League of Legends

Divephoria | Episode 1

Oct 10, 2021

Divephoria is back! Drakos and Caedrel are joined by Kobe, very jet lagged after his long, eventful flight. They talk about the results of the Play-In Stage, the Worlds meta and make their predictions for the Group Stage. Divephoria is available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Anchor and more. Skip around to your favorite parts: Opening 0:00 Start of show 2:46 Overview Play-In Stage Review 3:59 Cloud9 6:57 Olaf 11:33 HLE, BYG 16:37 Ziggs 23:20 Worlds meta, support is busted Group Stage Predictions 34:16 Group A 38:34 Rogue time 41:24 Match-ups in Group A 44:02 Predictions for Group A 50:57 Group B 54:39 T1 1:01:19 Predictions for Group B 1:03:34 Group C 1:03:53 Predictions for Group C 1:08:43 Group D 1:09:26 Playstyle of the teams 1:20:08 Predictions Group D Closing 1:26:36 Outro Watch the 2021 League of Legends World Championship at http://lolesports.com Follow LoL Esports for more updates on Worlds 2021: Twitter - http://twitter.com/lolesports Facebook - http://facebook.com/lolesports Instagram - http://instagram.com/lolesports #LCS #TheDive #TheDivePodcast #LEC #EUphoriaPodcast