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LoR World Championship 2022 Recap

Dec 13, 2022

Wow! What an amazing weekend. It all can be summed up in the words of the 2021 World Champion himself, Alanzq, “You need to draw like a champ and play like a champ to become one.”

Day 1: Round Robin Groups C & D


This group was cut-throat, seeing each player advance with identical 2-1 records. After a tough day of matches, we saw Bajatak, SmoothSwoleoist, Mati24Mayo, and AFTV Reroll snag spots in the Top 8.

Day 2: Round Robin Groups A & B


Groups A and B were a bit more definitive, seeing Teddy314 and AragOrnn go 3-0 in the competition, marking some clear favorites heading into the last day of finals. Rounding out the Top 8 were Bowisee at and FNP Chenia, both going 2-1.

Day 3: Finals, Single-bracket Elimination


In one of the most exciting days of LoR Esports, we saw rookie AragOrnn battle seasoned veteran Teddy. While AragOrnn’s signature Ziggs/Taliyah deck was banned, the young player found early success with his Kayne/Aatrox deck against Teddy’s Vayne/Aatrox/Quinn. The next match was even more intense, seeing Teddy bring the same deck against AragOrnn’s Red Gwen. With only 1 HP remaining, AragOrnn clutched the match and the 2022 World Championship.

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2022 World Champion AragOrnn: Interview


Q: Which deck was the hardest to overcome at worlds 2022?

AragOrnn: The decks that really gave me a hard time were all the Vayne variants, Vayne decks piloted by players like Teddy are really intimidating to face. One wrong move and the game completely turns, so I had to be patient and carefully navigate the matchup while disturbing my opponents' gameplan without risking too much.

Q: What card was the biggest surprise to see at worlds 2022?

AragOrnn: Honestly? I didn't face anything that I did not expect to see. However looking at Group A, specifically Da Tank Buster's lineup I was surprised to see Plunder. It might not have performed well for my fellow competitor, but I felt like it was a good call.

Q: Which match in the tournament did you find the most challenging?

AragOrnn: Definitely Teddy. Every single one of my opponents played exceptionally and it was a joy to face them, and I hope the viewers at home enjoyed what they were seeing. But the games against Teddy were some of the most intense, unsettling Runeterra matches I have ever played. I consider Teddy to be one of the best players in the world so the series really felt as the grand-finale to my Worlds run, adding even more to the intimidation factor.

Q: Who is your favorite Champion?

AragOrnn: I wish I could answer by saying, “Ornn,” but I have to go with Xerath. I love landmark archetypes in Runeterra (except you, Thralls), and Xerath feels so satisfying and rewarding to play, I also love Arsenal as a win-con and the feeling of building up a huge Arsenal just to drop him and often OTK your opponent is just marvelous. Honorable mentions: Viego and Aatrox.

Q: What does it feel like to be the LoR 2022 World Champion?

AragOrnn: I'm gonna be frank; I still cannot believe that I did it. I feel so unbelievably honored and privileged to hold the title of World Champion. I am—as you can imagine—extremely happy and proud of myself. Maybe thousands of hours of playing through different metas, with different decks, trying to be better, to achieve more, has all led up to this moment. There are not enough words to really describe what I am feeling right now; I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone: to Riot, to the viewers, to the communities I have interacted with; thank you.

Q: What do you plan on doing with the prize money?!

AragOrnn: Probably start a stream. Get a cat; I have always wanted a pet cat. Other than that, I am thinking of traveling with friends and family abroad. That's my plan for now. Not anything too specific, because I don't want to rush through this experience. I just want to enjoy it as long as I can.

Bonus: Check out this Video Message that AragOrnn recorded for everyone, just moments after winning the championship!

Community Spotlight

The 2022 World Championship was absolutely incredible, and we’re so thankful for the amazing community Legends of Runeterra has around the globe. To close out the year, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some amazing coverage of Worlds from those awesome community members! These are just some of the great instances we spotted, so please tag @PlayRuneterra on Twitter to share any coverage we missed!