Legends of Runeterra

Patch 3.18.0 Notes

Oct 19, 2022

The Darkin have awakened, casting their dark shadow across all of Runeterra… But light shines brightest in the shadows. The Arclight has arrived to bless their chosen vessels and help destroy the bugs that are invading Runeterra.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Vayne was making an additional Tumble if you had a 0-cost Tumble already in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where Tumbles created by a leveled-up Vayne were not cost-reduced permanently.
  • Recalling a Darkin unit will no longer cause their items to disappear in The Path of Champions.
  • Fixed an issue where Back Alley Bar was incorrectly removing the discount effect when playing a unit with Manifest, Invoke, Improvise, or Predict.
  • Fixed an issue where Jax’s level-up quest was not counting equipped units that recall on strike.
  • Fixed some minor text bugs.
  • Fixed some VO and SFX issues that were either missing or playing incorrectly.

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