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Monsters Attack! Championship - Qualified Participants & Broadcast Talent

May 24, 2023

The final boss battle is about to begin! The Monsters Attack! Set has seen some of the flashiest, mecha-filled plays in the history of Teamfight Tactics. 32 challengers across 9 regions have demonstrated their mastery and have come to prove which Tactician will be crowned this Set’s Champion.

A full breakdown of the format, Drops, and Pick’Em rewards can be found in our previous announcement.

Qualified Participants

Let’s take a look at the 32 players who have qualified through Regional or Last Chance Qualifiers to compete for the title of TFT Monsters Attack! Champion in the upcoming global championship taking place on May 26 - 28. The winner will receive $150K USD and the golden spatula trophy! A full breakdown of the prize pool can be found here.



  1. Honglian
  2. Flancy
  3. A hao
  4. Liluo
  5. Xian


  1. Canbizz
  2. Ging
  3. Haiden
  4. Enzo


  1. JukeYou
  2. rereplay
  3. setsuko
  4. wasianiverson


  1. Binteum
  2. Jip Pok
  3. Dmen
  4. DR OH


  1. RED vclf
  2. GVidigal
  3. DobZ


  1. I NAIN I
  2. TexSummers


  1. JazLatte
  2. Omnomsy
  3. NCC1


  1. shimapen
  2. shikamemadoka


  1. Skillfullism
  2. kahdei

Eastern LCQ:

  1. SVM YBY1

Western LCQ:

  1. Kurfuzzled

Broadcast Talent

Meet the friendly faces who will be delivering the commentary during the Championship weekend:


Tune in May 26 - 28 at 4AM PDT / 1PM GMT+2 on each day of competition to catch all the action.

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