problem for you: 6c + Burst + 3 mana refund + 2 cards = X, where X can equal any number of Piltover spell-based strategies… Or just a larger Dividend for Albus Ferros, if you're a finance major.

Winter's Touch

We've always needed to walk a fine line with Freljord's mana ramping effects because they can be incredibly potent when drawn early and fairly weak when drawn late. To solve this, Winter's Touch can pull a cool trick by filtering itself away when you don't need it, giving a lot more consistency to big mana strategies.

Skulking String-Puller

Although the String-Puller is a spider, don't let your arachnophobia keep you from trying her out in any number of Noxus go-wide strategies. With the ability to share her own buffs, throwing a few buffs her way can let you wrap up the game in no time.

Serene Sky-Singer

While Ionia has had success with late game strategies in the past, we wanted to give those decks a real payoff for taking your match into the later turns. With a solid Lifesteal body, the Sky-Singer can usually help buy you enough time to take advantage of the huge magical discounts you've been gifted.

Mischievous Marai

While Funsmith has been pulling some neat tricks over in Piltover, we wanted to make sure Bilgewater could also get in on the joy of damage amplification. While the Marai will boost your Warning Shots, the real trick is weaving in non-damaging spells to build up to a big boom at the end.

Card Adjustments

Riven (Level 1)

Change: Level up: I see Blade of the Exile in hand → Level Up: You have created Blade of the Exile

This is really just a slight sharpening of Riven's Blade. While we don't think it will affect her win rate too much, we do hope it makes it a bit less awkward to use the Blade before you find the Exile.

Silverwing Vanguard

Change: Effect on Summon → Effect on Play

The LoR meta has been dominated by Silverwing Vanguard for far too long, so we're finally ending the reign of this oppressive avian. Actually, it was a weird example where the text of the card technically broke the rules of the game, so we're making a slight downgrade in order to fix it (and a number of errant bugs that came with it).

Card Buffs


Change: 6c → 4c

Change: 5|5 Scout → 3|3 Scout

Change: When I'm summoned, summon a husk → When I'm summoned, summon a husk

When you summon a 1 cost ally, grant the Strongest enemy vulnerable

Ever since we moved Hate Spike back to 2 mana, Eve's been struggling to seduce anyone into actually playing her. We wanted to give a couple members of her non-SI supporting cast a chance to shine, so that there's a real reason to invite the demoness into your deck.


Change: 2|1 → 2|2

Bandle Painter

Change: Region: Bandle City → Region: Bandle City/Piltover-Zaun

Change: Play: Discard a card to create a random multi region follower → Play: Discard a card to create another random multi region follower and reduce its cost by 1

The Bandle Painter has failed to make a real impression, so we're trying to modernize the card so it will pop more and have a real renaissance. By becoming a multi-region card itself, we hope it can be a neo-classic that isn't totally baroque-n.


Change: Each round, the first time an unequipped ally is equipped, refill 1 spell mana and grant them +1|+0  → Each round, the first time an unequipped ally is equipped, refill 2 spell mana

It seems like this landmark has been mist by most players, so we're narrowing its effect to make sure it doesn't fall through the cracks again.

Wraith of Echoes

Change: 6c → 5c

Rumor has it in the Legends of Runeterra office if you make a loud noise when you’re alone in the office, the noise just reverbates and you can faintly hear the words “Buff Wraith of Echoes… Buff Wraith of Echoes…” Hopefully a lower cost version will resonate more with players.

Editor’s Note: I don’t know about you, but I sure AM afraid of some ghosts. You better bet we're gonna reduce that cost.

Vaults of Helia

Change: 5c → 4c

At their current cost, the Vaults generally aren't opening until the game is already out of hand. Lowering the mana cost should get you gravedigging faster and hopefully open up some cool new deck options.

Card Nerfs

Reveler's Feast

Change: Burst → Focus

While we don't want to end the party, a feast of this magnitude should require a little more preparation. Being able to activate Reveler’s Feast after blockers were declared made this card a bit too reliable, so hopefully now you'll have to spend a bit more time cooking before digging in.


Change: Fast → Slow

Atrocity has ended many a game since the birth of LoR, but it's also consistently limited how large we can make a threat before it becomes a near-instant win. With Tristana currently standing tall, we wanted to make Atrocity more of a commitment for decks that want to chuck a single large unit at the enemy's Nexus.

Wandering Shepherd

Change: 2|2 → 2|1

The Shepherd's unique ability to Improvise for another unit has had a lot of different decks creating an overbearing song and dance, especially when partnered with Elusive threats. That's a good niche for the Shepherd, but we want there to be more of a cost for unfettered Improvisation.

Rahvun, Daylight's Spear

Change: 5|6 → 5|5

Daybreak has been lighting up the meta in a few different forms since its update, so we wanted to dim its shine a little and bring it back in line.


Huge shoutout to all of the support and participation we’ve seen in our Beta Season. It’s been super-exciting, and we’ve seen a lot of fun Rumble homebrew decks as well as great participation in the Runeterra Open. Here are some adjustments we’re making:

  • Starting March 10, Daily Rumbles will now run from 10:00 AM Server Time → 2:00 AM
    • We got a lot of feedback that the current time window was difficult for some players to get their runs in, so we've extended the window to be 6 hours longer.
  • The next Runeterra Open will run from March 18, 8:00 AM Server Time → March 20, 2:00 AM
    • Like the Daily Rumbles, we’re providing a wider time frame to get your Runeterra Open matches in, We’re opening them 2 hours earlier for this next Open.
  • The Daily Rumble Schedule has been updated.
    • Please be sure to check the in-game Gauntlet Schedule for the most up-to-date information.
  • The Champions Unlimited (March 20th → March 26th) and 30 HP Nexus (March 26 → March 30th) formats will be available for 325 shards to round-out the end of the season!
    • We wanted to show appreciation for your participation in the Beta Season, so we slightly reduced the price for the final two Rumbles of the Beta Season.
  • Free Build - We encountered an unforeseen issue with this mode and are still at work getting it fixed. We wanted to update everybody and be transparent that we won’t be running the Free Build format for a while. Please check out and enjoy the other upcoming new formats we have on the way!

We’ve been collecting all of your feedback and will release a more robust article once we move out of Beta Season.

New Daily Rumble Formats

As a reminder, each format uses the Standard Deckbuilding Rules as a base, with a fun twist!

  • Standard Deckbuilding Rules
    • 2 Regions
    • 40 Cards
    • 6 Champions

We have two new formats for this cycle of Daily Rumbles! Singleton and 30 HP Nexus.

  • Standard 30 HP Nexus
    • Standard Deckbuilding Rules
    • Best of 1
    • Nexus Health Starts at 30
  • Singleton
    • Special Deckbuilding Rules
      • You may only put 1 copy of each card into your deck while deckbuilding
      • 3 Regions
      • 40 Cards
    • Best of 1

Designer’s Note: Singleton is also going to be the format for the Runeterra Open. We wanted to experiment and try a different format for the last Runeterra Open of the Beta Season. Once we’re out of Beta you can expect the following Runeterra Opens to be the most competitive formats we have.

Editor’s Note: Rubin, don’t steal my job. Notes are my thing.

The Path of Champions

New Champions Available

  • Thresh
  • Nami

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain card interaction VOs would not play when they were equipped with a Prismatic card skin. This included interactions involving Vayne, Azir, Irelia and more.
  • Fixed an issue where Darkin Harpoon’s card text was incorrectly displaying the cost of Ibaaros in non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue where Crimson Pigeon was missing its Lightning Bolt icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Roar of Icathia and Fish Fight could not be added to Jax decks.
  • Fixed an issue where champions would not display equipped skins after being captured by The Black Flame.
  • Fixed an issue where Petricite Charger was not displaying a blue lighting bolt icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Tail-Cloak Matriarch was not summoning an Ephemeral copy of a Darkin unit when it was recalled.
  • Fixed an issue where a level two Seraphine would not copy a new spell if that spell was already copied by another unit on her left.
  • Fixed an issue where Passage Unearned would not obliterate the Equipment alongside its unit.
  • Fixed an issue where Xolaani The Bloodweaver was not buffed by allied units dying while their Power was being increased by certain Aura effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Darkin Equipment were being summoned to the back row by The Black Flame.
  • Fixed an issue where some region counters (Buster Shot, Yordle in Arms, and Bandle Gunners) were counting Runeterrans as a region for their effect.
  • In The Path of Champions, fixed an issue where the Bounty Hunter’s Renown relic would erroneously gain extra stacks when champion spells were transformed back into champions in hand.
  • Fixed minor templating issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the ranked crest overlaps the User's player title at the clash screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Gauntlet entry tokens are listed as "Missing Translation" in the Purchases sub-menu of the Store.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning text was overlapping with Daily/Monthly Gauntlet lose segue.
  • Fixed World Ender title capitalization issues.
  • Fixed a bug where Senna was not properly accelerating Castigate and Soul Cleave.

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