Legends of Runeterra

New Expansion - Forces From Beyond

Jul 12, 2022

Are you the hunter, or the hunted? Decide for yourself by adapting and evolving along with our next expansion, Forces from Beyond!

This expansion adds three new champions including one new Runeterran champion with unique deckbuilding rules and two new keywords, along with a bunch of new collectible cards to bring your collection to a new dimension.

Head to the Legends of Runeterra social pages over the next week for new reveals every day at 9:00AM PT, up until the release of Forces from Beyond in patch 3.11.0 on July 20.

Want to get more detail on all the new cards as they’re revealed? Be sure to visit the reveal galleries, updated daily on Mobalytics and Dak.gg!

There’s a whole new world to discover in Forces From Beyond, follow along with each day’s reveals and get ready to jump in when the expansion releases on July 20!