Legends of Runeterra

Empires of the Ascended Tournament Schedule & Broadcast Details

Apr 13, 2021

As the sun sets on the Empires of the Ascended season, we set our sights on our next Seasonal Tournament. 1024 players from each shard can qualify, but few will earn the title of Seasonal Tournament Champion.

The Last Chance Gauntlet kicks off on April 17, with the top 700 Master rank cut following on April 22. No matter how you qualify, be sure to keep an eye on the sign-in and tournament challenge times and be on the Tournaments tab in-game at the start of each round to avoid disqualification. Check out the schedule and broadcast information below for everything you’ll need to know about the upcoming Open Rounds and Playoffs!

If you’ve participated in past Seasonal Tournaments, you’ll notice that we’ve updated the format for the Open Rounds from 5 rounds to 9 rounds, with a break in between rounds 5 & 6. High-seeded players based on season rank can qualify for the Playoffs with 7 wins, and any player with 8 or 9 wins will qualify as well. We made this change based on feedback from previous seasons, and we’ll continue looking for additional feedback to make Seasonal Tournaments the best experience possible.

Good luck to all combatants!



Playoffs Broadcast Information: